Do Dickies Run Small Or True To Size? (Dickies Sizing Guide)

Dickies is quite famous all over the world. But, especially in America, they are famous for making traditional American wear. Their pants are so good, affordable, durable, fashionable, and will serve you for years. Do dickies run small?

Yes, Dickies run small. The length will be perfect in regular size, but the waist will be a little bit tight. So for the core, take 2 sizes bigger than your regular size. Or directly go to the shops and buy the perfect size after a trial.

Want to know it in detail? Let’s brief it for you.

Do Dickies run small or large?

Dickies is a super stylish clothing brand. They really suit very well with every kind of style. I have been using Dickies for years, and I’m just in love with it.

In my experience, Dickies runs really small. I used to wore pants in 34 sizes from other brands. But as for Dickies I need to take 36 sizes, and it fits me very well.

My first pair of pants from Dickies was in my regular size. I can remember, the length of the pant was perfect but the waist? Oh my god!! It was really, very tight. I wasn’t able to wear it for a single day.

So whenever you want to buy pants from Dickies, take 2 sizes bigger than the regular size. The pant’s length will fit in your standard size, but the waist will be tight. So, don’t forget to keep it in your mind.

  • Suppose your regular waist size is 32 ( in other branded pants)
  • Dickies pants size will be:  32+2=34 (waist)

Note: Dickies now has their own sizing guide. Click here to check it out at ( link takes you to

How do you know what size Dickies to get?

Well, from all the brand’s clothes I ever used, measuring the right size of Dicikies is the most critical and complex. So, if you get 2 sizes bigger than your regular size, Dickies will fit you well. Getting puzzled about your size measurements? Don’t worry. Let’s detail it for you.

  • Use a good measuring tape for getting the best result
  • Take someone else for taking the proper measurements
  • Do not Measure over clothing but on your undergarments, 
  • Taking all the measurements well
  • If measurements come between sizes, then choose a larger size to order

Note: Use the above guidelines for measuring. And ensure that all measurements have been taken correctly.

do dickies pants run small? where is the size on dickies pants?

The work pants from Dickies are just mind-blowing. Which will make you relaxed and comfy at the same time. I have been wearing Dickies for several years. For working, Dickies are always my first choice.

It’s pretty standard when we receive a product or parcel that we’ve been eagerly waiting for, only to find that what we’ve bought will it fit perfectly. Isn’t it?

So keep it in mind, I’ve put together the four major Dickies Work Pant fits:

Name of the work pantsFeatures
Dickies 872 Work PantSlim Fit, a little bit tight waist, more snug, appropriately tailored on the leg’s lower portion, extremely popular as a work pant.
Dickies 873 Work PantSlim Straight Fit, a bit tight in the waist, regular length, perfect classic look, slightly tapered in the leg, perfectly fits the semi-formal program.
Dickies 874 Work PantOriginal fit, straight cut but loose, waist and length is standard size, the lower part of the leg is a little wide, most demandable workwear in classic style
Dickies 803 Work pants (Discontinued now)Slim Skinny fit, perfect stitches, well-tailored, extra belt support facility.

what size dickies should i get? Should I size up or down?

Dickies pants are so good and fashionable. I create a US traditional look. So people all over the world, especially Americans, love it very much. Well, coming to the point, yes, you must size up.

But there is something you need to know before that. I already told you that Dickies run small. So it would help if you bought it 2 sizes bigger than your regular pant size. The problem is with the waist. Otherwise, length is totally okay.

Although the side of the leg is a little tapered, the opening is wide, where your legs pop out. Whatever, if you buy Dickies in your standard size, it will be tight in the waist. So in case you stay between sizes, definitely size it up and then order.

What is the difference between Dickies and Genuine Dickies?

Well, you know that Dickies is famous for its quality products. About 14 years ago, I can remember, I bought a pair of pants from Genuine Dickies. It was affordable. Because my friend bought a pair of pants from Dickies for $50, but mine was $20.

So I was happy. I thought I purchased the same pant, so that was a winning situation for me. But Later, I came to know that I mistook it for the original Dickies. Are you thinking the same as me? Then you are also fooling yourself. So let’s make it clear:

 DickiesGenuine Dickies
OriginDickiesSome high retailer
BrandOriginal Dickies brandDifferent from Dickies (genuine Dickies)

What are the skinniest Dickies?

