3 best Color Shoes Go With Navy blue Pants outfits – In 2022

Navy blue pants are a very versatile clothing item and almost everybody has at least one pair of these pants in their closet. But the dilemma is What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Pants? Shoes in black, brown, and white go best with navy blue pants. 

As navy blue is a neutral color, you can style it with various colors of shoes. But to look perfect on every occasion, you have to choose the perfect color and type of shoes.

This blog shares some of the most stylish outfits using navy blue pants. You will find different colors and styles of shoes that complement your navy blue pants. 

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What Color Shoes Go with Navy Blue Pants? 3 options

Navy blue is a type of color that looks good with almost all shoe colors. But here are some of the more attractive color options that are better suited for navy blue pants. Let’s look at them one by one. 

1. Brown shoes & navy blue pants

how to wear Brown shoes with navy pants

Classic navy blue pants and brown shoes make a classic combination. This outfit goes with both formal and casual wear. The brown color makes a good contrast between the pants and the shoes. 

For example, if you want a formal look, you can wear brown oxford shoes with your navy blue pants. And if you want casual wear, then you can try brown leather sneakers with navy blue jeans.

White shoes

White shoes are one of the best options for navy blue pants. The color white really complements the navy blue color and enhances the colorful side of it.

If you wear white sneakers with navy blue jeans it will give you a dashing look. Navy blue pants paired with white sneakers have been a very trendy outfit for the last few years. It’s great attire for any casual or business casual setting. 

Black Shoes & navy blue pants

how to wear Black Shoes with navy blue pants

If the brown and white shoes are too contrasty for you, you can go with black shoes—which is the safest footwear to pair with navy blue pants. If you’re attending a night program, black Oxford or Derby shoes would be an excellent choice. For daytime, a black loafer or a casual sneaker would be more suitable. 

What Color Shoes Not To Wear with Navy Blue Pants?

You now know three colors of shoes that go really well with navy blue pants. Now, let’s discuss what color shoes you should avoid wearing with navy blue pants. 

Yellow Shoes 

Yellow is a common color for men’s boots and brogue shoes. They look very stylish on their own, but they are not the right fit for navy blue pants. They sit on different sides of the color wheel, which makes them hard to pull off in an outfit. I will discuss the color wheel in a moment. 

Red Shoes

Red is also a common color in formal shoes like Derby, Monks, and Oxfords. They look great on their own, but pairing them with navy pants is not a good idea. Unless you want to look like the American flag, avoid wearing red shoes with navy blue pants. 

Shoes to Wear With Navy Blue Pants in Formal Settings

Now that you have a basic understanding of what shoes to wear with navy blue pants, let’s discuss how you can dress them for a formal event. 

Here’s a small table that you can use to make the perfect outfit according to the occasion. 

Time of dayShoe color Shoe Type
Day timeBrownLoafer, Derby
Night TimeBlackOxford, Double Monks, Brogue

Shoes to wear with Navy Blue Pants in Casual Settings 

Now coming to the casual side. Let’s see how you can pair navy blue pants in casual settings depending on the time of day. 

Time of dayShoe color Shoe Type
Day timeWhite, BrownSneakers
Night TimeBlack, Dark brownLoafers, boots

Choose Your Outfit According to the Color Wheel 

Understanding the fashion color wheel will elevate your style tenfold. You can easily match different clothing items and create outfits that go perfectly with you. 

So, what’s a color wheel?

A color wheel or color circle is an abstract illustrative organization of color around a circle, which shows the relationship between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, etc.

What are primary, secondary, and tertiary colors?

The color wheel is mainly made up of 3 colors, which are red, yellow, and blue. These colors are called primary colors.

Green, orange, and purple are called secondary colors. When you mix primary and secondary colors, you get tertiary colors. For example;

  • Red+orange = vermilion, 
  • Blue+green = teal, 
  • Blue+purple = violet, 
  • Blue+purple = violet, 

How to choose your outfit according to the color wheel?

What Color Shoes Go With Navy blue Pants

Here’s how you can create a perfectly color-matched outfit using the color wheel. 

Choose opposite colors.

Choose the colors that are opposite to the color wheel. These are called complementary colors. This makes for a beautiful power clash. If you choose bold colors like burgundy and forest green or fuchsia and chartreuse, they will complement each other and pop beautifully.

Wear accessories that “Don’t Match”

You don’t always have to match your accessories with your clothes. Accessories are the place of experimentation. You can play with different colors of accessories like watches, belts, bracelets, etc. with your outfit. It will make you stand out from the crowd and give you a confidence boost as well. 

Mix neutral colors

Use the color wheel to mix neutral colors like brown, black, and blue to find what works for you. You’d be amazed at how many unique and stylish outfits you can create by simply matching the right colors.

FAQ about best Color Shoes Go With Navy blue Pants outfits

Let’s wrap up the blog by answering a few brief questions that people ask frequently. 

Can you wear boots with navy blue pants?

Yes, you can wear Chelsea boots or Chukka boots with your navy blue pants. 

Is it OK to wear brown shoes with blue pants?

Yes, it’s completely fine to wear brown shoes with blue pants. Both of these colors complement each other and create a stylish outfit. 

Can you wear black shoes with navy blue pants?

Yes, you can definitely wear black shoes with navy pants. Both of these neutral colors go well with each other and create a classic and stylish outfit. 

Our verdict on best Color Shoes Go With Navy blue Pants outfits

I hope you figured out your question about “What color shoes go with navy blue pants?” from this article.

Remember: everyone has their own sense of fashion. You can wear any color or any type of clothing that makes you feel good.

If you have anything else to know, feel free to comment below and we promise to get back to you.

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