Can You Sell Used Shoes on StockX? (things you must know)

StockX is a popular online marketplace for sneaker lovers and enthusiasts to sell and buy shoes. Alexa, a friend of mine, is a frequent user of this platform. This platform, she explained, allows purchasers to learn more about the shoes they’re interested in. So, I asked her once, can you sell used shoes on StockX as well?

She said, NO! I can only sell my unused school or college shoes, sitting back in my shoe rack for long years. I can also check StockX to see if my items have been sold or not. Moreover, they ensure that they aren’t left with unsold inventory that no one wants to buy—the cost at which others are selling them.

In this post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about StockX, including how the platform works for individuals, whether you should sell worn shoes or not, and how StockX classifies deadstock footwear.

Can You Sell Used Shoes on Stockx?

You only can sell new or deadstock sneakers on StockX. Additionally, sneakers that have been tried on once or twice may be sold on Stockx. If you read their conditions of sale, this is deemed deadstock.

Sneakerheads accustomed to the resale market may wonder whether you can purchase worn shoes on StockX. We’re not talking about filthy sneakers here—StockX prohibits the sale of secondhand footwear on their marketplace.

However, if you’ve got a set of Jordans shoes or Adidas Stan Smiths, which have collected dust and back of your wardrobe for years, there’s a way to make money from them.

What Does StockX Mean When It Talks About Deadstock Sneakers?

There’s much dispute about the precise definition of “deadstock.” StockX defines “deadstock” sneakers as those that have never been worn and are genuine. Deadstock sneakers will also include a box, a box lid, and a label with information about the shoe’s size. 

Additionally, the box may include other accessories like laces. StockX does not currently accept manufacturer seconds on their website. However, they do have a section for B-grades.

As with every other shoe check, some will pass without laces, without attempting to fit, and with a few manufacturing flaws. While some faults are unavoidable, they do not detract from the sneaker’s charm. 

It’s important to note that- deadstock sneaker must be in its original packaging for StockX to accept it. Some of the more prevalent concerns about older sets of deadstock include discoloration, yellowing, and a lack of structural stability.

How to Spot Fake StockX Tags For Sneakers?

There are so many fake StockX sneakers are available nowadays. Among the real and fake, choosing the real one is really confusing and hard. But don’t worry, you are on the right track. I will make it super easy for you; all you need is to follow the guide carefully. So let’s see:

First Step one: Check the front text of the StockX tag

  • The very first thing you need to checkis that most of the fake coin’s inscriptions are chipped.
  • The front text between the fake and real one is visibly different. The text on the authentic coin is solid and well build, but the fake one has scuffed, weak, and damaged text on it.
  • And the space between the text on the long is very different. On the fake coin, the distance between the texts is more than the real one.
  • The dots on the “X” logo side of the fake oneare significantly more prominent than the real one. And the fonts use on both (fake & real) are different.
  • The word assembly on the fake one is kind of weird; you can find it even in your naked eye.

Second Step: Inspect the logo of StockX carefully

  • I noticed two main things when I moved to the logo (“X”) used on the StockX tag. The first one is; the line between the crossing of the 2 slanting lines is absent onthe fake logo of StockX. And the oblique lines on the left of the fake tag are absent as well.
  • The second thing I’ll point out is the shape and size of the arrow sign on the upper right side of the logo is different. However, it seems a quite minor thing but observable. But I think each and every detail are equally important.

Third Step: Examine the card with the StockX tag

You will find a card with The fake tag also. They (counterfeit sellers) will send you different types of cards at different times. Sometimes it will look like black and occasionally green. So I will detail both colors for you.

  • Well, I didn’t found very much difference between the green cards. Sometimes they come with bullet points (not a number), but I think it is okay. So there is not much to say about green cards. So I will move to the black cards.
  • The StockX logo on the upper left side of the card, the color of the fake one, comes with a lighter shade of green; you can say it as ‘highlighter green,’ but the real one comes with grass green color.
  • Then coming to the signature, the actual card has laminate material, but the fake card has a painted signature and StockX logo. So, it will be effortless to find out the fake and real StockX paperware for you.

Fourth Step: Analyze the backside texts of the coin

  • At first, check the texts on the fake one; it is depressing! They are damaged, messy, scuffed, and rough.

Fifth step: check the place of the tag

  • All StockX’s authentic sneakers will have a tag added to the left side of the shoe. So, make sure that the tag will always be attached on the left side of the sneaker, never on the right side.

Sixth step: the color of the coin

  • Previously I told you about the tag color on the card, but now it is about the coin color. The original StockX coins has a “ dark grass green” color, while the fake one has a “ light mint green” shade.

