Are Moncler Shoes Good quality – how good are they?

Moncler is a truly renowned brand in the shoe industry. They produce top-notch shoes, sneakers, and many other types of footwear for both men and women. And their products prevail from 70 years back. So, they have quite a tradition and reputation.

Their shoes are unique in the design along with some formidable strengths which have enabled them to survive in such a highly competitive market for such a long time.

Though taste may vary from person to person, Moncler shoes are pretty reliable in both style and user comfort. 

Who makes Moncler shoes?

Moncler was founded in a remote village in France named “ Monestier-de-Clermont”. It was started by two businessmen Rene Ramilion and Andre Vincent. They made the Moncler products which were based on helping people with the adverse climate. 

Then with the passage of time, Moncler was suffering and Remo Ruffini bought the company and started to win back its previous glory. Because of this, at present, if anyone is to search for Moncler, it will be shown as an Italian brand. 

Although the origin of the Moncler maker is in France, the change of ownership shows it as an Italian brand.

After Remo Ruffini started making the Moncler, it has become the worldwide retailer of luxury goods and footwear. 

Where are Moncler shoes made?

As from the earlier notes, you have come to know that the origin of Moncler is in France. After the change of proprietorship, the Moncler brand was based on Milar of Italy. 

Still, they are not manufactured solely in these two countries. Rather, they are manufactured in different parts of Europe. That is, one can say Moncler is made in Europe!

However, these shoes are manufactured in countries like Armenia, Hungary, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Romania. 

So, this information also helps to detect fake Moncler products. Because if the tags on Moncler products show that they are made in Italy or France, one can be blindfolded and tell that it is a counterfeit product.

How does Moncler Shoe Warranty work?

One can request a return or exchange for any item purchased on the Moncler Store online within a fixed time, i.e 20 days from the delivery date. A return is only possible when it complies with its return policy

Overall, their warranty works if the following conditions are met:

  • The products can be returned only if there is no damage, not worn, and not used. Also, all the tags have to be attached and their original packaging has to be  included
  • If the shoes are to be returned, you have to return them in their original box in which they were delivered.
  • The package may only be dispatched from the nation in which it was delivered.
  • The purchase was made through or a shop.
  • The order was delivered by courier less than 20 days ago.

If the above rules are followed, then:

  • After receiving the package, just click the return button and, if you are not already registered, fill out the “online Return Form”.
  • Replace the box’s shipping label with a UPS prepaid return label.
  • Contact UPS for a scheduled pick-up or leave the package at an authorized drop-off site.

They usually check and handle returns within three business days after receiving them. You will receive an email confirmation after your return has been accepted.

Please refer to the Legal Area for further details on the requirements for asserting your right to return.

Are Moncler shoes true to size? 

Although Moncler is a top-rated brand, its sizing may differ in many aspects. Due to the difference in material and signature design of Moncler shoes, the general indictment is to buy a size greater than the current size you are wearing. 

The form-fitting structure of the Moncler products is the main reason for a person to choose a size above their normal wearing size.

Still, Moncler claims that they are true to their size and on their official sites the following size chart has been recommended by them to follow while purchasing Moncler shoes.

Are Moncler Shoes Good? – (5 key features)

Moncler has been prevailing for the last 70 years and definitely, it is not only by name. They are the producers of quality footwear for a very long time.

The sophisticated materials and fine line of work have been always proof of quality for Moncler. So anyone who questions the quality of Moncler has simply never seen or used their products.

Still, some points can be clarified for why they are so good:

#1 – Strong And Long Lasting:

Moncler shoes are dominantly a good pick for their being strong and long-lasting.

#2 – Comfy Design:

There are several characteristics of these shoes that render them comfy.

#3 – Retain Worth For long Years:

They are ageless shoes that retain their worth no despite how much time Moncler shoes have been used. You may still sell your worn shoes for a fair price.

#4 – Traditional Shoe:

Moncler shoes are traditional, with no large apparent branding on the exterior.

#5 – Suits With Formal Dress:

This footwear is appropriate for formal occasions.

Top Available Moncler shoes on the market

Moncler Men’s new Monaco black

This one is a classic that defines the Moncler shoes. The slick design and sturdy finish of the shoes render itself to be very likable.


Moncler claims it to be a state-of-the-art shoe that provides relieving comfort and unique fashion. They can be unisex footwear and thus defines their variability.

Emilien II High Top Sneakers

The Emilien II high-top shoes are made of neoprene and polyurethane and embrace the foot, ensuring simplicity and comfort.

are there any good Moncler Alternatives?

Although Moncler is as good as its name offer, there are several alternatives that may spice up your choice and taste.

#1 – Gucci

Being a well-known brand for a ridiculously long time, Gucci is the perfect alternative for Moncler. They also have a very fashionable line of footwear that offer both comfort and long-lasting usage.

#2 – Prada

Prada, a design business recognized for its nuanced perspective on current fashion, has a classic footwear collection. Its customer is exposed to a delightful array of in-season designs, ranging from boots to clunky loafers.

FAQ about Are Moncler Shoes Good quality

1. Are Moncler shoes comfy to wear?

Moncler shoes are exceptionally comfy and available in a variety of patterns and styles.

2. Is Moncler a form-fitting brand?

If you’re not sure what size to get, we recommend going higher. Moncler shoes run small. Because these goods arrive in a thin fit, it is recommended that you size up if that is not the style you are looking for.

Our verdict on Are Moncler Shoes Good quality

That’s all we have to share with you. After going through all these sections of this article, you must say, yes Moncler Shoes are good enough to consider having.

Before choosing one, just be sure what size you will suit most. 

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