What does DS mean in shoes? (Explained!)

Shoes not only help by meeting our basic requirements but also provide us with many economic opportunities.

That is to say; there are numerous large trade centers, industries, and private business opportunities created thanks to the shoes.

For various necessary purposes and such commercial activities, these shoes come in different coding and symbols. One such common question related to these codes is, what does DS mean in shoes?

DS in shoes refers to “Deadstock,” which further represents the brand new pair of perfectly labeled and box-lidded shoes. These types of shoes are reallevel retail selling shoes that are mainly seen for branded footwear.

In this workwear adviser guide We’ll discuss the following:

  • Does deadstock mean fake?
  • What is DS size in shoes?
  • What Does OG Mean in Shoes?
  • What Does H/O Mean in Shoes?
  • What Does BIN Mean in Shoes?
  • FAQs
What does DS mean in shoes

What Does DS In Shoes Stand For?

The complete form of DS is deadstock, from which you can get some idea about its meaning. But, if not, then there is nothing to worry about as it is not of any arduous task to be elaborated on.

Basically, by dead stock products, the first thing that should hit your mind is undoubtedly the brand new tag of that same product. That is to say, the first and foremost aspect of deadlock shoes is that the shoe needs to be fully dressed, with no wear, adequately packed, and labeled.

Then comes the second most thing that also implies the deadlock shoes for which the shoes are known by the DS. And, that is their continued storage or not getting sold out.

In other words, if all the shoes that you have bought for your shop get sold out except one or two, then that one or two shoes are known as DS shoes. For such happenings, the arrival of new shoes is essential in between which the existence of the old and unsold shoes are called.

Now, this nature of the DS shoes makes them different from all other new shoes. Otherwise, all those new arrivals and collections in the market would have been termed as DS. So, never get confused about these crucial terms, which will help you differentiate between the regular shoes and the DS ones.

To remove your willingness, we like to add that, after having them purchased, there remains the total return guarantee if anything goes wrong with them that may include the sizing or any manufacturing fault. So under that circumstance, the shoes no more remain as the DS shoes once the customers return them. But that’s not as simple as you see from the outside.

With this thing, the emergence of some other categories of DS shoes becomes noteworthy. That includes the PADS or NDS, VNDS, and so on. VNDS represents very nearer to the dead stock. This means that if the shoes show some amount of wear but are not that much to mark them as used shoes, then it is called VNDS.

Again, PADS or NDS is that condition where your shoes are passed as deadlocks which are primarily applicable for those shoes that the customer returns for any unpleasant case. But, under that circumstance, the conditions of the shoes should be just like the one that is bought for the first time.

Does deadstock mean fake?

Not at all! A Deadstock Shoe represents a complete opposite case: the genuineness, authenticity, and originality of the products.

With that being said, the reason why deadstock shoes have their authenticity is that they are never allowed to get touched by the external environment.

Deadstock shoes are completely preserved with customized branded packaging, which only comes from original shoe brands. In addition, the shoes are labeled inside the original box, which was never even tried to open, leaving no opportunity to fake things.

Now, one may be hit with this question because the DS shoes are not sold out like the regular shoes. But, this cannot be the point of view of any logical person because there may remain tons of different reasons those shoes are not sold out.

 One such prevalent reason can be their pricing because most of the shoes remain deadstock due to their higher price range which is not affordable by people of all classes.

What is DS size in shoes?

DS or deadstock size in shoes refers to such sizing, which is quite rare for most people. That is to say, too small and away from larger sizes available in the market are two kinds of DS shoe sizes that the shopkeepers want to avoid.

This is because people with such kind of appearance do not fall under the average population. As a result, the shoe demands of those sizing are also below average. It results in dead stock of those shoes in the retailer’s storage for months after months.

We have mentioned above the lack of interest of the shopkeepers to keep those DS sizing shoes in their collection. And, one of the main reasons behind this is their loss in business due to cash flow management and lack of spacings.

What Does OG Mean in Shoes?

OG in shoes means the very first-time original release. This release is wholly opposed to the re-releasing of the same shoes.

Say, for example, if you have watched a movie released for the first time, then that movie is called the OG release or version. But, if a second or return version of that same movie gets released after a couple of times, that is no longer the OG.

The same goes for any certain shoe brands which can release various new and original variants of the shoes. For the Nike brands, they have OG athletic shoes, OG gulf shoes, etc.

What Does H/O Mean in Shoes?

H/O in shoes means the highest offer of the shoe for a person.

This kind of shoe is more to the side of hype and is often sendable by the people for the same reason. The H/O shoes are known mainly for their discount and other such type of facilities for which people crave.

This is primarily a business strategy through which more benefits can seek out despite lessening the price or discounts.

What Does BIN Mean in Shoes?

The complete form of BIN in shoes refers to “buy it now.” This is also another type of advertising business strategy where various discounts are provided in so many forms.

This BIN or buy it now discounts often follows strategies like by-one and get-one-free, purchase and get 50% discounts, and so on.

FAQ about What does DS mean in shoes

Why is deadstock terrible for business?

Deadlock can be nasty for your business for several reasons. One such noteworthy cause is the impact and obstruction in cash flow. If you are still dealing with the old product and don’t get the opportunity to imply new arrivals in your business. In that case, it is undoubtedly not a thing of appreciation.

What does NDS mean in sneakers?

NDS is the same as the PADS in sneakers, which is passed as dead stocks. Sneakers that have been worn for the trial purpose by the customers and show very little wear are given as dead stocks. This sort of finished stock product is known as NDS.

Our verdict on What Does DS Mean In Shoes?

One thing is strongly restricted for the DS shoes: they are never permitted to be worn or for even any sort of trial. It means that you can’t even try and see for yourself if they even fit you right or not before buying them. Everything starts with the DS shoes once any customer purchases them.

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