Can you get rainbow sandals wet? [Detailed!]

Yes, you can get Rainbow sandals wet. But avoid wetting it if possible because it is harmful to your sandals.

Rainbow sandals are famous for their colors, materials, quality, and classic look. In addition, their double-layer soles will relax you from foot pain, especially from plantar fasciitis.

I’m not a person who wastes money buying shoes frequently. So a few years ago, I bought a Rainbow sandal. I used it for around 4 years. Maybe that is because I didn’t let them wet. Let’s know in detail about can you get rainbow sandals wet or not?

Can you get rainbow sandals wet

What if my Rainbow Sandals are Wet?

You can obviously get Rainbow sandals wet. But you have to ensure that they won’t get saturated. Because this may cause cracks or warp on the leather.

Rainbow sandals have natural oils in them. So, when it gets dry, the water starts to evaporate, and the oils will also evaporate with it. That’s why only dampen Rainbow sandals at the time of cleaning. But I recommend, don’t wet them if it is not necessary.

What should you do to Prevent Damage to Rainbow Sandals?

Rainbow sandals will serve you for a long time if you take care of them properly. But your little carelessness can cause your sandals severe damage.

I had used a few pairs of Rainbow sandals and still using them. Each of them offered me approximately 3-4 years of service. And it is all because I took care of the very well to prevent damage.

Let’s see what you should do to Prevent Damage to Rainbow Sandals:

  1. Don’t get them wet frequently and totally avoid (damp) if possible.
  2. Avoid washing them in the machine, but keep the speed in a low cycle if you wash them in the machine.
  3. Don’t use too much detergent.
  4. Using leather conditioner and any oil-based cleanser will be harmful
  5. Clean the surface of the sandals with the help of a toothbrush and a soft cloth.
  6. Grab any mild soap for cleaning
  7. Avoid using a dryer to dry your sandals because they are unable to take the heat.
  8. Clean the soles gently, with something soft.
  9. Let your Rainbows dry naturally.
  10. Keeping them in a fresh and dry space would be better.

Can I get my Rainbow Sandals wet before they’re broken in?

Don’t get Rainbow sandals wet before they’re broken in. you can dampen them a bit into the water (outer sole only) if needed. But keep in mind that water is harmful to Rainbows.

I’ve worn 11 pairs of Rainbow sandals and am on the 12th pair now. I’ve worn them in wet places sometimes for my work. But the things I noticed that they started to become brown around my feet like a 2-year-old mark.

And this is because I got them wet frequently. And one thing I must vouch for is that they got submerged.

Can I wear Rainbow Sandals even though I have plantar fasciitis?

If you have plantar fasciitis, then Rainbows will be the best choice for you. Because for plantar fasciitis, you need a sandal with outstanding arch support and padding so that you can take the strain off your foot pain. 

Rainbow Sandals Double Layer Premier Leather was developed specially for people with foot pain.

So let’s see some features of Rainbow Sandals Double Layer Premier Leather:

  • multiple layers sole
  • Made with Sponge rubber
  • Excellent padding
  • Amazingly helps to reduce the stress of the foot. 
  • Strong arch support
  • Best for people with foot pain or plantar fasciitis.
  • Good for daily use

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Can I get my leather Rainbow Sandals wet?

The leather Rainbow sandals are sensitive. So, getting them wet can cause permanent damage.

I’ve worn 6 pairs of leather rainbows. First, I had to get them wet for a different purpose. Then after some days, I noticed they started to crack. So, if you need to soak wet leather shoes daily, you should better invest in a pair of water-resistant Rainbow sandals.

Do Rainbow Sandals run big or small?

Rainbow sandals run small. You have to get them half or one size bigger than your regular shoe size. Typically our toes and arches are not habituated to be fit in a closed shoe. So, It’s always best to have a bit extra room in your shoes.

Here I’m giving the size chart of Rainbow sandals for your shake.

1. Men’s Sizes

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeSandal Length

2. Women’s Sizes

Rainbow SizeStandard SizeLength (in Inches)Width
Small5.5 – 6.59.5”3.75″
Medium6.5 – 7.510″3.75″
Large7.5 – 8.510.5”3.75″
XL8.5 – 9.510.75”3.75″
Ladies 101011″3.75″
Ladies 111111.25”4”

3. Children’s size

Rainbow SizeSandal Length

These are the available sizes of Rainbows, but the sizes can vary from model to model. So you should take proper knowledge about the model you want to purchase before buying it.

Note: Rainbow sandals now has their own sizing guide. Click here to check it out at ( link takes you to

Can I Put Rainbow Sandals in the Washing Machine?

No, don’t even dare to put Rainbow sandals in the washing machine. Rainbows are not able to take the friction. And you should avoid a dryer because they are not able to withstand heat too. But if you don’t have any choice except to wash it in the machine, keep the device in the low cycle and don’t use detergent.

And one thing I want to make clear is that conditioners and oils are not suitable for Rainbows. So you should better avoid any kinds of petroleum-based cleaners and leather conditioners.

FAQ about Can you get rainbow sandals wet

Can You Wear Rainbow Sandals in the Rain?

Obviously, you can wear Rainbow sandals in the rain. Wearing them frequently in the rain can cause cracks. So wearing them regularly in the rainy season won’t be a good idea for you.

Can You Wear Rainbow Sandals to the Beach?

Of course, you can wear Rainbow sandals on the beach. These sandals are too good and comfortable. And the look of these sandals is excellent. But as I told you before, you shouldn’t get them wet frequently.

How long do rainbows sandals last?

There is no exact answer to this question. Then it can last for two years (average) even much longer. But it depends on your using process.

For example, if you wear them in the rain daily, get them wet frequently or put them in the washing machine, they will never last long. But if you wear them with care, then they will last 3-4 years easily.

Our verdict on Can you get rainbow sandals wet

In the above article, I think you got all the answers to your questions things clearly about Rainbow sandals, and whether can you get Rainbow sandals wet or not. Hopefully, it helped you.

So get a perfect pair for yourself that will make you comfortable and stay relaxed.

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