Do you wear socks with climbing shoes? (Quick answer!)

Did you enjoy doing a thing that every other have avoided?

If so, then you may have or still didn’t try out a pair of socks with your climbing shoes.

Well, it is common not to wear socks in case of climbing shoes, but if it comes to wearing the socks, the first thing that arises is the question, do you wear socks with climbing shoes?

Nowadays, climbing shoes are made with the assumption of using them without socks to take it’s highest feeling. But, if you have that same old tendency to wear pantyhose just like the time of wearing all other shoes, then go for it.

Wearing shoes can provide you with some extra comfort which the climbing shoes themselves would fail to do.

Do you wear socks with climbing shoes

do you wear socks with climbing shoes? In Details

Previously, there were no specific terms known as climbing shoes that used to exist in the markets. The hikers and the adventure-loving people who want to enjoy their fullest in the woods and through climbing hills, mountains, etc., need to check on their footwear.

Back inthe 70s, people would use the most potent pair of shoes available at their homes for climbing. Try of the time; boots were the most common type of choice,know common not for climbing. They used to give the shoekind of support without any probability of getting damaged. But, they were indeed heavier and used to make their users think of other alternatives.

Then gradually, sneakers andplimsoll dominate over the boots for rock climbing. And, the unique part about that footwear was that all of them were made out of rubber, best for the climbing ideal. 

The most intriguing part is that people still wore them with socks which was a norm for rock climbing shoes. Like the habit of people to wear socks with any of their footwear, they feel comfortable doing so in the case of the climbing shoes.

But then, with the phase of time, specialized climbing shoes start to get famous that are designed for bare feet now, it is more common to discover the climbers without socks than with ut, if it comes to whether you can wear socks with climbing shoes or not, then it is entirely up to you.

Most people don’t wear socks that have not made any rules in the constitution about not wearing socks with climbing shoes.

The reasons that may take to  the side of wearing socks with tout climbing shoes are:


A perfect-fitting is all you need fordesirable footwear. And the purpose of fitting becomes even more crucial when you need that pair of shoes for climbing and the most extreme type of job. You will never want your shoes to slip out of your feet at the time of climbing rocks. You can’t either have them fit loose, nor can they be too snug.

So, in case of the fitting of your climbing shoes is loose or undesirable, wear a pair of socks which is way better than going barefooted.


Nowadays, specialized climbing shoes are solely made to fit snug and tight but not in a painful or discomfort way. But, anyway, many climbers face trouble due to that exact reason or the designed fittings of the climbing shoes. So, preferring socks with climbing shoes for comfort is the most acceptable case.

Most people wear socks with almost all other footwear for comfort. Often, many complex parts of the climbing shoes can rub against your skin and irritate, the prevention of which can be achieved through wearing socks.

A report on the percentage of people wearing and not wearing socks with climbing shoes is-

Report says that 95% of climbers don’t wear socks, whereas only 4% prefer socks with their climbing shoes. On the other hand, 1% of the population love to do both!

Why most of the recent climbing shoes don’t prefer socks?

Why most of the recent climbing shoes don’t prefer socks

From the 80s, people gradually started to lose socks with their climbing shoes; by now, 95% of the climbers don’t use socks! The reasons for this are many and yet legitimate. Out of many of the purposes, some very crucial targets of not wearing socks with climbing shoes are:

1. Feel:

Many would argue with the debate that you won’t get much feel without doing a pair of socks with your climbing shoes. But, here we will completely disagree with the fact and instead go precisely for the opposite case: wearing shoes without socks!

A proper pair of perfectly fitted climbing shoes is all you need in the maximum type of feeling. The climbing shoes are designed to fit tightly but not uncomfortably. When the shoes are right enough, we can feel everystep in a better way than that is possible with baggy shoes.

When you don’t wear socks, your feet are as much closer to the ground as possible. As a result, the maximum earth to feet contact is created. So having your feet closer to the rocks certainly provides more feel due to the fewer materials in the way and therefore helps you for a better climbing experience.

2. Sensitivity:

When climbing those 60° hills, pushing down onto small holds requires the best sort of foot placement. If you feel that your toes are in the right place, you can play very positively with your confidence. That’s where sensitivity comes in dominating, which plays a crucial role in climbing.

But, doing a pair of socks with that same pair of climbing shoes may ruin the whole part of sensitivity you want during the climbing. Again, there remains a high tendency of slipping due to socks, especially when you sweat too much. So, climbers don’t prefer socks with their climbing shoes.

When is the best idea to wear socks with your climbing shoes?

Please don’t get confused as we have already mentioned earlier that wearing socks may also be favorablein some rare circumstances, especially in personal preferences. And, that brings some of the best ideas to wear socks with your climbing shoes which are as follows:

  • If you don’t own a pair of climbing shoes for yourself, you can borrow them from most gyms with anti-bacterial solution sprayed on them. Still, you should not be wearing them barefooted and instead, go with a pair of anti-bacterial socks.
  • If you have an old pair of stretched climbing shoes, then try socks with them to fit better. In this way, the empty rooms or space can be filled through pantyhose.
  • If your feet sweat way too much, prefer a pair of absorbent socks that will absorb all the sweats and keep your feet fresh.

Our verdict on Do you wear socks with climbing shoes

The preference is a combination of varied choices, which resembles that many don’t like to do socks while some are okay to wear socks with their climbing shoes. We have mentioned that most cases favored all the phenomena with and without socks for the climbing shoes.

By now, we think we have been able to remove your confusion regarding whether you’ll prefer socks for yourself or not.

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