What is a windbreaker jacket – [Detailed]

A Windbreaker jacket is a  highly wind-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight outer jacket, which will protect you from heavy wind and keep you warm in the cold weather. 

Windbreakers are highly versatile jackets. They are amazing for touring, climbing, running,  biking, hiking, cycling, backpacking, fishing, hunting, walking, and hanging out. They can also be an excellent clothing option for light weather.

Whenever I go on a trip, I can only depend on my windbreaker. Except for heavy rain, they ensure me every facility with comfort. I also wear my lovely windbreakers as casual cloth also.

What is a windbreaker jacket

what is a windbreaker winter jacket?

A windbreaker jacket has a very thin fabric designed to resist wind chills and the mild rain in late November. Windbreaker jackets can be called “windcheaters” also. Among all the jackets, this is the lighter version. Characteristically It is made with synthetic material and lightweight construction, that’s why it is convenient.

A windbreaker Jacket is:

  • Highly wind-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Warm

What types of windbreaker jackets does Boathouse Make?

Windbreakers jackets from Boathouse include some unique and signature features like their Orbital Gusset on the Shoulder, which provides the highest movability and unrestricted range of motion, and a rimose air-space cape.

Their windbreakers are made with Supplex, which is a very lightweight fabric. And This fabric( made in America) can resist water moderately but is highly breathable, and that’s why this fabric is the best choice for bikers and athletes everywhere.

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Why You Need a Wind Jacket?

Jackets are essential for any challenging and changing weather. There are various types of jackets available in the market, and there are some particular reasons behind each jacket you need.

So, a wind jacket has some specific features, that’s why you need it.

So let’s see in detail:

1. Wind-resistant:

A wind jacket can resist heavy wind chills so that it will protect you from any windy situations. If you like biking, hiking, or working in challenging weather, you undoubtedly need this jacket very much.

2. Cold-resistant:

Changing weather or heavy wind can cause cold injuries, or you can feel cold when outside. So, this jacket will protect you from a cold-related problems by keeping warm.

3. Lightweight:

These jackets are made with synthetic material, which is very lightweight and easy to carry. And who doesn’t need something convenient?

4. Moderate water-resistant:

Wind jackets are mainly designed for protecting people from heavy wind, not heavy rain. So it is so normal that it will not protect you from heavy rain, but it can resist light rain.

5. Durable:

This jacket has quality material. So,  if you use it with care, it will give a longer-lasting service with higher comfort.

Windbreaker VS Rain Jacket – What is a better option?

The popularity of windbreakers is increasing day by day. Many hikers choose this instead of rain jackets because it is lightweight and easy to carry. Whenever I go hiking, I always thought about which one to take because windbreakers and rain jackets are different and perform different tasks.

So let’s see it in detail:

1. Breathability

Air permeability is really very important, especially for hiking,  backpacking, biking, and sports. Without breathability, people will feel unwell and sweat extensively.

Typically, Rain jackets are made with multiple layers of thin material and a coating for preventing raindrops, and this structure reduces breathability significantly. Therefore, people know rain jackets as the least air-permeable activewear.

On the other hand, Windbreakers are made with a single layer of synthetic fabric. As a result, they resist wind chillas but are better breathable than rain jackets.

2. Packability

Windbreakers pack smaller always than rain jackets. The weight of a windbreaker is around 80 grams. They are trendy among hikers who love lightweight because it reduces discomfort, tiredness, and body strain. 

As for the rain jackets, they weigh more than 200 grams. Typically a high-quality and well-tailored rain jacket looks like a giant apple while a windbreaker seems just like a little mandarin.

 So, a windbreaker is obviously best for packing than a rain jacket.

3. Comfort

Rain jackets are typically more rigid and belong to the hard shells category. However, they are costly, unstretched, and not very comfortable to wear.

Windbreaker jackets provide much more stretch than rain jackets and greater freedom to move. In addition, they are less noisy and not heavy.

So clearly, windbreakers are the better choice for comfort.

4. precipitation Protection

The rain jacket’s key function is to protect you from heavy rain and keeping dry. Nevertheless, they are made with relatively secure materials, so they block wind very efficiently also. Therefore, rain jackets are an excellent option for a long trip.

suppose you can’t depend on the weather forecast, so you need versatile protection, in this case, a rain jacket will be the best choice.

Although windbreakers provide a little protection against rain, they’re unable to protect you for a long time. This is because they don’t have membranes like rainy jackets for rain protection. However, windbreakers will protect you against heavy wind excellently but not in heavy rain.

5. Durability

Windbreakers are more durable than rain jackets because of their materials and weight. So if you don’t want a waterproof jacket, then windbreakers will be best for you.

6. Price

The price of rain jackets is higher than windbreakers. So choose the one by considering the jacket’s features and your budget.

What should I look for in a windbreaker jacket?

Whether you’re biking, cycling, camping, hiking, running, or spending a good time in the amazing outdoors, a windbreaker jacket will protect you from rain, wind, dirt, and mud. And also this jacket will make you safe from cold and windy weather.

However, getting the best one could be difficult, but as I care about you very much, here is the guide for buying the best windbreaker jackets.


There are so many windbreaker jackets available in the market. They have different weights too. So choose the lightweight one.


A breathable jacket is essential. Because comfort is the key, you know, and only a breathable jacket can give you ultimate comfort and offer free movement.


Well, let me clear one thing, we often mix water-resistant and waterproof together. But they are not the same. So, for example, a waterproof jacket will protect you from heavy rain, but a water-resistant one won’t. And maximum windbreaker jackets are water-resistant. So keep that in mind.


The maximum time we focus on weight and forget about durability. But it is very important as well. So check on the materials and make sure that they will be durable enough and repeatedly wearable.


There are two types of hoods in windbreaker jackets. Some are detachable, and some are adjustable. So take one according to your need. For example, if you want a windbreaker jacket for running, take a detachable one because an adjustable one will disturb your running.

But if you want it for cycling or hiking, then choose the adjustable so that you can wear it easily over the helmet.


Windbreaker jackets are made with different materials like nylon, polyester, or fleece. Fleece is perfect for chilly weather; nylon is durable, and highly water and wind-resistant; Polyester is lightweight and soft. So choose the right one as you want.

FAQ about What is a windbreaker jacket

Are windbreakers waterproof?

Although windbreakers are highly durable, water-resistant, and wind-resistant, they are not waterproof. So if you want a waterproof jacket, then go for a rain jacket.

Where Did the Name Windbreaker Originate?

Windbreakers mainly come from “parkas” created by the Inuits for frigid conditions. And that time, parkas were made with the skins of two animals; seal & caribou.

The Inuit’s made a weatherproof jacket from those skins, which was the windbreaker’s origin!

Why does the FBI wear windbreakers?

There are no FBI agents’ specific uniforms, and that’s why they wear windbreakers with the “FBI” logo on the front side and backside for identifying themselves.

Our verdict on What is a windbreaker jacket

Windbreakers are mind-blowing; every people should own at least one. Hopefully, the article was beneficial enough for narrowing down and making your decisions.

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