Do vans come in wide: Are Vans Good For Wide Feet?

If there is any company of shoes trying to capture California living better, it will be vans. On the other hand, the east coast is of converse, while the west coast is definitely vans. You will find it hard to differentiate them from vans any of the California subcultures like sake or surf oriented, intertwined with arts and music.

Do vans come in wide? If you are a person of wide feet, then you should really try out vans. Because persons with wide feet don’t tend to fit any particular shoes, they naturally run very narrowly. The only brand that will seem to fit wide feet persons without making them look weird or feel uncomfortable is Vans.

It will be your holy grail once you try it, trust me.

Do vans come in wide: Are Vans Good For Wide Feet

How to tell if your shoes are too wide?

Most people buy their shoes with shoe sizes. The size number works only for length. If you have ever been the person who purchased a pair of shoes that tended to be wide, here is our guide for you because a wide shoe will make you feel uncomfortable.

  • First, put on the shoes on your feet and tie your laces if the shoes have any. If you notice that your boots only fit you perfectly when you tie the laces or clinch the shoelace panels, then your shoes are too broad.
  • The second method is to walk around the room. You should take note of your feet’ displacement, it may be sliding forward and backward or even side to side. If it happens, then it is too wide for you.
  • When you have to ringlet your toes to keep your shoes in place, the shoes are too big and wide.
  • The last method is to be seated and feel the big toe inside of the boot.  If you can sense a small gap in front of your toe and compress the top to the footbed, then the shoe is big.

Remember that we will never recommend you to wear wide shoes as they can give you blisters. Always be sure to wear shoes that fit you well.

Are Vans Comfy for Wide Feet?

There is no denying the fact that vans always fit perfectly to the size. Even if you happen to be a person with wide feet, they will never fail to do fine on your feet for their overall shape. They are slightly narrow and pretty.

While I am writing, it may not sound the most attractive, but it is lovely. They may not give you the bouncy effects like a running shoe, but the flat sole has many advantages of its own.

The insole is built to feel flat as the other skate shoes out there, which makes them great casual shoes. Vans are comfortable, and they are the go-to every day of many people.

Do Vans Come In Wide? Do they fit wide feet?

As we have mentioned earlier, van shoes fit perfectly to the size. The size and construction of their shoes are according to the US standard. Vans have a snug, dependable design, specifically when it comes to their high-quality performance sports shoes.

But as they fit snugly so you might want to get a half-size larger shoe. But if you are a person with wide feet, then try getting one size larger. It will compensate for the width.

For some exceptions vans, styles can waver a bit when they say true-to-size. Like, these may fit a bit tighter initially, but they will loosen up with constant wear.

You can also customize your own shoe size from them. Custom Classic Wides have more volume in the midsole and the upper for the larger shape. The outsole is also consistent with all their regular-width shoes. That is what makes vans stand out from all the other companies.

But all in all, van shoes do fit wide feet. You just have to follow the instructions.

** Vans shoes has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

Does Vans Atwood run small? how do they fit?

Vans Atwood is the next version of van skating shoes that will work simultaneously as a casual and a skating shoe. Vans allow you to buy them in both low-top and hi-top versions.

Like every shoe from vans, they fit the size perfectly. Your toes will get ample space to make you feel comfortable but not too much space to make you feel uncomfortable. If we are talking about the whole shoe overall, it has a comforting and snug fit for standardizing.

The snugness is what makes the shoes very trustworthy skate shoes. But when you have broader feet, you can feel squeezed near your small toe on Vans Atwood shoes. So we will recommend you to try the half-size and one-size larger shoes. Then you can decide which one you should buy.

Overall, customers have always been satisfied with these shoes as they are contented to wear & come in both hi-top and low-top so that you can buy according to your choice.

Should I size up in Vans Old Skool? how do they fit?

Although old Skool are skating shoes, they have gained more popularity as classic casual shoes for the last decade. They look nice with shorts and jeans, and they are also available in a wide range of designs. This feature makes them versatile.

They also offer a snug fit. They usually tend to have a comfortable and padded fit-up surrounding the shoe’s collar. You will be left with adequate spacing inside the toe case.

Some people get terrified about the thought that slim skate shoes will crowd their toes. But we assure you that with this shoe, you will not feel like that. The sizing is pretty consistent.

Recently, The Old Skools became the first pair of shoes to come out with the iconic side stripe.

Overall, they are also pretty good shoes that will fit nicely, even if you have wider feet. This shoe is just so much more versatile than the others.

Handy Hints: If you are interested to know more guides about shoe sizing, visit our other article How Do Vans Old Skool Shoes Fit?

Are Vans Old Skool suitable for wide feet?

As we discussed earlier, Old Skool classic skating shoe works like the casual shoe as well. The boots have a healthy balance between dependability and comfort. The boots have suede upper and a canvas. Did you know that they also have the popular waffle-style outsole?

It will provide you dependable grip for the ones who use the shoes for skating.

The shoes are snug, so they are not too loose or neither too tight. Every narrow skating shoe out there has an issue in its toe box area. They tend to make the toes feel crowded. The first thing you will notice is that your toes will not feel crowded, even when you have broader feet.

The customers said that the sizing was consistent in every type of Vans shoe. So ultimately, we can see that Old Skool can be a good choice for wide feet.

Our verdict on Do vans come in wide

Hope we can give you the details about Are Vans wide or medium? We tried answering every relevant question about it.  Vans shoes have a lot of cool features, and they are wide-feet-friendly.

There is no doubt about that. I hope you got all the answers you needed.

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