Are Nunn Bush Shoes Good – Heat Or Hype?

Nunn Bush shoes have been out in the market and delivering exceptional quality since their inception in 1912. Now, are Nunn Bush shoes good? Well, we are going to answer this in more detail in this article.

Yes! Nunn Bush shoes provide quality shoes. Their shoes are well-fit and comfortable on their feet. They always put more focus on delivering the best support and cushioning in each shoe.

Researching a brand before a purchase is a good decision. You may find necessary information about the brand and the product, which may or may not suit what you are looking for.

Are Nunn Bush Shoes Good

Where are Nunn Bush shoes made?

The Nunn Bush company constructed its manufacturing facility in 1916 in Milwaukee County in Wisconsin. They utilize the latest methods of manufacturing shoes in their plant.

They added larger additions to their factory between 1917 and 1919 to keep up with the ongoing demand.

Where are Nunn Bush Shoes manufactured?

Nunn Bush shoes are made in their manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have been using this plant since 1916 and made an enlargement to the existing one during the emerging market growth.

How does the Nunn Bush shoe warranty work?

The Nunn Bush shoe provides warranty services for unused or undamaged shoes. The shoe must be used on a clean surface.

And there should not be any wear or tear or any kind of damage to avail of the refund/exchange. If there is a manufacturing defect, you can also claim the warranty for a refund.  

You must go through the procedure within 30 days of purchase to avail refund. You can either ask for a full amount refund or exchange it within the warranty period.

Are Nunn Bush Shoes true to size?

Yes! Nunn Bush shoes are of standard size according to satisfied customer reviews with a verified purchase. They are well fitted to all foot sizes. Their shoes do not come small or big.

They fit comfortably because of their good build quality.

Are these brands better than Nunn Bush Shoes?

Some industry-trending shoe brands can be good over Nunn Bush. If you have been using Nunn Bush for a while now and looking for a suitable substitute, these brands can perfectly suit you.


Rebook is one of the most famous American shoemaker brands. They are well known for delivering stylish and trendy designs for every walk of life.

The materials used are of high quality, and their build quality is suitable for a perfect fit.

Skechers USA, Inc

They are famous for providing street-style shoes for regular use and fashion. They have various stylish and trendy lineups of shoes to choose from. And their shoes are of a well fit to every foot size.

Are Nunn Bush Shoes Good – 4 reasons to buy

Are Nunn Bush Shoes Good

Nunn Bush shoes are a good fit for most individuals. Their well-fitted comfortable design makes Nunn Bush a suitable shoe brand for people of all ages. Hence, it has some features that help it to have a place among the best shoe brands.

Here are the top 4 reasons to buy a Nunn Bush Shoe-

#1- Comfortable Midsole

This brand offers a very comfortable midsole. The underfoot cushioning is just amazing and delivers good comfort while you have the shoes on your foot.

They use a memory foam footbed, which actually delivers the ultimate comfort. Memory foam is far more comfortable than the traditional foam used in shoes.

#2- Durability

You don’t buy a new pair of shoes every day. So, the durability of the new pair matters after the purchase. Luckily, when you buy a shoe from Nunn Bush, you will not be changing the pair anytime soon. Thanks to their good built quality and high-end materials.

The rubber soles can withstand the pressure you put on the shoes, even if you use them for the whole day. The overall material provides good resistance to the wear and tear of the shoe.

#3- Breathability

Breathability is important when you are using a shoe for a long time. It prevents odor buildup and keeps the moisture level standard.

Nunn Bush shoes have enough airflow through the materials, so extra moisture evaporates when you have the shoes on for a long time. Eventually, you get all-day comfort with shoes from this brand.

#4- Support

Arch and heel support ensures that the shoe puts less pressure on your foot muscle. Good support makes sure you get a comfortable landing and press on any surface you are walking on.

Along with the soft and comfortable cushioning support for the footbed, Nunn Bush also provides very good arch support. The customers praise the combined result.

Top available Nunn Bush Shoes on the market

Here are some of the top shoes from Nunn Bush. These are chosen according to style and comfort.

Nunn Bush Men’s Cam Oxford Lace-Up, Black Tumbled

This model comes with a tumbled leather upper portion with comfortable memory foam inside. Lightweight and flexible shoes for those who are looking for a classic look.

Nunn Bush Men’s 84820-001 Loafer

This model is good for loafer lovers. And you do not need to think about the looks. The footbed is a combination of comfortable gel and memory foam.

Nunn Bush Men’s Rio Vista Fisherman Sandal

If you are looking for a comfortable Sandal for regular walking, this model can be a good choice for you. It comes with a lightweight rubber outsole accompanied by durable material.

Are there any good Nunn Bush alternatives?

Yes, there are some of the best-selling shoe brands, which can be an alternative to Nunn Bush if you are not satisfied with them.

#1- Genesco Inc.

They have various shoe sub-brands running under the same company. They are an American retailer of shoes and accessories.

#2- Caleres Inc.

Caleres owns a number of trending and top footwear brands. Although it has gone through several names and location changes, it has easily got its root in the footwear market.

FAQ about Are Nunn Bush Shoes Good

You may have some queries about this brand in your mind. Here are the most common ones that people ask over the internet.

Is Nunn Bush a quality shoe?

Yes, they provide good-quality shoes with the best cushioning and support. The cushioning inside gives you maximum comfort.

Where are Nunn Bush shoes made?

Nunn Bush Shoes are made in Milwaukee County in their manufacturing plant. They produce the shoes in their facility and deliver them to their own suppliers.

Are Nunn Bush shoes made in China?

No, they are made in the USA. The shoe factory of the Nunn Bush brand is situated in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. 

Who owns Nunn Bush?

Nunn Bush Shoes operates under the mother company Weyco Group. This brand is a footwear designing company with other sub-brands running in the US market.

Are Nunn Bush shoes made in America?

Yes! Nunn Bush shoes are made in America. They have a manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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