how to break in dr martens? [Simple Ways]

Doc Martens are known for their uncompromising quality, durability, and desired to the size guide. Many other things needed to be brought under consideration when buying one for yourself. So, how to break in Dr Martens?

Your Doc Martens are reasonable to the process of a break-in, for which the simplest way is to wear them more often. Doc Martens are made out of pure leather, and we all know that leather tends to soften and cause break-ins with time. Besides, heat proceeds the process at a faster rate.

Let us get to know you in more detail.

how to break in dr martens

Are Dr. Martens easy to break?

Dr. Martens boots are the exhibition of perfect authentic leather material. We all know very well that leathers are prone to soften up gradually and ultimately cause break-ins.

So there is no doubt that Dr. Martens are easy to break and stretch out which happens over time.

There are plenty of ways to break in leather shoes other than the natural process. The only difference between genuine break-ins and artificial ones is the time.

The main thing that needs to be considered is the break-in procedure, which is very easy to incorporate.

Your boots are featured with a material that tends to break in on its own. So the process ultimately becomes effortless whether you are trying different procedures or letting them naturally break in.

Why do my Doc Martens hurt the top of my foot?

Doc Martens are harder and smaller at the beginning of the purchase. They need time to soften and open up gradually. So, there is a chance that it can hurt the top of your foot if it fits tighter at that portion. Also, there is an extra layer of lining inside the shoes that dig into the foot’s top, causing pain.

Some of the ways to prevent foot pain from Doc Martens are given below:

  • Wearing thick socks or two pairs of socks at a time.
  • Try to put on your shoes and walk inside the house for admirable adaptability.
  • Wait for the periods of 5-6 weeks in which break-in occurs, resulting in the shoes’ softening.
  • Increase the spending of more time with your shoes for better adaptation and comfort.

Should I size up or down my doc martens?

Are you worried, about whether you should select a larger or a smaller size while purchasing Doc Martens? Your solution to this problem is hidden in your favorite boots’ features, which is to run bigger to your size. The sizing guide for your Doc Martens is discussed briefly:

  • Doc Martens are favorable with stretching and break-in, so they will ultimately run more extensively than your original size.
  • Selecting a size down than the original size is the key to compensating for the break-in feature.
  • If you have narrower feet, go for a half-size smaller version and consider a full size for vast and long feet.
  • Don’t forget to consider the insoles and thick socks you use, impacting your boots’ fittings. They can help as well to fit your shoe snugly even after the break-in of the shoes.

how to break in dr martens? (5 things to consider)

Well, your Doc Martens will break in naturally and slowly even if you don’t do anything. But the natural process is relatively steady. Here are some tips for breaking in your shoes very quickly and painlessly:

1. Thick socks

It can do the magic of breaking in at a faster rate. This will force the leather to warm up and soften, resulting in the break-in of the shoes.

2. A snug fit

Wearing the shoes with a tighter fit and lacing up the boots tighter can also help break in your shoes more quickly.

3. Wearing more frequently

Moving around wearing the boots at home and more often also lead to faster breaking-in.

4. Stretching liquids

Stretching liquids can be used to break in your shoes easily. It softens the leather and results in stretching out—the chemical reaction of the fluids with the leather results in the fastening of this method.

5. Boot stretchers

A boot stretcher can also do the job for you. It targets a specific region for stretching and results in the break-in of the shoes. You can choose the desired area of your boots for the break-in and put the device there. The process can be repeated several times for the desired stretching.

How do you break in Doc Martens 1461?

Like all other Doc Martens models, the 1461 also break-in and leaves you with a perfect and comfortable fitting. The break-in process is similar for 1461, just like other shoes Doc Martens.

The simplest way to break in your Doc Martens 1461 is to wait and see. Because the process of break-in naturally occurs between 5-6 weeks.

Another best way is to wear them more often. Do not hesitate to wear them so that the shoes are opened up, and the leather softens more easily. Putting on thick socks can also help to fasten the process.

How do you break in Doc Martens with a hairdryer?

We all know by now that all leather footwear is naturally prone to break in with time. But still, we keep looking for various tips and tricks for the process of stretching at a faster rate. One of the successful ways of the break-in of shoes is heating which can be quickly done using a hairdryer. The ways to incorporate the process are as followed:

  • A blow-dryer and a pair of thick socks are the only things to get further with this process.
  • Put on your shoes along with a pair of thick socks at first.
  • With a distance of 5-10 cm, switch on the hairdryer and continue the heating throughout your boots.
  • The heating session should be continued for 30 minutes. After the heating is done, walk around with them for another 30 minutes.
  • You can repeat the process according to the level of your desired result.

The benefits of this process are the unlimited stretching and breaking-in of the boots according to your want. But, one should restrain from overheating as it can damage precious leather. Also, the socks should be thick enough to prevent accidental burning.

Is there any way to avoid the long breaking-in process?

There are enormous ways to quickly breaking-in and avoid the long break-in process as these leather-made boots are naturally potent to stretch. Some of the righteous ways to prevent the long breaking-in process are given below:

01. Stretching the shoes with ice

For slight to medium changes, this method can be quickly followed. The steps are mentioned below:

  • Fill out two plastic bags with 1/3rd portion.  Please put them in such a way that they can make contact with every area inside the shoes.
  • Then make sure you are keeping your shoes overnight in the freezer.
  • Take out the shoes the next day to let the ice melt.
  • You can repeat the same process several times to make adjustments.

02. Moist heat

Some stuff needed for this method is hot water, Ziploc bags, and a microwave.

  • Hot water-filled Ziploc bags are placed in those areas inside the shoe where break-in should be done.
  • Make sure that the hot bags aren’t removed until they are fully cooled down.
  • You can also put them into the oven for some further break-in.
  • You should check how they fit after cooling down.

03. Professional cobbler

You can take your shoes to the cobbler to have access to the break-in. Cobblers have the proper resources, tools, and experience to stretch and breaking-in the footwear.

Besides, they can also suggest if your footwear is suitable for a break-in or not. They will do the break-in for you a perfectly and avoid the long break-in process.

Our verdict on how to break in dr martens

How do you break in Doc Martens overnight? It’s clear to you guys that, like much other leather footwear, Doc Martens also break in as they are worn. Indisputably,  they are serving a delicate taste to your fashion along with taking care of the sizing.

Thanks a lot for being with us all this time, and I wish you a happy shopping in advance!

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