Are Air Max good for running? (Quick Answer!)

The Airmax is a type of shoe that midsole is filled with pressurized gas inside. It is one of the most popular and demanding ones all over the world. And in my collection of shoes, it is my favorite. Are Air Max Good For Running?

No, it’s not suitable for running. It is not even designed for running. Air Max is designed for everyday use, giving comfort to your feet for a long time use.

Are Air Max good for running

Are Nike Air Max good for running?

No! it cannot be said, Airmax is suitable for running. However, wearing it will not give you comfort while running. Instead, it will create the risk of pain in your legs. It is quite heavy, so it is suitable for wearing in your free time but not running.

Moreover, if you are looking for running shoes, you will find good quality running shoes in the market.

The shoes that are used for running are usually

  • Light in weight
  • Motion control quality
  • Breathable
  • Flexible

On the other hand, Air Max is a type of sneaker that is not light in weight. Its midsoles are filled with pressurized gas. The features mentioned above do not meet the Air Max. So it is not suitable for running.

And I honestly never saw anybody running in Air Maxes. Most people here use them as a lifestyle shoe. It is just different.

Records of running with Nike Air Max:

The Nike Air Max that was made in 2018 was not very good for running. But gradually, these have been updated.

A friend of mine is associated with sports. He bought a pair of Nike Air Max in late 2019. Wearing that pair of shoes, he was able to run well for 6 miles. Unfortunately, after running for another 3 miles, his knee was aching, and his leg was bleeding.

So understand that running with Nike Air Max is not convenient. However, you can use it everyday jogging and workout. It will create a sporty as well as classy look. You can easily walk for 2-3 hours by wearing it.

Does Nike Air max arch support?

Nike Air Max shoes are very comfortable for walking, running short distances, and above all for the gym. Needless to say, these shoes will give you good arch support. Therefore, it will provide a lot of comfort when walking. these shoes can be used for a long duration without any worries.

Most people think that flat shoes are more beneficial for the feet. But the remarkable thing about Nike Air Max is that it has excellent arch support. So it can be a good choice for athletes.

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Is Nike Air max 360 good for running?

Running without foam is not something that can usually. But the Nike Air Max 360 has all the features of a running shoe. In addition, its weight is less than 13 ounces, which makes it one of the tops picks for running shoes.

I’m giving you the most honest review. I have a pair of shoes. With which I am 4-5 miles away every week.

This one is unique in terms of stability and durability. Using it, you can run far. In addition, it is not likely to damage your feet or shoes.

What are the other sports Nike Air max can be used?

The Nike Air Max is made to look stylish, sporty, and classy. Its design is such that the back part is high and the front part is low. This will keep your ankles in the upper part and the weight of the body in the front. As a result, there will be no cause for ankle pain.

Apart from that, you will feel a good bounce while walking. Sports Nike Airmax can be used in

  • Jogging and workout
  • Basketball playing
  • Short distance running
  • Everyday long time use
  • Smooth walking

What are the other alternatives of Nike Air max for running?

As I said before Nike Airmax is not suitable for running. If your goal is to buy a pair of running shoes, you can buy good-quality shoes from other brands.

Here are some alternatives of  Nike  Airmax

  1. Diadora Heritage
  2. Karhu Aria 95
  3. Asics Gel Lyte
  4. Puma Deviate Nitro
  5. Adidas Ultraboost
  6. Asics Novablast

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Our verdict on Are Air Max good for running

Above all, the Air Max is good for your feet. So I’m hopeful that it will capture your list of favorites for daily use. But, if you are looking for running shoes, please check the alternative options of this article; you will find a few great options to choose from.

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