Are cargo pants business casual? -[ Explained ]

Are you a cargo pants admirer like us? Would you wear them for work? Then you may be asking another question that is cargo pants business casual? The answer to this is not that simple. You will find out soon why is that so.

The fact is cargo pants are very comfortable and this remains to be true. Now, unless you are a Bear Grylls, you may not need work. What do you need 8 or 14 pockets for? The crux of the matter lies in what kind of industry you cater to. 

You should totally avoid it otherwise at work. Again, if your organization allows this slack, then go for it. So, it is subjective to your work environment

What Are Cargo Pants?

You will be surprised to know that cargo pants have been around since 1938. They were worn by American and British troops for World War II. Yes, respect for the pants! The pockets served the utilitarian purpose of carrying supplies like bandages, food, maps, and other such battlefield essentials.

This is one reason why these pants are also known as combat pants. These pants are designed for the outdoorsy and the tensile strength of these pants supplements their cause. Although the urban populace also finds these pants to be equally useful. They are convenient and comfortable at the same.

Without digressing further, to answer this question straight it must be expressed that these pants are inspired by the military. They look best when paired with masculine apparel that adds character.

What Are Cargo Pants Made Of?

Cargo pants are often made of strong and rugged materials. Something like cotton and synthetic blend or only synthetic for a quick-drying facility. The stitching is quite hard-wearing for fast movement and allows more agility. These pants come with oversized belt loops that make room for heavy-duty belts.

Yes, the very purpose of these pants is to offer the wearer comfort and ease. At the same time, these pants ensure that you can run, skip, hop, jump, and move around freely in them. The fabric, sewing, and strength of the chosen cloth make it a powerhouse of a pant. Try them and you will know it.

In short, they should be able to endure any kind of physical activity that you may want it to undergo. You could be a hunter, a survivalist, (okay, fine, someone like Mr. Grylls), or a paramilitary, you may need them very much. Nonetheless, think about it, if you need them that bad in your office.

Can You Wear Cargo Pants For Business Casual?

We hate to break this news to you, but it is true that cargo pants are casual and not business casual. They may be super comfy, but they do not fit into the business in any way.

Think about it, they are for the outdoors, originated from the military (professionals that spend their whole life out in the field), and are pretty roomy. None of this fits into the suave business locale. The business attire is completely opposite to this.

Don’t you think so?

Are Khakis And Cargo Pants The Same?

Absolutely yes. They have 6 or more pockets, which means barely 2 more than khakis in general. Actually, this makes them a distant cousin of khakis. Cargo pants are considered super casual and again not business casual.

We are emphasizing this, as this is the main point of this post. These cut pants are anything but suited for indoors. That doesn’t mean you cannot wear them inside your house. You can and that is your choice, but we mean is that look at the artistry of the pants.

Those multiple need to go out and breathe fresh air. They must be filled with supplies that are utilized in the right way. Say what?

Do Khakis Count As Business Casual?

Yes, khakis are to be counted among business casuals. They are business-appropriate clothes along with open collar (polo shirts), dress blouses (for women), tailored blazers, and even loafers.

Do you know what different company different versions of dress codes? There is a reason for this and that is the approach of a company toward its workforce. Since, defining “business casuals” depends on the geography of the company, which means climate plays a major role in this.

Again, the culture of the land, the number of people, and even age as well as demographics of the employee matter. This is why a few companies allow leniency toward the dress code.

The bottom line is as long as you dress decently, no one will tell you anything. This means the image of the company you represent matters (in any way). Just wear something that looks more business-like. 

Besides, if your employer is permitting you with a relaxed environment to work in, we would suggest you not stretch that tolerance.    

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Can You Wear Dress Pants For Business Casual?

Yes, you can wear dress pants as business casual. As long as you pair them with a sweater or polo shirt, they are fine. This way you can create a simple yet classy look. The fact is if slacks and chinos can get around as business casuals, then dress pants of any other type can easily pull up a trick.

You know times have changed and this debate between official and casual has to reach a middle point. More and more companies are employing this approach which is pretty much a positive attitude. Providing employees with a relaxed atmosphere to work in, will result in better productivity.

The “these clothes are too casual and it may not be a good idea to be assimilated into the business vicinity” mindset has to change. Guess what, with the advent of the 21st century, a lot has subsided.

The work-from-home atmosphere has created a new ecosystem that will change this mentality further. Along with this, we would say that even professionals need to bring a bit of change in their viewpoint. 

This means the business world and professionals that want a more casual atmosphere to work need to meet halfway.

The most thing that you need to focus on while enquiring about – are whether cargo pants consider business casual is the rules in your organization. Dress code plays an important role in the professional arena.

You should find it out and then dress accordingly. This is a courtesy that you must adhere to. Show respect to your employer in the least expected way. Besides, these days a lot of companies allow a “Casual Day” at work. Why not enjoy that?

On that note, let us know if your company is allowing cargo pants. We would appreciate you sharing this via the comments section. Come on now!

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