[13 options] What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants female?

Khaki pants are one of the most versatile pants for women. These pants look stylish and can be easily substituted with jeans. There are many different shades and designs of women’s khaki pants available. In terms of shoes, though, there are primarily three types of shoes that go best with khaki pants: sneakers, ballet shoes, and pump shoes.  

In this blog, I have put together a few outfit inspirations with khaki pants and different types of women’s shoes. You will find some unique styles and colors of shoes that make a perfect outfit when combined with khaki pants. 

My previous blogs suggested shoes for mom jeans and ankle dress pants. This blog focuses on what shoes to wear with khaki pants for women. 

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What Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants Female? 13 options

What Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants Female

Apart from sneakers, ballet, and pump shoes, there are four other shoes that complement well with khaki pants. I will go through each of the seven shoes and recommend an amazing outfit using khaki pants.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are classy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. Ballet flats are usually made of soft leather or canvas. These shoes come in a variety of designs and can be worn in both casual and formal settings.

This footwear was modeled after dancing shoes. However, they are now much more than just dancing shoes thanks to significant design changes over time.

Although women prefer skirts with ballet shoes, they look great with khaki pants as well. However, the khaki pants have to be slim-fit in order to pair perfectly with ballet flats. 

There are many different styles of ballet flats that you can pair with khaki pants. Below are the four types of ballet shoes that go perfectly with khaki pants.

Classic ballet flats

Classic ballet flats make great summer shoes and look great with khaki pants because of their simple design. These shoes work well in both formal and informal settings. They are not the ideal choice, though, for weddings and nights out. You can wear classic ballet shoes on trips, shopping, and at social gatherings. 

Peep toe ballet flats

Ballet flats with peep toes have an open-toe design and a chic appearance. This design goes great with khaki pants. Just make sure your khaki pants aren’t too long and that you can see your ankles. 

Ankle strap ballet flats

Ankle strap ballet flats have an ankle strapped design that is easy to put on and provides a good grip when walking. They come in a variety of creative and casual styles, and they go well with khaki pants. You can pair khaki pants with brown, black, white, khaki, or printed ankle strap ballet shoes.

Heeled ballet flats

Heeled ballet shoes have high-heeled or heeled features. These shoes are excellent for both formal and casual settings. These shoes look great with khaki pants and suits. 

Heeled ballets are appropriate for the office, business meetings, parties, and shopping. They have a unique design, and pairing them with khaki pants makes you appear bold and confident. 

Boots & khaki pants

how To Wear boots With Khaki Pants

Boots are a statement piece in a woman’s wardrobe. They can be worn on a wide range of occasions because of their variety of styles and designs. Boots look great with khaki pants, and together they create an excellent outfit combination.

There are two types of boots that go perfectly with khaki pants. 

Chelsea boots 

Women’s Chelsea boots are stylish and bold. Chelsea boots usually come in two different materials: suede and leather. They look stunning when paired with slim-fit khaki pants. The side panel of these shoes has elastic material that makes it easier to put on and take off the shoes.

Chelsea boots are ideal for traveling, going out, or any casual occasion. You can create a dressed-up outfit with a pair of Chelsea boots, khaki pants, and a suit. They look badass with a leather jacket as well.

Knee High boots

Have you ever wanted to wear something unique but not too out there? If so, you can give Knee-high boots a go. These high-knee shoes are bold and an absolute head turner. You can wear skinny khaki pants with knee-high boots and make bossy a dazzling outfit. 

Loafers & khaki pants

how To Wear Loafers With Khaki Pants

Loafers are exceptionally versatile and classy. They can be worn on both business and casual occasions. Loafers look fantastic when paired with well-tailored khaki pants. You can rock loafers at any formal event. Pair them with a shirt and dark khaki pants to look like a professional who means business. 


What can I say about sneakers that you don’t already know about? Sneakers are the safest and most comfortable shoes to wear with khaki pants. You can put on a flannel with a t-shirt underneath and roll out. Throw a hat on top to add a little more street vibe to your outfit. 

Wedge heels

For casual settings, wedge heels are a very good choice to wear with khaki pants. Wedge heels go well with slim-fit khaki pants, and you can take the outfit up a notch by adding a scarf or a jacket. 

Pump Shoes

Pump shoes are ideal for younger ladies. These shoes are the perfect option for office settings, dates, dinners, and even luxury parties. These high-heeled shoes have a stunning style, and khaki pants go well with white pumps. 


Women’s sandals are simple and comfortable to wear. If you prefer flat shoes, sandals can be an excellent choice to wear with khaki pants.

I would recommend you put on wide-leg or bootcut khaki pants with sandals. You can wear them with a casual shirt as well. This combination is great summertime attire.

What Style of Tops To Wear With Khaki Pants?

What Style of Tops To Wear With Khaki Pants

You can pair khaki pants with white, black, or gray T-shirts for a casual appearance.

These five tops look very stylish with khaki pants:

  • Ruffled tops, 
  • Off-shoulder tops, 
  • Tube tops, 
  • Wrap tops, 
  • Embroidered tops.

These tops are chic and trending right now. They are appropriate for wearing in casual business settings as well as dinners, parties, and shopping.

For more of a classy look, you can pair khaki pants with a black, brown, or gray suit or jacket.  Shirts in white, black, or sky blue are also perfect for creating a professional look. Just make sure that your shirts are correctly tucked in, and don’t forget to wear a belt.

What Accessories to Wear with Khaki Pants?

You can combine a variety of shoes and tops with khakis, but what about accessories? 

Accessories are important as they can make or break the outfit. You can make a simple outfit look more stylish by using the right accessories. 

You can play around with the following accessories with khaki pants: 

  • leather handbags, 
  • clutch bags, 
  • mesh strap watches, 
  • colorful mini wallets, 
  • hoops or pearl earrings, 
  • gold chains, 
  • silver-plated necklaces, 
  • sunglasses, 
  • rings, 
  • lightweight scarves.

You can choose any two-three accessories from this list and make a very stylish outfit.   

What Not To Wear with Khaki Pants?

I’m sure that by now you already know what to wear with khaki pants. So let’s talk about what NOT to wear with khaki pants

To maintain an appealing appearance, avoid wearing any accessories that are out of place with khaki pants. Your accessories should not be overly flashy or have obnoxiously bright colors. 

A rhinestone necklace, for example, is too fancy to wear with khaki pants. You should also avoid wearing big or diamond earrings with khakis.

Khaki fits well with any dark or light-colored item. You must wear a top that is not overly bright. Yellow, orange, or bright red, for example, look out of place with khaki pants in a formal setting.

FAQ about What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants female

Now that you know what shoes to wear with khaki pants, let’s wrap up the blog by answering a few more brief questions you may have. 

What color socks do you wear with khaki pants?

You can wear black or brown colored socks with khaki pants. Avoid white socks, as they are too contrasty for the khakis.

Can I wear sneakers with khakis?

Yes, you can wear a white or black pair of sneakers with khakis and create a stylish outfit. 

Where should khaki pants fall?

Your khakis should fall just under your ankle and barely touch the top of your shoes. If it’s any longer than that, it will create a sloppy appearance for you. 

Are khaki pants still in style?

Yes, khaki pants are very versatile and comfortable to wear. That’s why they have been in style for many years and will remain stylish for years to come. 

Our verdict on What Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants female

Khaki pants are a stylish piece of clothing that looks very versatile on women. Because of their versatility, khaki pants can be worn in any setting. You can pair them with any of the seven shoes I have mentioned in this blog and create a stunning look. 

I hope now you understand exactly what shoes to wear with khaki pants female. Let me know which shoes and outfits you liked the most in the comments below.

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