Are Keen Shoes Good quality? (Answer Explained!)

Many hikers, workers, and casual workers recommend you get Keen shoes for whatever reason you want them. But, that is only a recommendation, not a Biblical truth. So, when you are purchasing the right shoe, you must know the ins and outs. You must also consider its comfort, safety, durability, and style.

Keen shoes, in this regard, boast of bringing the best comfort, style, and safety for every person. Of course, some of their claims are true. But, are keen shoes good in reality? Or are they just another super-hyped shoe brand with no ground behind their popularity?

Keen shoes are indeed worthy of your investment for different requirements. They have a broader range of shoes for workers, hikers, adventure lovers, and casual people. Additionally, they offer excellent support to your feet, with many of their shoes having Neutralizer support. You will also find their shoes durable, affordable, and highly breathable with a lightweight design.

These top features of Keen shoes should be enough to increase your interest in them. So, today we will discuss the manufacturing location, warranty period, and five top benefits of wearing Keen shoes. Finally, we will suggest to you the top three Keen shoes available in the market and their alternatives.

So, stick with us if you want the best Keen shoe money can buy.

Are Keen Shoes Good quality

Where Are Keen Shoes Made And Manufactured?

Keen is an American footwear company. The footwear company boasts of manufacturing the best American shoes with the highest standard in the industry. Also, the company has multiple manufacturing and assembly plants worldwide.

As Keen’s official website reports, the company makes its shoes in the following locations.

  1. Portland, Oregano
  2. Mexico
  3. Thailand

They mention the manufacturing location in each of their product labels. So, you can easily find the actual manufacturing plant for Keen shoes. Nonetheless, Keen proudly announced their American Built product line in the early 2010s.

All Keen’s American Built tagged shoes are exclusively made in their Portland, Oregano plant. The company brings the best materials from China and other parts of the world. Then, they use the finest technology to manufacture these shoes in Portland.

Their Mexican and Thailand plants also supply shoes in the American and world market. But, Keen doesn’t advertise these shoes with the “American Built” tagline.

What’s more, Keen has a partnership with different shoe manufacturers globally. They outsource hiking, working, and casual shoes from their partners. It includes the following countries and regions.

  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • European region

The good thing is Keen assures their industrial standard for their partners too. So, you never need to worry about their show quality.

How Does Keen Shoes Warranty Work?

The keen company promises to use the finest materials and highest manufacturing standards for their shoes. Yet, you may get defective or improper shoes accidentally. At this time, you need to know about their warranty mechanism.

Keen offers a 1-year warranty period for any manufacturing and material defects for their shoes. The warranty period applies only if you don’t alter and modify the shoes. On top of it, you will also get a 30-day return policy for the shoes.

Once the 30-days return policy is over, you won’t get any replacement for improper fitting, natural wear, accidental damages, and misuses. When you claim the warranty or replacement, you need to submit your proof of purchase.

You may submit your warranty claim online to get the review within 7-10 working days.

An important note: Keen only offers the warranty period when purchasing the shoes from authorized stores and dealers. If you purchase keens shoes from aftermarket sources, Keen’s warranty won’t work for the shoes.

Are Keen Shoes True To Size?

We have spent hours in different shoe forums and blogs and talked with Keen shoe and sandal users. As the research on Keen shoe sizing shows, these shoes run true to size mostly. Thus, you don’t need to size up or down for Keen shoes compared to your regular ones.

For instance, if you regularly wear a US shoe size of 7, you can comfortably pick Keen shoes with US 7 size. You don’t need to get 6.5 or 7.5 shoe sizes to fit properly. However, you may need to pick a bigger size if you have extra-wide feet.

Most workers and hikers expressed their satisfaction with the true sizing of Keen shoes and boots. Only a few complained about more than the required space around the toe box. They said with a larger toe box, their shoes felt loose. Nonetheless, we didn’t hear any complaints about Keen shoes running small. So, when purchasing Keen shoes with toe caps, ensure that you get the right fitting.

If you purchase from physical stores, you can easily wear the shoes to find the right fitting. While you order online, choose the size you regularly wear. If the size doesn’t fit, you can claim the replacement within 30 days.