In my experience, Dickies Men’s flex Work Pant Straight-Fit is the skinniest pant I have ever worn with Great durability. Pockets are just crazy tough.

 And the fabric used inside the pockets is excellent. I can keep my mobile safe and also can carry tools, a watch, etc. One thing is, they are not stretchy and shrink a bit. Anyway, they are still too good. I like these pants a lot.

Other than that Dickies 803 pant (discontinued) was really unique workwear. Not only these pants but also all the pants from Dickies are outstanding quality, skinny and dependable.

Are Dickies work pants any good?

I have used all four work pants from dickies [ Dickies 872 Work Pant, Dickies 873 Work Pant, Dickies 874 Work Pant, Dickies 803 Work Pant (Now Discontinued)]. These are my go-to pants!

They all are my favorites. I have almost eight colors of them and use them often. I think it is an injustice to classify them as “workwear.” They deserve more than that. They are easy to wash; hold on to their color. Immediately ready to use after drying, even without pressing. Just Put a pretty jacket on, and they’ll look fashionable enough. I always feel well-dressed whenever I wear them. Let’s talk about some good points of these pants:

  • Extra room for another belt
  • A wide belt can be used
  • 4 pockets
  • Fantastic production quality
  • relaxed fit 
  • skinny and loose both are available (whatever you want)
  • other than work, these ate perfect for any occasion

why are dickies so tight?

Dickies pants, like any other clothing brand, may feel tight on some individuals due to variations in body shape and personal preferences. However, Dickies is generally known for producing durable workwear that is designed to be comfortable and functional.

If you find Dickies pants to be tight, here are some potential reasons:

  1. Size: You might have selected the wrong size. It’s important to consult the Dickies size chart and measure yourself to ensure you are choosing the correct size based on your waist and inseam measurements.
  2. Style: Different Dickies pant styles may have varying fits. Some styles are designed to be more slim or relaxed, so it’s important to choose a style that matches your preferred fit.
  3. Fabric: The type of fabric used in the pants can affect how they fit. For example, pants made from a blend with spandex or elastane may have more stretch and feel less restrictive.

Will Dickies 874 shrink?

I have been wearing several pairs of Dicikes over the years. I bought them about a decade ago and I still use them. But, the knees started to become fade, that’s why I want to buy some more pairs.

And for the washing or drying, there is nothing that I didn’t do with it. Like: hand and machine washed with hot, cold, and warm water; air-dried, sun-dried, tumble-dried, etc., but It survived everything and all the situations.

But when I washed it with cold water, it didn’t shrink at all. As for hot water wash and tumble dry, yes, it shrinks a little. So be careful about it. Otherwise, It is just amazing. I can say that there is the best versatile pant that I ever owned.

Handy Hints: If you interested to know more guides about pants, visit our other article about What Are Athletic Fit Pants?

What’s the difference between Dickies 873 and 874?

Dickies pants are excellent with their quality fabric. I have worn and still wear Dickies 873 and 874 both. They both are unbeatable. But at some points, they are different from each other. Let’s go straight to the point:

 Dickies 873Dickies 874
FabricLessHigh Grade
True to sizeYesyes
CutStraight and a little bit tightRegular and loose than Dickies 873
Perfect forSkinny people or who love to wear a tight fitTall and healthy people or loose pant lovers

Do Dickies Shorts Run Small?

No, Dickies shorts typically do not run small. In most cases, Dickies shorts are designed to fit true to size or may even have a slightly roomier fit. However, it’s important to remember that sizing can vary between different styles and collections within the Dickies brand.

To ensure the best fit, it’s recommended to refer to the size chart provided by the manufacturer or retailer. The size chart will offer specific measurements for waist, hip, and inseam lengths, helping you select the most suitable size for your body type.

FAQ about Do Dickies Run Small Or True To Size

Do dickies 874 run small

Dickies 874 pants are generally considered true to size.

Are dickies pants true to size?

Dickies pants are typically considered true to size, but it’s always a good idea to consult the brand’s specific size chart and read customer reviews for the particular style you’re interested in, as fit can vary slightly between different Dickies pants models.

Our verdict on Do Dickies Run Small Or True To Size

Do dickies run small? Yes, they do. Dickies serves unquestionable products. Their pants are true to size, have fantastic quality, and have cool colors. As for the size, I already made it clear to you. I can ensure that you are going to love them. So, buy a quality product and stay stylish.

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