Where Are Lems Shoes Made: are they good? [Detailed]

Lems is an American shoe company established in 2008. Their shoes, however, are manufactured in a family-owned factory in China.

Lems (main website) has been popularized in the shoe industry within a decade. The founder, Andrew Rademacher, started the company out of frustration with wearing uneven and uncomfortable shoes. 

Now that we have disclosed where are Lems shoes made, we want to share with you the quality of their shoes and if they are worth the money. 

PS: Another American shoe company named ‘Sas Shoes’ has a similar story that you can read about here.

Where are Lems Shoes based?

For the first seven years of its operation, Lems’ headquarters was based in the small town of Farrell, Pennsylvania. 

However, they always had a plan to move to the west. In the last quarter of 2015, they finally pulled the trigger and moved to  Boulder, Colorado. 

In 2022, Lems still has its headquarters based in Boulder. 

Who Owns Lems Shoes?

Andrew Rademacher owns Lems Shoes. He started the company in 2008 after being frustrated about shoes that just wouldn’t fit him. 

His love of a simple, minimalist lifestyle gave him the idea to found Lems (Live Easy and Minimal), a straightforward shoe business that wouldn’t be too fancy and focus on creating shoes that are coherent with the human anatomy. 

Do Lems Shoes Run True To Size?

Lems shoes do not run true to size, and there is a proper reason for it. 

Generally, true to size means that the shoe size is based on the Brannock Device—the USA standard for sizing shoes. 

Lems shoes, however, are different than typical footwear. These shoes are made in proportion to the average anatomical design of the human foot. 

Moreover, the shoes also have wider and rounded toes to leave some room for the feet to move. That’s why they do not run true to size. 

The company suggests customers go half a size up to have the perfect fit. 

Are Lems Shoes Any Good and Worth Your Money?

Are Lems Shoes Any Good and Worth Your Money

Lems Shoes are good and it’s one of the best shoe brands for people who have wider toes and can’t find the right fitting shoe for their feet. 

Here are the top five reasons why you should buy a pair of Lems shoes. 


Lems shoes make every step you take ultra comfortable. The shoes are fairly lightweight, and the insoles are super soft. The shoes are exceptionally comfortable because they are anatomically designed to hold onto your feet in a very cozy way. 


People like me, who have oddly shaped toes or uneven shoe sizes, frequently have to choose between comfort and style, or vice versa. Lems Shoes are not only comfortable to wear but also stylish and fashionable. Their Boulder Nylon boots are absolutely stunning and would elevate any outfit instantly. 

Reasonable Price

Lems shoes are reasonably priced for their level of comfort and style. The majority of their footwear, including their boots and sneakers, is reasonably priced. 

Zero-Drop Shoes

Shoes in general have about half an inch to a full inch of weight difference between the heel and the toes; this messes with the foot’s alignment and degrades the posture. 

In zero-drop shoes, the outsole is flat and maintains the natural shape of the feet. It helps with ankle mobility and better balance, and also reduces the chances of injuries. In this regard, Lems zero-drop shoes are an absolute banger!


Versatility is a key component of any shoe. We all have that one pair of shoes that we would like to wear on every occasion. 

Lems sneakers and boots are very versatile and go with any outfit you put on. You can dress up or dress down using the Lems sneakers and boots.

The Top 3 Lems Shoes To Buy

If you are in the market to buy a new pair of shoes, you can check out the three badass shoes below from Lems.

Note: all of these three shoes come for both men and women. 

Primal Zen

Lems took almost ten years of design, testing, and prototyping to bring these shoes to life. It’s the updated version of one of their best-selling shoes, the Primal 2.  

Primal Zen’s zero-drop design clings to your foot in a natural way and provides the comfort and support you deserve. It’s ultra-lightweight and has breathable materials to keep your feet cool and dry at all times. 

Furthermore, Lems added additional cushions to the footbed and improved the grip on the outsoles to take the shoe to the next level. 


Mesa is an incredible sports shoe that looks great and feels super comfy. It has a light and breathable knit design on the top to allow maximum airflow to keep your skin dry and moisture free. 

The zero drop design gives you more support and helps you have a more upright posture. It’s easy to wash and dries really fast. You can choose seven different colors for these shoes. 


If boots and sneakers could come together and have a baby, it’d be the Chillum shoes from Lems. 

The Chillum shoes have the Boulder boots’ outsoles and the upper design of a lace-up sneaker. It comes in four classic colors and is highly breathable, lightweight, and extremely versatile. Be it a first date or a drink with your buddies, you can wear the Chillum with a pair of jeans and be on your way.

Note: If Lems shoes fail to impress you, we would suggest you check out FitVille shoes, which have better-looking shoes in this price range.  

FAQ about Where Are Lems Shoes Made

Now that you know where are Lems shoes made and that they are actually worth the money, let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty details about the brand? 

What does Lems shoes stand for?

Lems stands for Live Easy and Minimal.

Are Lems shoes worth it?

Yes, Lems shoes are definitely worth it-especially the Primal Zen, Mesa, and Chillum shoes, which are very comfortable and fashionable. 

How long do Lems shoes last?

Lems shoes last somewhere from 300 to 600 miles of wear. You can easily wear them for over two years. 

Are Lems shoes good for flat feet?

Tes, Lems shoes are perfect for flat feet as they have the zero drop design that fits the foot in its natural shape. 

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