Why do Russians love Adidas? (Quick Answer!)

Adidas is one of the most famous clothing and shoe brands in the world. It has a trademark of three stripes. Although it is a German company, it has won the hearts of Russians since the 1980 Moscow Olympics. So, the question is why do Russians love adidas?

The structural components of the Adidas tracksuits are comfortable as they absorb sweat. So it was suitable for people of all levels. It was even a favorite of criminals and slaves at a time. So that’s why the Russians love Adidas.

Why do Russians love Adidas

Why do Russians love Adidas so much?

There is no doubt that Adidas is now a well-known sports manufacturer in the world. However, it is interesting to note that the German company is famous in Russia.

The obsession with Adidas dates back to the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Because at that time, the striped clothes for the Soviet team were made and supplied by a German company called Adidas. However, it did not have any brand label. Because the USSR did not want to disclose the capitalist mark of the uniform.

However, the popularity of tracksuits has increased since the Olympic Games.

Since then, Adidas has become an unpublished integral part of Soviet and post-Soviet Russian culture. Moreover, Western fashion was limited in Russia during the Soviet era. So they thought everything foreign was cool and everything of the Soviet Union was uncool.

That’s why the Russians became addicted to Adidas.

Is it bad to wear Adidas in Russia?

The Russian criminal subculture is known as Gopnik. They used to rob on the streets. They have their own fashion choices which often include Adidas and Puma tracksuits and clothing and footwear. However, they used Adidas more.

Who knows when the popularity of Adidas will increase after the Olympics, it will be associated with subcultures. However, since then, Adidas clothing has been associated with the negative concept. 

So now Adidas is famous for these Gopnik. But a copy of Adidas is being rolled out so that the public can use it at a lower price.

Why do Slavs like Adidas so much?

Adidas tracksuits are comfortable, low cost (fake clothing), and suitable for any occasion wear. The structural elements of these are very soft. Most importantly, there is no other clothing that can give a perfect Slavic look. Tracksuits can be worn at basketball, clubs, weddings, and even funerals.

Also, the most obvious theory is that Slavs was more attracted to the Adidas trademark. The three stripes of this trademark reveal the Holy Trinity, which bridges the divide between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox. In this way, they unite all the Slavs. These are the main reason why Slavs chose Adidas.

Is Adidas a Russian brand?

No! Adidas is a German brand, although there are no German pictures in its brand. Adolf Dassler founded the Adidas company.

Adidas gained widespread recognition in the USSR after the 1980 Moscow Olympics when they supplied costumes for the entire USSR team. Since then, it has become a sports clothing label. This is why Adidas is famous in Russia, and most people think that Adidas is a Russian brand.

Why is Adidas so popular in Russia?

However, it is more known among the Russians. In my opinion, when some athletes took part in the international action competitions of the ’70s, they brought sportswear to the USSR and since then, Adidas has become popular in Russia.

In addition, the Adidas tracksuits were a kind of fashion clothing that both men and women use. And I have already mentioned the slaves. Although they use fakes more, however, its versatile use is convenient for Slavs in Russia. So if you are an average person, its open use will not be suitable.

Our verdict on Why do Russians love Adidas

When it comes to the Adidas brand, the first thing that comes to mind is Russia. However, it is a German company.

But people worldwide know the name of this company more or less but misunderstand Adidas as a Russian company. Moreover, there are many fake Adidas products.

So, if you want to invest in Adidas products, I would recommend buying the right Adidas product.

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