Seventh step: QR Code scanning

  • Whenever you scan the aucthentic QR code on the coin, they will show you an internal code of the company, but if the scanning takes you to the webside, be sure that you are on the fake one.

4 Features of a Forged StockX Tag

StockX Fraudulent Often, the tag colors, patterns, and designs correspond to the items in the seller’s line. For instance, you may acquire a black tag with such an orange “eBay” emblem. 

This is an obvious indication that the product has been marked up above its original retail cost. A forged tag is also a strong indication that something is wrong with the validity of your product.

1. The Tag’s Position

One approach to determine if a sneaker is legitimate is to examine the tag’s placement. StockX will apply the tag to the appropriate shoe. As many individuals are aware, it can significantly aid in the research process.

2. Authenticity Guaranteed by StockX

StockX guarantees the authenticity of every item offered on the marketplace. They offer almost 100 % money-back guarantees and a “free investigation” service to address any questions about authenticity.

If an item is discovered to be fraudulent, they’ll cooperate with you to replace or refund the item. Plus, when you get dissatisfied with the product after consulting their team of specialists, you may return it for a full refund. 

StockX’s 100 % natural authenticity guarantee serves as a safeguard against forgeries and knockoffs.

3. Modifying a Shoe’s Condition On StockX

If you’re looking to sell a pair of shoes at home, StockX is a terrific place to start. The company is adamant about inspecting and authenticating each pair they get.

Consequently, this means that dealers must inspect shoes before sending them. Additionally, because StockX allows only deadstock sneakers, your assessment of the shoe’s condition must be 100% correct.

If you’re selling them through StockX, they must be flawless. We’ll discuss what it implies in detail in this article and what to anticipate if you violate the StockX guidelines.

4. Shoes in the B-Grade on StockX

On their website, StockX also sells a small selection of B-grade footwear. While some may believe this indicates counterfeit or secondhand, StockX has nothing to do with either. 

This means that they’ve a limited number of sneakers available exclusively through outlet stores. 

They’re identical to the rest of the website’s high-end sneakers, but they’re classified as B-grade because the seller purchased them in an outlet. 

The pricing is consistent with the classifications, and these sneakers are frequently less expensive than their retail counterparts. 

If you’re selling B-grade sneakers on StockX, be sure to type “B-grade” into the search field. Before proceeding, StockX will request confirmation of your option.

What Happens If You Disobey the Rules?

StockX requires that the shoes you want to sell should be in perfect condition. That is assumed if you are using StockX to sell them. However, not everybody will take StockX’s deadstock sneakers policy seriously, and some may attempt to send them used ones.

Return freight costs are high, but they nevertheless occur. Even if you take the time and effort to package your sneakers according to StockX requirements, they will reject if they don’t meet their standards.

However, are there any risks associated with delivering a pair of shoes that are not deadstock? StockX claims that if you give them a couple of old shoes, they may take a service charge of up to 15%.

Additionally, and this is critical, StockX is under no legal responsibility to return an item that does not comply with their standards. They may even contact the authorities if someone attempts to send fake sneakers via their website.

Additionally, StockX may penalize sellers who do not ship their footwear on time or adequately package them. All of these procedures are taken to expedite the buyer’s delivery.

FAQ about Can You Sell Used Shoes on StockX

How does it work if you sell second hand or used shoes on StockX?

If the sneakers are authentic, you’ll receive the compensation specified on the pages where they were posted for sale. Whenever the shoes are not legitimate or in deadstock conditions with the original packaging, you’ll indeed be charged 15% of the purchase price. Or $13.95 for delivery, whichever is more.

Is it possible to sell pre-owned items on StockX?

The object you’re selling must be in excellent shape for its age. Sellers are required to ship their items within two business days. StockX employs in-house authenticators to ensure that your item is legitimate – so be sure you’re an ethical side hustler.

Can I sell my sneakers with the damaged box on StockX?

Indeed, you can! They do allow for minor damage to the original packaging. However, they do not accept boxes with significant rips or tears.

Can I sell tried-on footwear on StockX?

They’re unable to receive Factory Seconds. As is the case with retail footwear, sometimes pairs will be passed the “Deadstock” examination despite being unlaced, tested, rechecked, or tried on for fit and having uncontrolled manufacturing defects and imperfections.

Our verdict on Can You Sell Used Shoes on StockX

When I asked my friend, can you sell used shoes on StockX? She declined. I was initially disappointed. Later, she revealed to me how simply I might earn money selling my pre-stocked shoes. However, they should be left unused. 

I’ve already researched StockX how StockX provides valuable data to both buyers & sellers, such as today’s market value of a product, the number of goods sold, and the loss or gain on individual products. 

After my friends’ recommendations, I’ve used StockX for several years and find it to be the easiest and secure method of purchasing and selling sneakers and other items.

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