what does gs stand for in shoes – [Nike gs means]

“GS” means “Grade School.” Generally, GS is the size measurement of the shoe and is related to the average kid’s shoe size. Gs is a gender-neutral shoe size that fits a girl or boy kid both perfectly.

Sometimes shoe naming, and sizing conventions can be tricky. Particularly when you experience the release of some new footwear pairs that seem unique and named something different.

Over the previous periods, people might have experienced various types of acronyms filling up, and GS is among them, which is very different. But what does GS mean in shoes? Is it the thing that makes people worry?

what does gs stand for in shoes

What Does GS mean in Shoes?

GS means ‘Grade School’  designed for the average expected shoe size of the grade school kid’s feet. More precisely, they are for the kids in grade-school-aged. It is a gender-neutral shoe size that is perfect for every girl or boy. The size starts from 3Y and ends with 7Y.

Nike’s GS acronym is particularly used for the Air-Jordan line. However, some companies have picked up GS to design their shoe size and make the charts.

What are Nike GS sizes? Nike gs means

As you all know, shoe sizes vary from brand to brand. Different brands can offer additional sizes. As for some famous brands like Nike, Adidas, etc., they will guide you with a clear sizing chart and help you choose the correct size. Whatever here I’m giving the Nike GS sizes for your shake.

22.5 3-3.5Y 335.5
23 4Y 3.536
23.5 4.5Y 4.036.5
23.5 5Y 4.537.5
24 5.5Y 538
24 6Y 5.538.5
24.5 6.5Y 6.039
25 7Y 6.540
AgeAverage Shoe Size
0 – 3.5 Months0C-2C
6 Months3C-4C
1 Year5C-6C
18 Months7C-8C
2-3 Years9C-10C
3.5-4.5 Years11C-12C
5-6.5 Years12C-13C
7-8.5 Years12C-13C
9-10.5 Years1Y-2Y
11-14 Year3Y-7Y

Is GS 7 the same as men’s 7?

GS 7 is almost the same as men’s 7. Their length is the same, but the other things are a bit different. For example, adult sizes are made for adults’ feet, and youth sizes are for kids. Also, men’s shoe size starts at 7.5 while GS’s shoe size goes up to 7. 

The key differences between the GS 7 and a men’s 7 shoe size are their price and their qualities. Of course, you can get men’s 7 shoes in better quality by expending more. Still, as for GS 7, you can get it at a lower price with comparatively low quality. But men’s 7 size shoe is rare.

What is GS on Stockx?

I already told you that GS stands for ‘Grade School.’ GS are gender-neutral shoe sizes on StockX. So, kids of any gender can wear it.

StockX profile includes the shoe size. So when you will browsing StockX for sneakers, it will automatically show your shoe size if the size is available.

Whatever, if you need to change your default size from the profile, you will be able to do that.

what is gs in jordans?

In Jordans, BG  stands for ‘Boys Grade School,’ and GS stands for grade School.’ These all are shoe sizes where BG sizes are for boys with extensive construction, and GS sizes are for kids with narrow construction.

BG is designed especially for boys from grade schools, and GS is a gender-neutral design. So, either girl or boy in grade school, everybody can wear GS size.

What Does GS mean girl size?

GS is known as the grade school shoe size universally, not the girl size. Generally, Grade school shoe size means any size between 1y-7 or 7.5y. But Girl sizes stay between 1y-5.5y.

Actually, at first, I thought GS means girl size. So I asked people about it, and some of them answered ‘yes, GS means girl size’ and others answered no. But when I researched this matter, I realized that GS never means girl size.

Is GS the same as women’s?

No, GS shoe sizes are not the same as women’s. GS means ‘Grade School’ which is mainly for kids. And the GG means ‘Girls Grade School’which is for girls or women. Generally, GS sizes stay between 1y-7 or 7.5y, and women’s shoe sizes usually are small, that’s why people think they are the same. But in reality, they are not.

In addition, if a women want to buy a GG size, she needs to subtract 1.5 sizes from her regular shoe size. For example, if she wears women’s 8, then she has to buy 6.5 size shoes in Girl’s Grade School

Check the size chart below and find your shoe size conveniently. Then, now you know clearly about how the shoe sizing works, so go and cop a perfect pair for you and rock.

Original Grade School sizing (3.5-7)

Us Womenjordan size for girls/men- US

Extended Grade School/men’s sizing (7.5-9.5)

US womenjordan size for girls/men- US

What does size 7Y mean?

Some Nike and Jordan shoe sizes mention Y, here Y indicates ‘years.’ So, size 7Y means 7 years, and this 7 years means “the shoe will fit the kids’ age 7 years (expected).

7Y is basically the Us youth size which is designed by targeting the youth and kids. It is the same as the 7 men’s size. But the thing is, men’s 7 size is very rare, but 7y is easy to get.

Can adults wear GS shoes?

If your feet are small or you’re a kind of petite adult, then the large GS shoe size will fit your feet because GS sizes are not for adults with regular or standard feet. In addition, GS sneakers are more budget-friendly than adult shoes, especially for the other more “high-end” shoes or brands that contain designer sneakers.

But I recommend buying adult shoes for an adult. This is because there are so many adult shoes available in the market in various sizes. So buying that instead of GS would be the better choice for an adult.

What’s the difference between Jordan PS and GS?

Jordan PS and GS are both designed for kids. So people often think of them the same. Even some of my relatives also think the same. But although they are both kids’ sizes, there are some basic differences between them.

So let’s see the differences:

 Jordan PSJordan GS
Stand forPreschoolGrade School
Designed forPreschool kidsKids (all types)
LargeLess than GSMore than PS
popularLess than GSMore than PS
Adults wearableNoSometimes

Our verdict on what does gs stand for in shoes

Generally, GS is a trendy shoe size, and it is famous for its gender neutrality, but until today people get confused about what GS means in shoes. GS is an expected shoe size for kids in grade school age.

As for grade school shoe size, it is:

  • It is available from 3.5Y-7Y
  • Not the same as men’s or women’s size
  • Fit for kids in grade school
  • Gender-neutral
  • Adults with small feet can wear size 7Y.

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