How To Fix Damaged Suede Shoes? [7 Easy Steps]

Everything in this entire universe is prone to damage, amongst which we are also indisputably included. Along with us, many of our daily essentials are also subject to such conclusions. From that, even your most wanted pair of suede shoes cannot escape. So, how to fix damaged Suede shoes easily?

The best way to fix damaged suede shoes is to take care of them. That is to say; when you do intense caring, they won’t get damaged in the first place. Taking immediate steps is the best kind of prevention against damaged suede.

Take a suede brush and clean off your suede shoes immediately if you see any problems. Today’s post is a complete guide regarding suede shoes’ possible damages and solutions.

How To Fix Damaged Suede Shoes

How To Fix Damaged Suede Shoes that are damaged?

The article is all about fixing all those different kinds of damage that can take place in your favorite pair of suede shoes. And, for ease of interpretation, the very topic of ours should be about the suede shoes themselves and the kind of damage that can occur. Only then can we step into the procedures of fixing the cracks.

With that being said, suede shoes are mostly dress shoes that fall on the side of formal wear. Suede is a kind of leather made by rubbing the flesh side of the leather to create a velvety appearance.

That is to say, suede shoes are leather shoes that provide a fuzzy look that seems excellent when worn. They are so delicate to damage simultaneously, which brought us to today’s main discussion.

A list of various damages can occur within your most wanted pair of shoes you have never enjoyed. And, before even starting to yell about the injuries, we would like to inform you that buy a suede brush along with your suede shoes so that you can take immediate steps just as you notice any problem.

Cleaning off your shoes with a suede brush will allow you to begin the treatment against creases and various scuff marks. Besides these, many other sorts of damage are caused by water, oil, salt, and different types of stains.

Now that you have known well about the type of your shoe and the various kinds of damages that can occur, it becomes a step easier to take action against them and therefore fix them.

Such as you can work against water damage by adding a small amount of water itself, oil stain through cornstarch, and other liquid colors through vinegar.

Some of the severe damages can not be reversed with anything we have mentioned to take care of your shoes at the beginning of all.

So, it was essential to inform you about your shoe type and the possible damages that can occur without knowing that you can’t even think about their fixes in the very first place!

How to fix creases and scuff marks damage from suede shoes? (5 hacks)

  1. Using a suede brush to sweep off the dirt: The softness of the suede brush makes the tool involved in every fixing procedure of your suede shoes. Work the meeting in a single direction towards the suede’s fiber, making the debris remove as much as possible.
  2. Scrubbing the scuff marks back and forth for removal: Quickly run your brush back and forth onto the scuff marks, which will forcefully remove the stains and provide you with a cleaner look.
  3. Scraping using a dull knife in case if the scuff marks do not come off: Stubborn scuff marks tend to take place when the fibers are matted down. Lift the suede fibers by pulling a dull knife upon them and only work on the damaged portions but not the entire area.
  4. Buffing crease in circular motions: In the case of the crease, work your brush in a circular motion to smooth out the spots and therefore get rid of them.
  5. Applying heat if the crease still doesn’t come off: Cover your suede with a towel and run an iron across the towel to hit up your suede fibers. Then start the brushing to remove the crease quickly.

How to fix water damage in suede shoes? (7 steps)

  • Step 1:

As soon as you notice water on your suede shoes, try to remove as much moisture as possible. For that, blot the wet portions with a towel or tissue until most of the water gets soaked away.

  • Step 2:

Suede shoes are prone to the most incredible damage when wet. So treat this delicate material very carefully to prevent maximum damage. All the moisture is not possible to be taken out through blotting. So let your shoe air dry for 24 hours and do not let any heat or direct light from the un come in contact during that time.

  • Step 3:

As told before, water itself is the cure of water stains in your suede shoes for which treat a light coating of water over the boots. It is essential for carrying out further stain-treating procedures.

  • Step 4:

Then, to distribute the water evenly throughout the entire surface of the shoes, dab them using a rag.

  • Step 5:

Stuff your shoes with paper so that the shoe retains their original shape after coming in contact with the water treatment.

  • Step 6:

Keep your shoes in a cool, dark, and dry place to have them dry overnight for through average circulation of air.

  • Step 7:

Lastly, brush the shoes off to give a finishing touch and do the final cleaning.

FAQ about How To Fix Damaged Suede Shoe

Pouring baby powder or cornstarch over the oil marks:

Place your shoes in a place where they will remain undisturbed and absorbent components over the oil stains. Both cornstarch and baby powder are excellent absorbents that can draw out oils.

Leaving them overnight so that the powder draws out the oils:

Try to remove as much of the oil as possible, which is not a matter of a few minutes. So, leave the baby powder on your shoes for 24 hours so that they absorb as much of the oil as they can and prevent permanent staining.

Swiping away the powders with a suede brush:

After 24 hours, remove the powders properly with a soft suede brush so that not a single particle of the absorbent materials remains as a residue.

Stubborn oil stains should be treated with cotton balls dipped in vinegar solution:

In case some of the colors remain, treat them with cotton balls mixed with vinegar which will ultimately fade away the oils.

Our verdict on How To Fix Damaged Suede Shoe

You can repair your broken things, but the result will not be the same as it was before at the very beginning. So, despite learning these many ways to fix your damaged suede shoes, take care of them instead.

As a result, you don’t need to face such circumstances in the first place where you should be using all these procedures mentioned here!

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