Does Water Ruin Suede? Can You Wear Suede Shoes In The Rain?

Suede is a type of leather that has a napped finish. Suede is softer than leather, flexible, and comfortable. However, these are very expensive. 

But the Suede will begin to shrink over time. So now the question is, can you wear suede shoes in the rain?

Yes! You can wear suede shoes in the rain because it remains wearable even when getting wet. However, it is better to use waterproofing spray to avoid damage.

In this workwear adviser guide We’ll discuss the following:

  • Can I wear suede shoes while raining?
  • How do you protect suede shoes from rain?
  • Can you wear suede shoes in the summer?
  • When should you not wear suede shoes?
  • Can you fix water damaged Suede? 
  • FAQs
Does Water Ruin Suede

does water ruin suede?

Yes, wearing suede shoes in the rain won’t do any harm to your shoes. But I would suggest using waterproofing spray before using these shoes in the rain because these shoes are sensitive to water spots.

Although it will not cause any severe damage to the shoes or feet, the shoes will lose its beauty externally.

Keep in mind that you can wear the shoes in the rain, which means you can wear the shoes if it rains on the way. So, use waterproofing spray beforehand to prevent water stains.

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How do you protect suede shoes from rain?

These shoes are made of the outer part of the animal’s skin. So it gets wet, which means it is not waterproof. So I would advise you not to use these shoes if it is likely to rain outside.

Again if you have to wear shoes, you should apply the spray or something like this for watermark protection. In that case, you can use Soft Sole Waterproof Spray. Again, it will be the best for your suede shoes.

Can you wear suede shoes in the summer?

The answer to this question is a big YES! You must feel convinced to wear these shoes in summer. It is made of the outer part of the animal’s skin, not the heavy leather, so it is light. That’s why you will feel comfortable wearing it in warm weather.

The number of fans is much higher as the shoes are not seasonal in use. And I personally like them very much. There are 3 reasons why I like these shoes

1. These shoes are light in weight and nude colors, giving me a gorgeous look with comfort in the warm weather. 

2. These shoes fit well with the feet and adapt to all types of warm clothes and also it’s a breathable and flexible one.

3. As it is lighter than leather shoes, even if it gets wet, it is not difficult to walk as well.

When should you not wear suede shoes?

I have already said that it is better not to use suede shoes during the rainy season as it is sensitive to water stains. However, I would advise you not to wear it even during snowfall.

So it is better to avoid wearing these shoes in the rainy season and winter. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it at all. If for some reason, a storm or snow falls or you realize that something like that is likely to happen, protection can be used.

If this is not possible, there are some ways you can get your shoes back on track.

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Can you fix water damaged Suede? (6 quick steps)

Many people have the misconception that these shoes get damaged very quickly once they get wet. But it is not. You must take care of the shoes to be worn for a long time even if they get wet.

There are some ways in which you can fix water damage suede. These are:

  • Step 1: Wet shoes should be dried as soon as possible. In this case, you can use a towel or cloth that will absorb the excess water from the shoes. The wet part of the shoe should be lightly pressed with a cloth but should not be rubbed.
  • Step 2: If the shoe is still damp, press with a soft brush. You can use a dryer while brushing. If hot air flows in leather shoes, it is likely to harden. However, this is not the case with suede shoes. However, drying in the open air may be the best treatment.
  • Step 3: If the suede shoes get dirty, clean them with a tissue. But it cannot be rubbed and scrubbed. When dirt gets on the hair of the shoe, it becomes hard and brittle. Again, even if the shoes are wet, they become soft, so even light rubbing can damage the shoes. So patiently clean the shoes, take the time to dry. 
  • Step 4: Suede protective sprays are available in the market. Always keep them in storage and use them before wearing shoes.
  • Step 5: You can buy a suede eraser to remove the watermark, water base strain, and salt strain from your shoes.
  • Step 6: However, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and even powder can be used for removing dirt or strain.

FAQ about Does Water Ruin Suede

Are suede shoes waterproof?

No. Suede shoes are not waterproof. It must get wet when it comes in contact with water or watery objects.

Are Suede shoes comfortable?

Yes, suede shoes are comfortable. But, I don’t prefer wearing them continuously for a long time. Some of the suede shoes have breathability issues. I usually avoid suede shoes in humid conditions.

Our verdict on Does Water Ruin Suede

Overall, Suede is a fancy shoe that matches any outfit. If you want to invest in these shoes, you must know the treatment. If you wear suede shoes in the rainy season, you can, but I won’t do that. The aftermath of wearing this shoe in the rain has never been not so sweet for me.

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