Are Keen Shoes Any Good? Top 5 Reasons to Buy One

Are Keen Shoes Any Good

When you purchase any shoes or sandals, you mustn’t compromise their comfort, quality, and safety. So, where does Keen shoe stands in these sectors? Are Keen shoes good? We have researched it and found the following five reasons that may influence you to buy one.

Unmatched durability:

 Of course, you would want a pair of shoes with maximum comfort and safety. But, can you neglect the durability of the shoe?


Thus, you must look at the lasting performance of the Keen boots. Are they worthy of the price for long-term usability?

The answer is yes.

Keen shoes offer one of the longest durability and lifespan in the footwear industry. Yes, it’s no joke at all! It is amazing that Keen commits to bringing the best durability for their shoes. Whether you are an expert tradesman, adventurous hiker, or casual walker, you will find their longevity satisfactory.

You won’t see the waterproofing feature degrading even after months of use. Also, you won’t see any significant wear and tear and performance reduction in these shoes.

The durability of the Keen shoes was established and praiseworthy. A couple went on a 465-day long world tour with Keen shoes. They found that the shoes they wore lasted the entire tour. As they said, they took the shoes to the following destinations:

  • The Everest Base Camp
  • Snowy Swiss Mountains
  • Mountainous Patagonia
  • Oman’s Deserts
  • An African Safari

Also, they walked in numerous cities. Surprisingly, the shoes lasted all the different conditions. It established the durability confirmation of Keen boots.

Broader product ranges:

Another point that keeps the Keen brand above others is its great and wide product line. You will find the right Keen boot whether you are a tradesman, city walker, or professional hiker. You can also choose from their extensive styles and design to match your personality.

Keen’s top three product lines include keen regular, Keen work, and Keen effect. Each product line has multiple styles and types. It includes shoes, sandals, boots, and casual ones. So, you can easily find your perfect fit with Keen.

Furthermore, Keen manufactures shoes and boots for different seasons and professions. It includes:

  • Winter shoes
  • Work boots
  • Hiking shoes and boots
  • Travel shoes
  • Water shoes, etc.

Henceforth, you will never get disappointed with the high-quality footwear from Keen.

Ample support:

If you are a worker or hiker, you would want a pair of shoes with ample support. It is crucial because, without proper support, you can’t perform the outdoor activities rightly. When you lack support at the feet, you will soon face sweating, fatigue, and different foot problems.

It reduces your working efficiency. Thankfully, Keen shoes don’t affect your working efficiency and performance. Their shoes are famous for a symmetrical with the perfect weight balance. It boosts your ankle and heel support. Ankle and heel support will be a crucial factor when you perform any strenuous outdoor activity.

On top of it, Keen shoes use top-of-the-line cushioning and midsole. You will find Nitrile, EVA, or PU midsoles. Also, many Keen shoes for hikers and workers have natural wooden cork in the cushioning. It is famous for its shock and impact absorption ability. Therefore, you will find them truly useful for your feet.

Last but not least, workers will find the steel-toe cap of Keen boots incredibly useful. Whether you work in oil rigs or construction sites, Keen is ready to serve your purpose.

Incredible comfort:

The comfort of a shoe is a combination of breathability, shoe construction, interior space, and flexibility. Thankfully, Keen shoes pass with flying colors in these categories. Keen offers excellent ventilation and breathability for most of their shoes. Whether you work for hours or climb through the toughest terrain, these shoes ensure your feet remain cool and dry.

Keen uses Fast Dry technology in many of its shoes. It protects your feet from sweating. Also, it helps keep your feet cooler for an extended time. Next up, the natural crock and advanced cushioning improve flexibility. You will also find its closures with elastic bungee construction useful for the right fit. With quick adjustability, these elastic closures are there to boost your comfort.

It will be really handy for hikers and workers in extreme conditions. Lastly, true to their size, Keen shoes will fit perfectly. So, you won’t have feet restricted or congested with these shoes.

Affordability at its best:

One of the key reasons workers and hikers love Keen shoes is their affordability. Keen boots and shoes are almost always 10% to 20% less expensive than Thorogood, Chippewa, Irish Setter, or Timberland brands.

