Do shoe trees stretch shoes? (Quick answer!)

Shoes and comfort are linked to each other. Prevention of your feet from outer environments and providing the ultimate comfort led to the invention of footwear.

Stretching the shoes is also a part of that comfort for those who run smaller to the size. So, people try different initiatives to stretch shoes at home rather than take them to the cobbler every time.

At the same time, many also confuse certain things regarding stretching, which is highly noticeable on the internet, such as do shoe trees stretch shoes?

No, the actual job for the shoe trees is to retain your shoe’s shape. But, if not used in the right way, shoe trees can stretch your shoes which is in a very marginal unit.

Today, we will be individual with only the shoe trees and their respective features.

In this workwear adviser guide We’ll discuss the following:

  • How much do shoe trees stretch?
  • How long should you leave shoe trees in shoes?
  • Are our shoe trees suitable for shoes?
  • Can shoe horns stretch shoes?
  • Do I Need Shoe Trees For Every Pair Of Shoes?
Do shoe trees stretch shoes

Do Shoe Trees Stretch out Shoes?

It is always essential to know in detail about any product before learning any of its features. That is to imply; you first need to understand what a shoe tree is!

Shoe trees are artificial alternatives of the foot that are available mainly in wooden and plastic forms. Of course, you can also make a shoe tree by wadding up the newspapers as the cheapest possible alternative. But for your kind information, that would never be as effective as the one available in wooden forms.

Yes, the show trees made of wood are the most effective among all other components, including the plastic. It is designed so that it will act like the original foot but in a manner better way. The wooden shoe trees can also soak moisture which is not possible by the human foot.

So, you can see the shoe trees hold multiple features like taking all the moisture out of the shoes and retaining the original shape. Of course, the top-most part of the component is to keep your boots in shape when you take them off your feet.

When you wear shoes for a long time, they end up going wet, softening up the in-build particles and losing e. But, if you immediately place a shoe tree, it won’t let your shoes give up their original form, which was present at the time you bought them for first!

Now, coming towards the stretching, it all depends on what size you are choosing for the show trees. You have already understood the actual job of a shoe tree, which is never to stretch the shoes but to retain their actual size and shape. But, if you do not get the suitable shoe trees suggested for your shoe size, it may exacerbate the scenario.

And, therefore your shoe may behave differently when you meet up with the selection of shoe trees!

How much do shoe trees stretch?

It requires no need to tell that a shoe tree won’t act better than a shoe stretcher in terms of stretching shoes. It doesn’t matter what sort of mistake you make with your shoe trees; you can never attain your footwear’s desired stretching.

 But, if you are the one who doesn’t want a stretching of your shoes by a single centimeter, then you need to be a little careful with the selection because an enormous-sized shoe tree can end up slightly stretching your shoes but only to a minimal amount.

When way higher sized shoe trees are forcefully injected into your desired shoes, your shoe may end up increasing its size to adapt with the same.

This can also happen if you keep the shoe trees inside for a more extended period than necessary.

How long should you leave shoe trees in shoes?

A minimum of 24 hours is a must to leave the shoe trees for proper working. This is because everything in nature follows some specific rulings to execute their best performance. If not done so, the thing may end up not giving the maximum yield despite remaining every other thing perfect.

The very same thing applied to even the shoe trees used for shaping your shoes. If you don’t give them enough time to do their job, don’t even expect the best from them. A quick tip is to wear two pairs of shoes if you are the person who wears the same shoes on and on every day.

In this way, switching between each shoe will give enough time for the show trees to do their job. In addition, placing the shoe trees inside each of your shoes for at least a day will help to hold the shoe’s shape along with taking up the moisture.

Are our shoe trees suitable for shoes?

Yes, especially for a picky person who is conscious about the tidiness of the shoes, a shoe tree is the way to go. Shoe trees not only retain the perfect shape but also protects the shoes from wrinkles and leather marks. As a result, the newish look of the shoe has been maintained for decades.

But, for this, you also need to be careful in choosing the shoe trees type as there are many. The best sort of shoe tree is made out of woods that retain the shape and soak moisture. Moisture can weaken your shoes and cause degradation in the long run, which a wooden shoe tree made out of cedar will prevent.

That is because you should also be choosy in selecting between the wooden shoe trees amongst which cedar reigns above all. Don’t go for the plastic shoe trees if you don’t want to compromise with the output.

In plastic shoes, trees also have benefits, such as a light variant of the wooden ones. Plastic shoe trees can be carried everywhere due to this and are also available at an economical price. But, the only problem with them is that the plastic version cannot absorb moisture like the one done by the cedar shoe trees.

Can shoe horns stretch shoes?

Shoe horns are a part of the shoe stretching kits that professional cobblers use for stretching.

To stretch your shoes at home using the shoe horns as a part of that kit, first, apply the shoe trying sprays over your boots. As a result, the leather of the shoes becomes softened and weak for a brief time.

During this time, insert the shoehorns inside your shoes as deep as possible. Then, keep them for the instructed time and remove them accordingly. And, don’t hesitate to enjoy your stretched shoes!

Do I Need Shoe Trees For Every Pair Of Shoes?

It depends on your personal preference, whether you would need the shoe trees for every pair or not.

Being a shoe freak person, if you want perfectly shaped shoes without any odor, shoe trees can add to them.

Sneakers don’t need shoe trees to that extent, as the material and fabric used generally tend to lose shape.

You can mostly apply the shoe trees for your leather-versioned formal shoes.

Our verdict on Do shoe trees stretch shoes

Now you know shoe trees stretch shoes or not. The basic role of a shoe is to retain the actual shoe shape for a long time.

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