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Have you recently tried to change your outcast and go for a wholly different look? Well, sit back, mate, as this is where tapered jeans come to view. So far, people who’ve tried wearing tapered jeans have all said that a pair of tapered jeans are a must to own.

what are tapered jeans? Simply, it’s a tapering type of jeans, which tapers towards the ankle. Fashion and coziness are the premium features of these sorts of jeans.

Let’s discuss this in detail!

What Is Tapered Fit Jeans?

  • The definition: A tapered jean is a type of jeans that is gradually tapered towards the ankle. This means, when you’re tapering a pair of jeans, you’re basically bringing in the leg in an inverted shape just so it feels cozy and loose at the top.
  • Outlook: No matter how the stitches are placed, the jeans still look clean and professional, thanks to the leg opening’s slight alteration. In short, tapered jeans are wider at the top but slimmer at the bottom.
  • Fashion & Comfort: They’re considered form-fitted jeans, which offer a formal yet elegant look. Also, it’s to be noted that a few companies make tapered jeans where they keep the top part of the jeans broader and the ankles narrower.
What is tapered fit jeans

Are Tapered Jeans The Same As Skinny Jeans?

Mhm, no. And this is where most buyers get confused. Even though there’s a massive difference between these two jeans, some people still get confused by the two to date. Tapered fit jeans are tapered from the knee to the ankle area, whereas skinny jeans are very tight as they’re slimmed down and cling to your body.

What Are The Differences Between Slim Fit And Tapered Fit?

Tapered fit jeans are narrower in the bottom are while slim fit jeans are more of a skinny type of jeans, but they’re neither loose nor tight. Okay, you might be bored by now since I’m repeating the same thing over and over again. But come on, have patience. Keep on reading!

  • Point One: See, tapered jeans and slim jeans may look the same, but believe me, they’re not. Tapered jeans have roomier hip and waist areas. They don’t precisely cling to your body shape, but they provide a comfortable feel.
  • Point Two: On the other hand, slim jeans are sewed vertically from the hip and slimmed through the thighs but have a narrower leg opening. Such kinds of jeans stick to your legs like gloves as they’re perfectly tailored. Confused? Check out the pictures below to understand better.

Should I Wear Slim Fit Or Regular Fit?

tapered fit jeans

Depends. Let’s start with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are perfect for all body types. They’re pretty stretchy, and as they’re the slimmest at your ankle, they accentuate your body shape. They’re said to be divisive for their ‘blends with every outfit’ characteristic.

For better illustration, we’d say that dark-washed jeans are the best choice for pear and hourglass body shapes, while lighter washes are suitable for apple and athletic figures. Such jeans will create a streamlined silhouette (but obviously, only if you’re going for such a look).

Now, let’s focus on tapered jeans. As tapered jeans are narrower towards the ankle, they serve as a fantastic choice for rectangular body shapes. As Gilfillan says, “This fit is a dream come true for anyone with a rectangular body shape.”

Taper-fit jeans are great gym outfits; you know those times when you yearn to get worked up and pump your body a little? Yes, you can offer yourself a flattering respite if you wear tapered-fit jeans.

So, which one’s it gonna be?

What Are Slim Tapered Jeans? And Who Can Wear Them?

Ahh, this one seems to stun the heck out of people to date. You see, tapered jeans are not taken as a conventional fit. Yes, they’re great as casual wear but not a worthy choice for formal events. Hence, this is where these jeans come to view.

What are slim tapered jeans? They start as a slim fit from the hips area and thighs till above the knee and gradually keep narrowing as the stitch nears the ankle. They’re known as a medley of skinny jeans and slim jeans but tapered.

Slim tapered jeans are one of the most unique designs of jeans ever created. They fit comfortably around the waist and cling to your ankle. They’re suitable for people who want to look professional but chic.

Want to dress for an interview? Or, nail your first day at work? Or perhaps you just want to deliver an impressive presentation to your clients? No matter what day you set out for, these jeans will complement your outfit.

Why Should I Wear Slim Tapered Jeans? Know The Benefits

There are many advantages that you may expect when deciding on slim tapered jeans for yourself. You’ll find a handful of benefits in the points below. Read on!

  • If chosen for style: Girls, boys, women, men; I tell you, these jeans are the perfect everyday fashion choice. You shouldn’t be alarmed if you set out wearing tapered jeans with a random crop top or with a shirt, and a vogue artist proposes you to model for them. It might sound like I’m exaggerating but come on, you get the point.
  • Worried it wouldn’t fit you? Slim tapered pants or jeans are tailored in such a way so that they fit every body type. Even though there are varied sizes, they still can be sewn to fit your body shape. Hence, the name tapered and slim.
  • How will I look? You’re ‘tapered enough’ even to ask me this question. Know the clothing that commends your vibe and aesthetic? These jeans do the deed, people. The tapered cut also makes your leg look slimmer and more prolonged (which is a good look, obviously). They’re snug and comfy and clean and stylish and so many more things.

Who Should Side-Step Slim Tapered Jeans?

As I said, slim tapered jeans fit every aesthetic and vibe but not necessarily. Some people deter it as a regular pair of jeans as it doesn’t harmonize with their fashion theme. And that’s completely fine. But there are a few drawbacks to wearing slim tapered jeans.

  • It might be uncomfortable for specific body shapes: I may or may not have said this before, but slim jeans aren’t suitable for people with thick legs and bottoms. Curvy and thick people may find it a little tough to cast the jeans according to their figure.
  • It’s not wearable with boots: If your outfit or work requires wearing a boot, I’m sorry, but this isn’t the one for you. As the jeans are quite tight around your ankle, they’ll most probably suffocate your legs when you wear boots. It may also scrunch the fabric and ruin your jeans.

Okay, we’re done with the benefits and disadvantages of tapered jeans. Now let’s see which pair should be ideal for beginners. Levi’s is so far the best brand for jeans. As Levi’s jeans come in various sizes and colors, you can learn to choose a pair according to your body shape.

Our verdict on what are tapered jeans

Took you enough time to get here. Anyways, what have you thought so far about what is tapered-fit jeans? Do they suit your liking and persona? Or not? Either way, it’s still going to be trendy for more years to come. And since it’s sensed as a fashion style among a wide range of people, why wouldn’t it be that popular? Anyway, ending this, all I have to say is, tapered-fit jeans are worth it. Do give it a try!

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