Where are Easy Spirit shoes Made? [comfort shoes for women]

Easy Spirit is an American shoe brand. Their primary audience is modern women who want to be comfortable in their own skin and make life simpler. 

Easy Spirit shoes are not made in America but in China. It’s a common business strategy for shoe companies to outsource labor from China or South-East Asia to cut down on production costs. 

Now that you know where are Easy Spirit shoes made—let’s dive in to check if the shoes are any good and worth the money. 

Where are Easy Spirit shoes Made

PS: There’s a similar brand based in New York named Dream Pairs which is focused on empowering modern women. We covered them in our last blog, which you can check here.

Who makes/Owns Easy Spirit Shoes?

Marc Fisher Footwear Company bought the Easy Spirit brand in 2017. This company has a diverse portfolio, including some of the biggest clothing brands, i.e. Nine West, GUESS, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, etc. 

Do Easy Spirit Shoes Run True To Size? 

For a shoe to run true to size for Americans, it has to be measured and built using the Brannock Device. Otherwise, the shoes won’t fit perfectly according to their size. 

Easy Spirit claims their shoes run true to size. This means if you wear a size 9, getting the same size from Easy Spirit will fit your foot perfectly. 

The brand offers shoes in four different sizes so that you can choose from narrow, medium, wide, and extra wide. 

If you have an unusual foot size, you can find the right shoe for you from Easy Spirit. They have shoe sizes from five to twelve, including half sizes. 

Quick links: You can find their shoe sizing guide here.

How Does Spirit Shoes Warranty Work? 

Easy Spirit offers a 30-day refund policy on their products. However, the items have to be directly purchased from their official website. They don’t offer a warranty through their retailers or other affiliate websites. 

Note: There is a $6.95 restocking fee applied to each order except for the items that had manufacturing defects or were sold as ‘Free Returns. 

What Makes Easy Spirit Shoes Worth It?

What Makes Easy Spirit Shoes Worth It

The money you spend on Easy Spirit shoes will be well spent. They’ve been making shoes for over thirty years, and they’re currently owned by a well-known, high-end footwear company.

Here, let’s look at what makes Easy Spirit shoes worth the bucks. 


Easy Spirit brand’s primary focus with their shoes is to make them as comfortable as they possibly can be. They installed modern technology, an extra cushioned footbed, and extremely soft insoles to make the shoes highly comfortable for everyday use. 

Their sneakers, especially, have thick padded linings and insoles to keep your feet protected and increase mobility when you are playing any sport, hitting the gym, or running errands. 


Ten to thirty million people in the US require orthotics to treat their foot problems and other medical conditions like plantar fasciitis. Sadly, they are unable to find shoes that fit the solution to their problems. 

Easy Spirit shoes come with arch support and super soft midsoles and insoles to give the support people need on their feet. The shoes help to reduce the pressure and pain on the foot. 

PS: We have covered another shoe brand that makes orthotic shoes called Drew Shoes. You can check them out in one of our previous blogs. 

Hard To Find Sizes

The unique selling point (USP) of Easy Spirit shoes is that they have a large selection of shoe sizes available. 

Many people with uneven or unusual foot shapes can not find a pair that fits them properly. In most cases, they have to either wear a small size that’s too tight or compromise by getting a pair that isn’t stylish or their type. 

Easy Spirit shoes have brought the solution. They have shoe sizes from as small as five to as high as twelve. Furthermore, they come in a wide toe box for people who have large feet.

Therefore, no matter how unique or hard-to-find shoe size you have got, you will find the right fit at Easy Spirit. 

Stylish Design

As I just mentioned, when it comes to shoes, many people (especially ladies) have to sacrifice comfort for fashion or vice versa. 

Easy Spirit shoes are not only comfortable but also very fashionable and easy to wear. They have a long line of stylish sandals, shoes, and sneakers for women to choose from. The slip-on shoes and boots, especially, are very stylish, versatile, and fashionable. 

Affordable Price

Apart from being comfortable, stylish, and fashionable – Easy Spirit shoes are very affordable. You can get a pair for around $50-$80. 

Where to Buy Easy Spirit Shoes? 

If you are up for shopping for shoes online, you can order Easy Spirit shoes directly from their website. 

We recommend ordering them directly from their website as you will receive the money-back warranty. You can purchase them from Amazon, Zappos, and a few other online retailers. 

If you want to try them out before purchasing, you can find Easy Spirit shoes in popular shoe stores such as Nordstrom and Walmart. 

FAQ about Where are Easy Spirit shoes Made

Now you are aware of everything you need to know about Easy Spirit, especially where are Easy Spirit shoes made. 

Here we want to end the blog by answering a few more short questions you might have.

Are Easy Spirit shoes good for bunions?

Yes, Easy Spirit shoes can help with bunions as they have a very soft footbed with a padded lining and extra cushion. 

How long has Easy Spirit been around?

Easy Spirit was founded 35 years ago in Greenwich, Connecticut. 

Do Easy Spirit shoes have a wide toe box?

Yes, Easy Spirit shoes have a wide toe box to accommodate people with medical issues such as bunions, hammertoes, and neuroma. 

Are Easy Spirit shoes good for neuropathy? 

Easy Spirit shoes are good for neuropathy. They provide good arch support, have sturdy rubber outsoles for traction, and are incredibly comfortable, and all of these things help with neuropathy. 

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