Are Fila Shoes Good quality: Is It Worth It?

Fila shoes are a great choice cause they are both cheaper than their counterparts as well as stylish. Moreover, they are durable as well. Now, are Fila shoes good? Well, we are going to answer this in more detail in this article.

Fila started its journey as only a garments provider in Italy 110 years ago in Biella, Italy. In the 70s, they entered the sportswear market and started focusing on footwear designed around performance and comfort. Their motto “Power Style” illustrates their commitment to artistic and quality products.

Today, they have carved their market in a world of intense competition among names like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. It has grown to be a major distributor of sportswear.

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Are Fila Shoes Good quality

Where are Fila Shoes Made?

Fila products are historically made in their home region near Biella, Italy. It started as a garments and underwear manufacturing company.

Following a takeover by Fila Korea, production was steadily globalized. Markets like China, India, etc. were expanded. These production hubs are also allowed to design their shoes to match the local tradition, style, and design.

Where are Fila Shoes manufactured?

At present, Fila shoes are made in a variety of countries including the likes of India, China, Vietnam, Mexico, and The Dominican Republic.

The bulk of the production lines are in the cheap labor of China and partly in South Asian countries like India.

How does Fila Warranty work?

Fila provides a warranty on their products for up to one year from the date of purchase. They will receive the product and evaluate it. If any manufacturing defect is found, the product can be replaced with a new one.

In the case where a similar product is unavailable in stock, a product of equivalent value is given in its place. The process may take up to 8 weeks of processing and delivery combined

Are Fila true to size?

Fila shoes are a bit different compared to competitors like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Fila shoes do not run bigger. In contrast, they run either true to size or a bit smaller than that.

A signifying feature of their shoes is that they are smaller and narrower across most of their styles.

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Are Air Force 1’s & New Balance Fresh Foams better than Fila Disruptors?

Fila as a brand does not focus as heavily on international exposure compared to Nike. A significant proportion of the Nike budget goes toward sponsorship and endorsements.  

Air Force 1 is a well-established brand in and of itself. It is by far the most popular option. This is considered the standard sneaker indeed.

The Fila Disruptor is, on the other hand, a divisive pair. It has a signature design philosophy that renders it subjective to most. The standout feature of the zig-zag sole makes or breaks the pair.

Depending on your choice of style, you might prefer the Nike pair. However, it is also a bit more expensive than the disruptors.

New Balance on the other hand is an up-and-coming sportswear brand. The company shows promise by providing similarly cheaper alternatives as Fila. If we look at New Balance Fresh Foams:

The fresh Foam series is designed around comfort. They are also relatively cheaper, similar to Fila shoes. However, they lack the distinct aesthetic feature that sets them back to a level.

So, you can pick the Fila over New Balance if you prefer the stylistic approach to shoes.

Are Fila shoes good? 5 reasons to buy one

Are Fila Shoes Good

#1 – Cheap yet Durable:

Fila shoes are relatively cheaper compared to their competitors. Moreover, their shoes are durable and will last you years.

#2 – Consistency in style:

Their shoes do not diverge from their original design philosophy. You can expect your favorite design to stay on the shelves for longer.

#3 – Aesthetics:

A defining feature of their shoes is their commitment to styling and aesthetics. You will almost find your palate satisfied.

#4 – Localization:

Franchising allows local demands to be met more consistently. Furthermore, national distributors are allowed to design and produce footwear to match local demands and styles.

#5 – Selection:

Fila boasts a healthy collection of shoes to fit every style of sneakers and footwear need. You have a choice among a lot of excellent options to cater to your own needs.

best fila shoes Available on the market

Fila has some established collections to choose from. Their top drawer consists of the following:

Disruptor/Disruptor 2: 

The classic sneakers with a retro design. The nose is arched upwards, and the shoe narrows in at the front. It runs a bit smaller rather than true to size.

Grant Hill Collection: 

Named in honor of Grant hill, this pays homage to the player and his career. The revamped GH3ONE3 works on exactly this with colors from his celebrated Pistons stint.

Ray Tracer: 

A more modern design for the company is the Ray Tracers. Debuted in 2018, these are a bit chunkier in the soles but boast a lightweight foam for comfort and durability.

Are there any good fila alternatives?

#1 – Adidas Ozweego: 

I would say the best alternative to the Fila Disruptors would be the Adidas Ozweego. Fila shoes are cheaper but of excellent quality with a touch of aesthetic. The Ozweego is lightweight, stylish, and also cheaper than the Air Force 1, making it a good choice.

#2 – Puma Thunders: 

Puma Thunders is a bit heavier compared to other sneakers. You do have a larger variety of artistic options when going for these.

#3 – New Balance 997 Sport: 

The 997 Sport fits the more casual wear wardrobe, while also looking like it belongs on the track. The basic barebones design and color combination makes it a viable alternative to the Disruptors

FAQ about Are Fila Shoes Good quality

Is Fila a Philippine Brand?

Fila is a global licensing brand based in Italy. Any local distributor can adapt and design shoes based on local demand or style.

Are Fila shoes made in China?

Manufacturing and production are outsourced to a lot of countries. Among them, China is a leading producer of Fila products.

What country is Fila from?

 Fila was founded in 1911 in Biella, Italy.

Our verdict on Are Fila Shoes Good quality

Fila has entered the market as a fashion brand to watch out for. With its stronghold in tennis and revitalized vision for the future, it may just transform into a statement brand.

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