The good part is Keen never compromised on quality and safety to make their shoes affordable. So, you can get the most affordable Keen shoes and still enjoy maximum performance, comfort, safety, and flexibility.

As you don’t need to break your bank account to get Keen shoes, they are a better choice.

Top Available Keen Shoes On The Market:

Since you have made it through this part of the article, we’re convinced that the features of Keen shoes have impressed you. Therefore, you may look at the top available Keen shoes in the market. So, let’s jump quickly into it to find work, hiking, and normal Keen shoes, boots, and sandals.

Work Boot: KEEN Utility Men’s Lansing Waterproof Work Boot

If you want a waterproof work boot with a steel toe cap at reasonable pricing, this Utility work boot is the ultimate choice. The leather upper is water-resistant, and the lugs underneath its outsole have 100% waterproof and slip-resistance. Plus, the toe and heel have reflective lines. It is useful for working in dark areas.

Last but not least, its asymmetrical steel toe is roomy. So, you will never lack flexibility and roomy space at the workplace. Its 100% American assembled and 5.5″ height takes care of your feet.

Hiking Boot: KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

If you are a hiking and adventure lover, this Keen Targhee Hiking Boot can never go wrong for you. It comes with a patented Keen. Dry technology for fast drying and waterproof facility. It keeps your feet cooler and drier during the year’s hottest days even.

Next up, its breathable membrane improves comfort. You can depend on its anti-slip ability with deep lugs and treads to ride through the rough terrains. It is lightweight and won’t cause you fatigue even when hiking through 1000m high terrains.

So, get this pair of Keen Hiking Boot and set your expedition for the next mountain.

Casual Shoe: KEEN Utility Men’s San Jose 6″ Alloy Toe Waterproof Boot

The Utility Series from Keen is mainly made for the tradesman. Yet, its contemporary design with a cascade brown finish and matte eyelets make the shoe a perfect fit for casual walkers. You can go to groceries, shopping, or parties with the boot.

Pair it with blue denim and bright polo, and you are set to look dashing and impressive. Plus, its traction design will ensure oil and slip resistance. It has an alloy toe for safety purposes. Last but not least, with a Luftcell air-infused sole, the boot is ready to maximize your comfort all day long.

Are There Any Good Alternatives To Keen Shoes?

Keen shoes are so good that you would never want to change the brand. Yet, at times, you may want to try a new shoe just for pleasure and observation. After trying its alternatives, we bet you will find that Keen is the “King” in the shot market.


Crocs with the largest collection of casual sandals and shoes are a perfect alternative to Keen. You can get casual shoes, classic crocs, and flat sandals from Crocs. The good part is these shoes and sandals are cheaper than Crocks.


When it comes to comfort and rugged design, no shoe brand even comes close to Birkenstocks. You will find their original clog sandals truly loveable. Its bug buckle with single, double, or multiple straps offers safety and stability.

FAQ about Are Keen Shoes Good quality

What are KEEN shoes known for?

Keen shoes use a rubber toe bumper in their shoes and sandals. This makes their sandals and shoes a hybrid of both while improving comfort and safety greatly. Hence, Keen is famous for its classic rubber toe bumper design.

Why are Keens so comfortable?

Keen usually provides a roomier toe box, better cushioning, and closures made with elastic bungee straps. These two features combine to offer maximum comfort to your feet with Keen shoes. Also, you can adjust the closure quickly for a better fit.

Are all Keens waterproof?

Yes, Keen provides their patented Keen. Dry or waterproof membrane to all shoes and boots. So, you can rest assured best waterproofing boots from Keen. Therefore, these boots are suitable for nearly every outdoor activity.

Our verdict on Are Keen Shoes Good quality

Keen shoes are so good and impressive that it’s nearly impossible to find their alternatives. With their long product line, versatile and practical design, ultra-durable construction, and big toe box, every feature is made to satisfy your requirements. Also, from true fitting to quick adjustability and waterproof design, Keen shoes will never disappoint you.

So, check Keen’s shoes before you go on your next hiking or purchase the work boot. You will be overwhelmed with their quality, safety, and performance.

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