Are Florsheim shoes good quality? is it any good?

Florsheim is a popular American brand. This American shoe brand always makes great shoes. The inception of this company was in the hands of Milton Florsheim in 1892. They started with a small factory for manufacturing in Chicago, Illinois.

After they started, they gained popularity when they kept launching shoes on the market. Thanks to their styles and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. One of their caveats is that their shoe design stays trendy for a long time.

Now you may ask, are Florsheim shoes good? Well, we will look into the details of this brand to get the answer to this question.

So, let us gather some knowledge on this brand!

Are Florsheim shoes good quality

Here is the short answer to Is Florsheim a good shoe brand or not?

Yes! Florsheim is a good American shoe brand. They have been in this industry for over a century. Florsheim is famous for delivering eye-turning dress shoes. They design the shoes with a classic and timeless design.

Florsheim is well known for using quality materials in the uppers, midsoles, footbeds, and insoles. They ensure that every shoe has the best quality.

Michel Jackson used to wear Florsheim pairs when he danced.

Where are Florsheim shoes made?

Florsheim shoes are made in China. Back in the days when Milton Florsheim started the company, the shoes were made at the brand’s own manufacturing plant in Chicago.

This brand has gone through a lot to ensure a place in the shoe industry. It faced several ownership changes and was eventually reclaimed by the Florsheim family.

They started manufacturing their shoes in China for a better profit and lower cost.

Where are Florsheim Shoes manufactured?

Florsheim outsources its shoes from China. They used to manufacture the shoes inside the USA. The brand wanted to lower the production cost and maximize the profit. So, they moved on with manufacturing their shoes in China.

How does the Florsheim shoe warranty work?

Florsheim offers a return policy for undamaged and unworn shoes after purchase. A customer can claim a refund after 30 days of the product’s original purchase.

The shoe can not have any damage, wear, or tear to claim the refund. You can get an exchange or a full refund if the shoe follows the criteria for a refund.

Are Florsheim Shoes true to size?

Most individual claims that the Florsheim shoes are true to size. There are also some portions of individuals who say Florsheim comes a bit smaller. If that is the case, the recommendation is to choose a half-size smaller version for a perfect fit.

Update: now has its own sizing tutorial which matches your foot size to a Vans shoe size. Click here to view it at

Are these brands better than Florsheim Shoes?

Florsheim has been in the industry for a long period. Some brands are considered a better choice over this brand. If you are looking for good dress shoes, these can be the options-

Allen Edmonds

This is an American Brand. Their shoes are designed and manufactured in their own factory in the US.

Allen Edmonds is well known for being handcrafted and premium shoemakers. Allen Edmonds comes with a hefty price tag for each model.


The Clarks are proud of their heritage, knowledge, and expertise in the shoe industry. Most of their footwear models are made out of leather. Well stitched construction and strong outsole have made them a perfect choice for the customers.

However, Clarks’ shoes are expensive too.

Are Florsheim Shoes any good? 5 key reasons to buy

Are Florsheim Shoes any good

Florsheim shoes are good in their own style. They are great at delivering the classic design with durable materials. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a Florsheim Shoe-

1. Uniqueness

There must be something unique about the shoe you are wearing if you want them to stand out from the crowd. Their craftsmanship of unique design makes sure that this happens.

They provide the best stitching on every pair of shoes, from entry-level to the premiums. And their Imperial collections are made out of the finest leathers and unique handcrafted designs, which should definitely catch someone’s attention at first glance.

2. Comfortability

Florsheim gives you the comfort you are looking for. They provide the best quality footbed cushioning. However, it does not matter on which surface you are walking; you will not feel the hardness of the surface.

The shoes will be well fitted to the feet, giving you a comfortable walking experience.

3. Versatility

Whether you are looking for a dress shoe or a casual one, Florsheim has enough numbers of models to choose from.

Every category comes with variations in colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. So, you should find a perfect pair for your feet.

4. Breathability

Florsheim uses breathable materials, ensuring a standard moisture level when you have the shoes worn for a long time.

This feature is a crucial one. That’s because breathable material ensures that your feet are not making any odors due to excessive moisture.

5. Design

Florsheim promotes the classic and timeless design in their shoes. The designs are unique and fit for everyone.

Their premium lineup contains unique handcrafted designs that can catch anybody’s attention.

Top available Florsheim Shoes on the market?

Florsheim has a reputation for the dress and casual shoes on the US market. Here are the top available Florsheim Shoes on the market-


Tux is a good suit for the most formal occasions. This one is a formal shoe that definitely looks charming. It comes in a genuine leather lining on the upper.

Allis Wingtip Oxford

This model has a well-crafted leather upper. Its classy finish with a cushioned footbed will give you comfort for long-term use. If you seek an Oxford-style pair, this can be a great choice.


Felix is a loafer lineup suitable for warmer weather. It has a light and simple stitch design. A cushioned footbed provides the comfort you need and also stability.


This model is of the simplest designs. Corbetta is a slip-on version with a sleek and comfortable build. If you seek a well-polished design, this one can be your choice.


This model comes in a burnished, oxford-style leather upper. The design is sharp looking that will match any formal dress. This model is a suitable one for any formal occasion.

Are there any good Florsheim alternatives?

Some other shoe brands in the US market can be a good alternative to Florsheim. These are among the top shoe provider who assures you of the quality of their product.

Beckett Simonon

This brand delivers high-quality handmade shoes that can perfectly fit any special occasion.

They offer variations in styles to choose from a broader range of collections. Beckett Simonon is a durable choice and comes at a reasonable price.


This brand has a wider variety of men’s dress shoes. Whether you are grabbing a pair for weeding or looking forward to joining any special occasions, the Magnanmi collection got you covered.

Blackstock & Weber

This Brooklyn shoe brand is delivering gorgeous-looking shoes in the market. The loafers should fit with your casual dress easily.

Bruno Magli

This brand knows how to make shoes that will last for the years coming. They have a great collection of designs and variations in each category. So, you get a great collection to grab your new pair from.

FAQ about Are Florsheim shoes good quality

There are some common questions that customers ask over the internet. Here we have tried to answer some of the most asked ones.

Is Florsheim high quality?

Florsheim uses long-lasting and stiff materials on their heel, footbed, insole, and uppers. So, you get high-quality shoes that give you comfort as well as last for a longer period.

Is Florsheim a good shoe brand?

Florsheim is a good shoe brand with a good reputation among the customers. They try to deliver quality choices at a competitive price point.

Are Florsheim shoes genuine leather?

Florsheim has a lineup named Imperial. They make the shoes of this category with the best craftsmanship and finest leather on the market.

What happened to Florsheim?

In the year 1991, Interco announced Florsheim’s bankruptcy. This brand left the shoe market in 1994. During the mid-’90s, the shoe company respawned, making shoes with a branded store in almost every US mall.  

Where are Florsheim shoes made?

The Florsheim brand outsources its shoes from China. They moved from the US to the China market for manufacturing to maximize the profit. 

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