Do Vans Old Skool Stretch Over Time? (Answered!)

A few Vans models may not be appropriate for a user’s size. Some specific models are a little snug at first, but they’ll stretch out with use. It’s worth noting that high-performance skate shoes tend to fit snugly to ensure that they serve their function correctly. In other Vans models, do Vans Old Skool stretch too?

Not immediately. If you want to try out yourself, order a pair of Vans on a test basis. No doubt, you will get your regular size. But the fit will be a bit tighter than your standard size. However, these Vans Old Skool sneakers have a narrow fitting. You may face difficulty if you have wider feet.

What should you do if you have wide feet? Will each model stretch over time? You have to clear your queries before buying one.

Let’s go over everything in detail.

Do Vans Old Skool Stretch Over Time

Do Vans Old Skool Stretch Over Time?

As long as you get them appropriately sized, they tend to provide true to size. Hold on if you think they’ll stretch over time! They don’t stretch over time. But, indeed, the canvas they’re composed of will stretch.

The shoe also gets more flexible and comfier over time. These sides of its tongue have two elastic wedges. At first, this may appear to be a difficult task. The canvas of the shoes, on the other hand, becomes more comfortable as it stretches.

Are Vans Good For People Who Have Wide Feet?

It’s worth noting that I don’t have extensive feet. Vans shoes, especially their high-performance skate shoes, feature a solid snug fit. Vans has the following to say regarding the fitting:

“Please keep in mind that our high-performance skate shoes are designed to fit snugly, so you better want to go up a half size. Therefore, if you have a wide foot, you can order a size up to accommodate for the width, or you can create your own wide Customs!”

What Is the Weight of Vans Shoes?

Vans shoes have such a competitive past, and they have evolved into a pleasant, street-style casual alternative for people to wear today. What about the issue of weight anyway? What is the weight of Vans shoes?

I have weighted six most prominent Vans shoe types and discovered that a size 12 men’s Vans sneaker weighs 0.94 pounds on average. Vans shoes are often light and comfortable to wear.

[For example, the Vans Ultra Range EXO was the lightest, weighing only 0.63 pounds each shoe in size 12 men’s. The Vans Sk8-Hi was the heaviest, weighing 1.15 pounds each shoe in size 12 men’s size.]

What Is the Weight of Vans Old Skool Shoes?

No doubt, the Vans Old Skool Shoes are a classic Vans style. I have both the sandy and blues versions of these. Although this is one of the heavier shoes than other Vans sneakers, these low-tops are relatively light. My men’s Vans Old Skool shoes, size 12, weigh 1.03 pounds each.

How Long Does It Take for Vans to Break-In?

Vans sneakers feature vulcanized rubber soles that are meant to resist the rigors of the skate park. As a result, they require two to four weeks of consistent wear to stretch and break in your Vans. You may take up to a month to become used to Vans’ flat rubber soles, primarily when you’re used to cushioning shoes with arch support.

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How to Quickly Break in New Vans Shoes?

While it may take up to months to feel at ease in your Vans, there’re a few methods for easily breaking into your Vans.

Let’s take a closer look at it;

1. Wear Van’s old skools for short durations, but Regularly

Before wearing your newest Vans for a whole day, it’s a good idea to break shoes by wearing each shoe for short periods of time.

  • Before stepping outside, wear your Van shoes around the house. This is because you can remove them off unless your feet start hurting or the Vans irritate. Remove shoes quickly before you feel any discomfort.
  • Additionally, thick socks should be worn to assist in stretching the Van shoes and eliminate rubbing. After only a month of consistent usage, your Vans should become more comfortable on your feet.

This simple advice, based on my real-life experience wearing many Vans sneakers, goes a very long way. It’s a simple trick that helps speed things up of break in a couple of pairs.

2. To expand the shoes, Use a Hairdryer

This approach necessitates some work and the use of a hairdryer. The plan is to saturate the Vans with heat, causing them to expand.

The process is ideal for Vans, especially the leather collection because the material swells and becomes suppler.

Here are the steps for using a hairdryer are as follows:

  • To keep your feet cool, put on a thick pair of socks. While a hair dryer won’t cause significant burns, the heat can be uncomfortable, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Please put on your Vans but loosely tie them. If you want your Vans to expand, then connect them loosely rather than tightly to allow each shoe to expand and fit your feet’ shape.
  • Set your blow dryer to medium-high heat and point the nozzle towards your Vans sneakers. Rub-prone areas, such as the heel and ankle line, should be targeted. Continue to blast each portion of the shoe until it softens and warms up.
  • Walk around everywhere in your hot Vans for a while until they cooled off. Jumping, running, shakes and wiggles, can assist loosen your shoes much more quickly.

If your Vans are still too tight, you may heat them with such a hairdryer. Then walk around until they cool down. They can dramatically soften by repeating this procedure three times.

To get the most outstanding results, you can repeat the hairdryer approach for multiple days.

3. Bending Your Vans to Break Them Rapidly

Vans shoes are as durable as nails due to their vulcanized rubber bottoms, so don’t be scared to bend them.

  • To bending your Vans, grasp the toe with one hand and the heel with the other. Bend your shoe inwards gradually until it resembles a “U” shape.
  • This method enables the Vans footwear to adapt to your foot’s arches swiftly. Do the same things for another shoe.
  • Bend your Vans multiple times a day, mainly before you use them. By bending as well as wearing them frequently, you can quickly break your brand new Vans.
  • Avoid being terrified of wrinkles on your Vans; they are natural and a necessary part of every shoe’s existence. Vans shoes, on the other hand, are stiffer and much more resilient to wear down.

[Pro Tips: Bear in mind that all my suggested procedures are interchangeable. Therefore, before you wear each shoe the whole day, take ten to fifteen minutes to follow the easy instructions given above. And before you realize it, your Van shoes will have improved significantly in terms of suppleness and comfort.]

FAQ about Do Vans Old Skool Stretch Over Time

Is it OK to bring a van to the tip?

What you’ll need to carry to the tip will be different if you have access to a van or trailer. You don’t even need a permit if you’re renting a van or trailers for 3/2 days. If your rental period is longer than three days, you are not permitted to visit the tip.

Are Vans Sufficiently Comfortable for Long Walks?

The Vans are both comfy and stylish. They’re excellent all-day shoes because they’re both comfortable and fashionable. When traveling, you can only bring one pair of shoes. Because they can go with everything, they do not even look sporty like shoes.

Are Vans Old Skools suitable for both men and women?

The Vans Old Skool comes in a navy and white colorway. Because of the show’s success, it now has a more considerable appeal, and also the percentage of females who buy it has risen.

Vans Slip-Ons: Are They Canvas?

The Vans Classic Slip-On features a low-profile canvas upper with an all-over checker print, elasticated side accents, the Vans flag label, and the classic Waffle Outsole.

Do Vans Old Skool Shoes Come in Large Size and shapes?

To buy large Vans sizing, go to the Vans custom page. This allows you to make bespoke alterations, such as ordering customized wide shoes. Check the link to see the selection of custom wides.

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Our verdict on Do Vans Old Skool Stretch?

As you can see, I purchased my usual size. However, the fit was a little tighter than I’m used to. Sizing up is not something I suggest, but it was closer.

Go up a 1⁄2 size if you prefer a loose fit and are in among sizes. This Vans shoe size guide lesson is something I’d highly recommend to you. Happy shopping!

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