Do You Know Why are shoelaces so long? [Explained!]

Be it Jordan or Adidas, those super long laces not only disappoint us but also take away all the thrill and excitement of wearing those brand-new shoes for sneakerheads and shoe enthusiasts around the globe.

A thought boards their mind after getting their shoes ‘How should I shorten my shoelaces just right?’

Well, you have got nothing to worry about. I have shared the most important tips and tricks on easily shortening your shoelaces in this article and also discuss why are shoelaces so long?

Why are shoelaces so long

here is the brief answer to Why Are Shoelaces So Long?

Excessively long laces are a common issue for sneakerheads all over the world. Not only are sneakerheads familiar with this vexing problem, but so are we. Although it may seem inconvenient to many of us, those long laces aren’t entirely unnecessary.

Several factors go into the creation of these long shoelaces. One of the main reasons for this problem is that shoe manufacturing companies choose from a range of lace lengths rather than tailoring distinct lengths to each new shoe style.

It guarantees that no one is left out. So the size of your shoe doesn’t necessarily matter. It can be 7, 10, or even 20, but the length of the laces will be a little longer so that even the largest of feet will have no trouble wearing those shoes of the same or different model.

Without necessarily being longer, feet can be bigger or smaller. The thickness of socks can also vary. Laces have to accommodate that. Although most of us lace our shoes with the basic crossing method, many people like to style their shoes in other styles, which may necessitate longer laces.

As a result, the makers consider the preferences of various types of buyers and create lace lengths that are suited for everybody. So, in terms of meeting everyone’s demands, manufacturers make longer shoelaces without giving them a second thought.

How do you shorten shoelaces that are too long? (5 methods)

How do I handle excessively lengthy shoelaces? This is a question that every other shoe enthusiast has asked themselves at least once. There is, however, no need to be concerned. Today, I’ll show you how to deal with long shoelaces in a more effective method.

There are several ways to shorten your laces, including the old conventional technique of cutting excess laces. With just a little effort, you can effortlessly style those beautiful pairs of shoes. You do not need to spend a lot of money to accomplish this.

The following are a few of these methods:

1. Cutting the excess laces according to your measurements:

Cutting shoelaces is the most ancient method of reducing surplus laces. All you’ll need for this procedure is a scissor, measuring tape, and a lighter.

Measure your shoelaces first, then trim the excess. Now, using a lighter, burn the edges. So there you have it! You’ll be able to decrease those excess lengths with this method successfully.

But would I recommend this technique? Probably no. Burning the edges of the laces of your brand-new shoes will make your shoes look terrible! But you can always use this hack for those old torn pairs of shoes.

2. Different lacing methods:

If you’re looking for other ways to shorten your shoelaces other than cutting, this might be the perfect technique for you. Tying shoelaces in a different manner other than crisscross not only shortens your shoelace but also improves the shoe’s design.

In addition, it gives it a lot nicer appearance than usual. The over-under method, gap lacing, lock lacing, Straight European technique, hiking/biking, and so on are some of the lacing techniques that will shorten your lace and glam up your shoes.

3. Tucking it in:

Tucking your laces is the greatest way to shorten them and make them look nice. All you have to do in this approach is tuck the shoelaces on both sides of the shoe, so they aren’t visible. Although this option is excellent, it can cause serious difficulties. They could irritate and itch your feet because they’re tucked within the shoe. This discomfort could lead to infection in the future.

4. Customization of shoelaces:

Customizing our own shoelaces is a fantastic way to get short laces for our favorite shoes. From the places where you bought your shoes, you can easily design laces to fit your needs. This allows you to select from a wide range of laces in various colors and materials. But, on the other hand, customizing your own laces might be quite costly.

However, even though it is a little pricey, it can meet all of your expectations for shoelaces. First, count the number of eyelets on your shoes and then determine the shoelace size based on that so that it fits your feet best.

5. Purchasing new shoelaces:

Anyone who isn’t willing to cut the shoelaces that come with their shoes usually purchases a new pair. It’s a lot cheaper than personalizing shoelaces. Cutting your shoelaces to make them shorter is a time-consuming task once again. However, purchasing a new pair of laces saves you time and effort.

However, you must exercise extreme caution when purchasing those laces. Because these laces are designed to fit various types of shoes, there’s a good chance they won’t fit yours. You have to ensure that it fits your shoes so that the new pair of shoelaces don’t end up in your wardrobe unused!

How can I hide my shoelaces?

Hidden shoelaces give your shoes a smooth and tidy appearance. Hiding shoelaces is a fantastic technique to glam up your shoes. You can also hide laces that you don’t like and still slay.

There are two methods for concealing the laces. You can tuck the laces on both sides of the shoes or employ bulky tying methods.

The hidden knot method, Ukrainian method, corset method, display shoe method, ladder lacing, spider web, double back method, and so on are some tying ways you can employ to cover your laces.

Tucking the laces can also be a convenient way to hide them. On both sides of the shoes, you may effortlessly conceal the laces. However, for sportsmen or individuals who exercise, this can cause serious complications. Your feet may be irritated by the laces’ tip. As a result, you must be quite cautious when tucking those laces up.

What is the normal length of shoelaces?

The normal length of shoelaces depends on the pair of eyelets present. Each model of shoe has the same number of eyelet pairs even though it differs in size. Different models might have different numbers of eyelet pairs. The manufacturers, keeping the biggest size in mind and calculating the pair of eyelets, determine the shoelace’s length.

And they include that length of shoelace in every size.

Number of Eyelet pairsShoelace lengths

FAQ about Do You Know Why are shoelaces so long

How do you make Air Force laces shorter?

If you’re going to wear Air Forces, go half a size down or true to size. If you want the lace to be shorter, lightly tie the knots. If you like to wear it loosely, only lace it up to the second eyelet, keeping the lace relaxed. Wear a shoe guard over it after that; it will keep you snug while also giving you a loose shoe look.

Alternatively, you can just lace your Air Force 1s up and then begin pulling on the lace to loosen and shorten it while pushing on the sides to stretch the shoe out. You may tie it after lacing it up.

How can I make my shoelaces shorter without cutting them?

There are several options for shortening your shoelaces without cutting them. You can experiment with lacing techniques that require long laces. Not only will those lacing techniques make a fashion statement, but they will also help your shoes look neater.

You can also get a new pair of shoelaces that perfectly match your shoes. Remember to count the number of eyelets on your shoes and purchase laces to match. If you want, you can tuck the laces inside the shoes. These approaches save time and the effort involved in cutting existing shoelaces.

Our verdict on Do You Know Why are shoelaces so long

I hope I have managed to solve all the problems you’ve faced while shortening your shoelaces. And I can assure you that with all of the strategies I’ve discussed, you’ll be able to acquire short laces and nice-looking shoes in no time.

And if you are benefitted from these techniques, don’t forget to share them with all your friends and family!

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