How to Wash Converse in the Washing Machine? (5 easy steps)

I could probably go on and on about different sneaker models but no single model could stay as relevant as the Converse All-Star. The other models might not be that ‘popular’ but they’re not that behind.

Needless to say, you need to take care of your Converse. And washing machines are the least stressful method there is. So, how to wash Converse in the washing machine?

Start by removing the laces and inserts to make sure you don’t leave behind any dirt. Then, use a brush to clean the excess dirt. Now, test out a stain remover and if it’s okay, start applying it all over. Finally, start the washing machine and put it in the lowest setting possible. You’ll have squeaky clean Converse after the cycle ends.

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I mean, I couldn’t really include any tips here. If you want the full scoop, read on-

How to Wash Converse in the Washing Machine

Can You Wash Converse in the Washing Machine?

While your Converse might be precious to you, there’s no problem in putting them in the washing machine. Instead of damage, you’ll be doing your shoes a favor by cleaning the stains and dirt. Apart from a clean look, it’s also good for your foot health.

You don’t have to wash your Converse every single week. Although it kind of depends on how you use them. But cleaning every two weeks is good enough considering you don’t wear them every single day.

With continuous wear, your shoes will be worn out much faster. And they’ll be dirtier too. Meaning, you need to wash them more frequently. Washing shoes in the washing machine is good but overdoing it might lead to damage.

Not to mention, you should never give your shoes a rough cleaning. Set it to gentle or the lowest setting you can find. It’s still going to get cleaned.

5 easy step on How to Wash Converse in Washer

When using the washer, you have to be a bit careful with the settings. It’s always a bad idea to go over the lowest setting. And never think of adding anything else inside. I mean, it’s your shoes. You don’t want it touching your clothes.

Anyway, here’s how you can wash converse in the washer-

Step 1: Remove the Inserts and Laces

The real dirt is under the inserts. Unless you remove the inserts, the washer won’t be able to reach there. The shoelaces are the same. Remove them whenever you clean your shoes and wash them separately(on the same cycle). That will make them much cleaner.

Although you should focus more on the inserts. These will have the most stains. There’s a separate step just on removing stains.

Step 2: Brush off Loose Dirt

Even if you’ve worn the shoes only a couple of times, there’s going to be some packed-on dirt there. Grab a scrub brush and remove all the dirt. On top of that, you don’t want all that dirt in your washing machine.

Step 3: Apply Stain Remover

If this is a regular wash or shoes don’t have that many stains, you can skip this step. But if there are food or oil stains, you need to use some stain remover. Check if the inserts have any stains as well.

However, make sure you test out the stain remover on a small part of the Converse, preferably on the inside. You can avoid ruining(discoloration or fading) your shoes if the stain remover isn’t suitable.

Step 4: Put the Shoes Inside a Mesh Laundry Bag

Some people will tell you to use pillowcases instead. But that will never be as effective as a mesh laundry bag. Your precious Converse will stay protected inside. Not to mention, it won’t be pummeled when the washer is spinning.

Step 5: Start the Washing Machine(Warm/Cool Water and Low/Gentle Cycle)

Your shoes couldn’t get any dirtier. You’re thinking that putting in some hot water is going to make them squeaky clean. Well, that’s a common misconception. In reality, you should never use hot water. That can really mess up the color and fabric of your shoes.

Warm water or even cool water is totally fine in the washing machine. Other than that, always select the lowest or gentle cycle. There’s no need to rough it out. Your clothes can handle that, not your Converse. And don’t go overboard with the detergent, only a small amount would do just fine.

What Temperature Do You Wash Converse on?

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that hot water will clean your Converse better than cool water. In reality, it’ll only damage the fabric. It’ll look kind of frail, to be more specific.

If you really want to use hot water, settle for lukewarm water; it’ll be more than enough. Remember that the cleaning solution is far more important than the temperature of the water.

But don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t use a ton of detergent. A small amount of laundry detergent will get the job done. And you’ll already be using a stain remover. So, don’t stress too much on the water temperature.

Can You Put Converse in the Dryer?

A lot of people on the internet will tell you to put your Converse in the dryer. But don’t make that mistake. There’s no need to wrap your shoes in towels and put them in the dryer.

This also means you should avoid using any extra heat for the drying process such as hairdryers. Simply air-dry the shoes and they’ll dry out in no time.

Can You Put Black Converse in the Washing Machine?

Black Converse has its own beauty and class. But they’re also known for fading faster than other colors. So, the confusion is justified.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t put black Converse in the washing machine. Although you should be careful about using stain removers. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, avoid putting stain remover on the fabric. And always test out on a small part of the shoes.

Similar to every other Converse out there, don’t go overboard with the detergent and washing cycle. In this case, less is better.

Can You Machine Wash Converse All-Stars?

At some point in your life, you must’ve owned a pair of Converse All-Stars. The super-popular model goes hand in hand with any outfit. But this also means you wear them more frequently.

However, you can always put these white beauties in the washing machine. As the color is already, you don’t need to worry too much about discoloration. Just be careful with stain removers.

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How Long Does It Take Converse to Dry?

Normally, it wouldn’t take more than 24 hours for the shoes to dry. However, you can always speed up the process using a few methods. If you put them under sunlight, they’ll dry out within 6-7 hours. But make sure you wrap the shoes with tissue or newspaper.

You can also dry them under a fan. Stuffing the shoes with newspaper speeds up the process but don’t stress over it unless you really need your shoes to dry fast.    

How Do You Dry Converse After Washing? 4 easy step

Always remember that air-drying is always going to be the best method to dry out your shoes. But there’s a right and wrong way of doing things. So, here’s how you can do it the right way-

Step 1: Don’t Keep the Laces and Inserts on

Remove the lace and inserts if you haven’t already. This will dry out the insides much faster. Not to mention, the inserts will constrict airflow.

Step 2: Stuff the Shoes with Newspaper

You can also use tissue paper if you think the ink will spread to the shoes. But I’ve never seen that happening.  So, the regular old newspaper might be the cheapest solution.

Keep in mind that you’re adding the newspaper to hold the shape of the Converse. As the shoes dry, they’ll start taking their proper shape.

Step 3: Dry Them out in an Open Space

There’s no need to place them near a heater or under direct sunlight. That’s overdoing it. Let natural air do its job. After a good 24 hours, your favorite pair of Converse will be as good as new.

Our verdict on How to Wash Converse in the Washing Machine

Well, that wraps it up. Now you can teach anyone how to wash Converse in the washing machine. I’ve tried to include as many tips as I can. But everyone can improve.

So, if you have any useful tips on washing converse in the washer, don’t forget to comment down below.

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