Should I wash the cotton fabric before sewing? Yes! Here’s why!

Are you interested in a sewing project? Then today’s article will increase your interest even more. Here, I have given some interesting information about the cotton fabric, which will be valuable for you.

The earliest evidence of the use of cotton fibers in the textile industry was found long ago. Currently, cotton fabric is one of the most used fabrics in the world. The use of cotton fabric is the most in the garment industry.

Should I wash the cotton fabric before sewing? is it safe?

Yes, the cotton fabric must be washed before sewing. Most natural fabrics are slightly shrunk after washing.

However, its amount is not very high. It’s maybe around 8-10% of the total fabric. But if you are a garment worker, then you will understand how important it is.

Basically, all-natural fabrics such as linen, silk, rayon, denim, etc., are slightly shortened when washed. So these fabrics are washed before working.

Suppose you make a garment with the cotton fabric without prewashing that. And that’s what you made your true size. But, after washing the garment, it will become smaller than the true size.

Which is very frustrating, and you will feel uncomfortable by wearing that. Now, I think no more explanation is needed.

How do you wash cotton before sewing? (2 method)

Washing cotton fabric is not a very difficult task. Cotton fabric can be washed very easily. You can wash it by hand and a washing machine can also be a good option.

Yet, I am explaining step by step:

Necessary materials:

A container, clean water, and detergent.

Method 1: Washing by hand:

Step 1:

Make foam by mixing detergent with normal temperature water or mildly hot water in the container.

Step 2:

Then, take the cotton fabric and dip it in the water mixed with detergent.

Step 3:

Now gently rub the fabric with your hands and after washing, remove the water from the cotton fabric as much as possible.

Step 4:

Finally, dry the cloth with the help of natural air or an artificial dryer. Only then will the fabric be suitable for sewing.

Method 2: Using of washing machine:

Step 1:

Put water in the washing machine and mix mild detergent and dip the fabric in it.

Step 2:

Then, you can start washing the fabric by spinning the button of the machine.

Step 3:

Now, you can finish the work by drying the fabric with the machine’s dryer. But please dry it in the natural air.

Is cotton fabric washable?

Clothes made of 100% cotton fabric can be washed. Even if not every day, it has to be washed after using it 3-4 times.

As cotton fabric retains dirt very easily. Cotton fabrics are widely used in making garments, table covers, bed covers, children’s clothing, hospital patients’ clothing. They are very comfortable, breathable, affordable, and durable.

If the cotton fabric could not be washed, such a wide range of uses. And the greatest thing is, this fabric is light in weight, so it is effortless to wash and work with.

How do you shrink cotton fabric before sewing? (4 steps)

First of all, let us know what the pre-shrinkage of the fabric is. Pre-shrinkage of the fabric is a controlled operation so that the fabric does not shrink for any further reason after wash and drying.

I mention the same thing repeatedly that the cotton fabric undergoes shrinkage after washing due to chemical torment.

So before sewing, the cotton fabric has to be shrunk so that it does not cause problems when working with the fabric later.

Now let us know how you can shrink the cotton fabric.

Step 1: 

Take clean water in a large container or bucket at the beginning. The water should be at an average temperature. However, you can take light warm water whose temperature should not be more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2:

Now dip the cotton fabric generously in the water so that the whole fabric can absorbs the water.

Step 3: 

Soak the fabric in this way for 1 hour. But if the cotton fabric is heavy, it can take 2 hours.

Step 4: 

Now, take the fabric out of the bucket, drain the water, and let it dry at normal temperature. But do not leave the fabric in the hot sun. Again note that, do not use a dryer to dry the fabric. 

After drying the cotton fabric, it will shrink and prepare for sewing. 

Should you iron the fabric before cutting? 

We all know that it is folded in a certain style to cut the fabric. If this fold goes wrong, there is a possibility of the wrong measurement. So to cut accurately, the material needs to be ironed.

After washing and drying the cotton fabric, grooves or folds can be seen in it. That’s why the material cannot sit well while cutting. As a result, it is difficult to cut the fabric. So ironing is an important step in preparing fabric before cutting.

How much does a 100% cotton shirt shrink in the dryer?

The dryer is sensitive to fabric shrinkage. It shrinks after washing the cotton fabric due to chemical tension. However, this shrinkage will be the maximum if a dryer is used, close to 20%.

Suppose you made a shirt that fits your body perfectly. Now, using a dryer on the shirt will make it smaller than your fitting size.

However, if you make the shirt a little bit larger than the fitting size, then after using the dryer in it, the size of the shirt will be more likely to be the actual size. So, overall you will get a better fit.

However, keep in mind that only 100 percent cotton fabric when using the dryer.

It will face maximum shrinkage. It will not be the case with any other fabric. So you have to identify the fabric before using the dryer. However, I would advise you to avoid using the dryer.

FAQ about Should I wash the cotton fabric before sewing

1. What will happen if you haven’t prepared your fabric before cutting and sewing?

If you do not cut the fabric and make it before sewing, it will shrink a little from your desired size when you wash the fabric after sewing. Later it will cause difficulties in your work.

2. Does cotton fabric shrink when washed?

Yes. After the first wash, the cotton fabric shrinks dramatically. So before making garments with cotton fabric, the fabric has to be made suitable.

3. Why does some fabric say do not prewash?

If it is forbidden to prewash some clothes, it should be understood that either the color of the cloth is raw or there is no need to prewash. When the fabric’s color is washed in its raw state, the color rises from its folds or becomes white. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are less likely to shrink after washing.

Our verdict on Should I Wash The Cotton Fabric Before Sewing?

Hopefully, now your idea about cotton fabric is clear. With these things in mind, you can work with the cotton fabric without facing any problems.

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