Are Ugg Boots Good For Snow & Ice? [Explained!]

Ugg boots have been produced since 1933, produced by the Blue Mountains The origin of Ugg Boots is New South Wales. Frank Mortel, the pioneer started producing these boots in the late 1950s and since then it was the blockbuster of the shoe shows.

Are Ugg Boots Good For Snow? Well, there’s not a definite yes or no because your ugg boots lasting in snow entirely depend on which ones you’re owning right now. There are various types of ugg boots out there. Interestingly, most of the ugg boots are good and the best for snow conditions.

So if you wanna know if your ugg boots are good for snow or not, then let’s find it out from this article!

Are Ugg Boots Good For Snow & Ice

Are UGGs Good Winter Boots?

Yes, uggs are indeed good winter boots!

There are different kinds of boots specially made for winter because not all ugg boots are appropriate for use during the winter season.

The specialized ugg winter boots can withstand extreme cold easily. These boots are also lightweight so you won’t feel them weighing you down during walking. They can protect your feet from the fierce cold and keep your feet warm.

What Is The Difference Between Snow Boots & Winter Boots?

Lots of people have a misconception that they can wear their winter boots even in the snow. But no, that’s not right. Winter boots and snow boots are different with distinct functions. 

Now you might get curious about it like what are the differences though? It’s natural to wonder about the difference between snow boots and winter boots before purchasing your new boots.

But no worries, because we’ll get you through this hassle easily. See the difference between snow boots and winter boots below and choose your boots wisely.

  • Snow boots are generally made waterproof so that the snow won’t be able to seep into the boots. But winter boots are not waterproof and not water-resistant.
  • Snow boots and winter boots are used differently. Snow boots are usually worn in places where it snows heavily and where the area is wet. However, winter boots are not suitable for snowy places and they’re used in dry places during the winter season. They can be used in paths or roads, shopping, hangouts, and so on.
  • Snow boots are often somewhat too heavily insulated, because of the insulation under the water-resistant layer mostly to keep the feet warm. Winter boots are also insulated and warm but it’s less than snow boots.
  • Most of the show boots are easier to clean than winter boots.
  • Snow boots are generally heavier and less breathable than winter boots.
  • Snow boots are comparatively more expensive than winter boots.

are ugg boots good for snow and winter?

Most of the ugg boots are not waterproof so no, they’re not suitable for use during snowy weather.

They do keep your feet nice and warm but unfortunately, the ice water will most probably seep through the boots because they’re not designed to be waterproof. You’ll end up with cold and wet feet. Your boots will get drenched too which will result in discomfort while walking. They’re good to go during cold and dry days. But it’s not a good choice to wear them on a wet and snowy day.

Nevertheless, some waterproof ugg boots can bear the snow so you can wear them on snowy or wet days too. Uggs got you covered up on both dry and wet snowy days.

How Do UGGs Hold Up In The Snow?

It solely depends on the type of uggs boots you own. Because the uggs boots usually don’t hold up well in snow. However, some waterproof ones can hold up well in the snow.

Ugg makes some boots that can tolerate wet and snowy weather. They are fabricated with leather/PVC. They have sealed seams and additional waterproof properties as well. They also have a patented DryTech structure to keep your feet nice, dry, and warm.

Can You Wear Ugg Rain Boots In The Snow?

Well, the answer is not a definite yes or no because it depends on how cold it is, how snowy the roads are, and how much you will walk. But you can wear your rain boots in the snow if you want.

As rain boots are waterproof, you can wear them in snowy places as well. These boots are ideal for rain to snow.

Generally, rain boots don’t hold enough insulation to keep your feet warm like other ugg boots. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn in the snow though. If leg warmers or warm socks are worn, your feet will stay nice and warm.

Are Waterproof Uggs Good For Snow?

Yes, waterproof uggs are good enough to be worn in the snow.

Normal ugg boots are not suitable for snow because they’re not waterproof so the snow or icy water will most likely be able to seep in through the boots. But if the boots are waterproof then you can wear them in snowy places as well.

What Kind Of Boots Should I Wear In The Snow?

Winter is near, and so is snowfall! But you don’t know what kind of boots should be worn in the upcoming snowy weather? We got your back here because we’ll discuss it thoroughly.

  • Please try to avoid snow boots that are made with fabric materials. If you buy boots that are made of fabric materials, the snow will surely seep in.
  • Do make sure that the boots you chose are waterproof as well. If not, the icy water will leave your feet cold.
  • You should buy boots that have their upper part made with nylon/leather. Because they have taped seams that will keep your feet warm from the chilliness when you go outside.

What Degree Weather Is Good For Uggs?

The uggs boots are impressively durable when it comes to lasting longer in any weather because they are made of high-quality durable materials.

Some of the ugg boots can last in snowy cold weather at -25 degrees Fahrenheit. These boots can even last in tough summers in 50-degree weather.

The enduring degree cannot be said in a specific way because it solely depends on the type of ugg boots you have.

How To Care For Your Ugg Boots?

We all want our boots to last long so that we can wear them all year long. We always want them by our side throughout the years. But if we want them to last long, proper care must be given. But no worries because we’ll help you with this so here are the dos and don’ts you should follow:

  • Whenever your ugg boots get dirty, try to clean them as soon as possible after you reach home.
  • After cleaning them, make sure to stuff them up with some paper so that the boots stay in their shape.
  • Don’t dry them in direct sunlight just after washing your boots. Try to dry them in an airy and open place which might take a day.

How to take care of your Ugg boots >> Check out the video below:


We have reached the end of the article, mates! We hope that the discussed topics were at least a little bit helpful for you. We tried to cover up the major questions you guys might have about ugg boots. Try to follow the instructions properly and share them with your loved ones if it was helpful. Have a great journey with your ugg boots!

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