Is polyamide the same as nylon? (Difference between them)

Is polyamide and nylon the same fabric?

Hello, curious minds! Are you researching nylon fabric? Then this article is for you. So keep your brain prepared for some crunchy information.

Nylon is the first artificial synthetic fiber suitable for weaving. In 1936, Dr. Wallace H Carrothers, a biochemist from the American DuPont Company, discovered nylon. The main components of nylon are coal, water, and air. Nylon fibers are made from these step by step.

Now the question is whether polyamide and nylon are the same.

Yes, nylon and polyamide are the same because you can see the polyamide group in the molecular structure of nylon.

In this Craft in genius guide you’ll learn the following:

  • Is polyamide-nylon strong?
  • Which is warmer: polyester or polyamide?
  • Is polyamide fabric safe to wear?
  • What are the properties of polyamide nylon?
  • FAQs

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Is polyamide the same as nylon?

Polyamide is the chemical name of nylon, i.e., the main component of nylon is polyamide because the structural chain of nylon has an amide group. Hydrogen bonds connect these amide groups, and they are highly polar. Therefore, nylon has an amide group, just as silk fabric contains protein.

Nylon forms great fibers. There is nothing new to say about the use of nylon. You will see the use of nylon everywhere when you take a good look at your home and car. It is also used in clothing and thermoplastics. But do you know where it was first used?

Yes! In the bristle of a toothbrush. Isn’t it interesting?

Another interesting fact is that in 1941, the United States used nylon to make World War II materials, ropes, and parachutes.

Is polyamide-nylon strong?

Polyamide nylon is one of the strongest fibers. Two important polyamides are hexamethylene adipamide or nylon 66 and polycaprolactam which is known as nylon 6. Both have fantastic mechanical characteristics, high strength, high flexibility, elasticity, and toughness which can be understood only by wearing nylon clothes.

Nylon fabric is not very breathable. The tensile strength of nylon 6 is 83megapascal and the tensile strength of nylon 66 is 80megapascal, but its melting point is higher than nylon 6. On the other hand, polyamide nylon can withstand more stress. So you understand how strong polyamide-nylon is.

Which is warmer: polyester or polyamide?

If you want to buy a winter garment, nylon should be preferred, as polyamide gives a more durable and warmer feeling than polyester. Although polyamide-nylon is less colorful than polyester, it is not breathable. Nylon helps to sweat on hot days, and when you sweat, nylon clothing clings to the body.

When it comes to comfort, both polyester and nylon are light in weight and smooth. But the heat holding capacity of polyamide nylon is higher than that of polyester. So I think it’s better to wear nylon clothes in winter than polyester clothes.

Is polyamide fabric safe to wear?

Since nylon is made artificially, it is normal to have toxic material in it. Therefore, the garment manufacturers have verified that it is safe to use if used in the right way as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Moreover, even after many years of using nylon, there is no evidence that this fiber is harmful. However, after wearing nylon clothing, you must keep a distance from the fire.

Polyamide nylon clothing is not very breathable, so hot air will stay close to you. So if you wear skintight clothes, you will feel a little uncomfortable.

Nylon clothing will not absorb sweat when sweating. As a result, your body will become a suitable breeding ground for fungal attacks. On the other hand, Nylon fabrics are sensitive to UV rays. So sometimes, nylon clothing increases the tendency of skin allergies.

As you may know, nylon fabric is used to make lingerie because it is smooth. I shall mention women in particular. Just as cigarettes are harmful to the lungs, polyamide fabric underwear is also bad for your health. Prolonged use of nylon inner in girls can cause breast pain, cysts, and even cancer. This is what I learned from a breast cancer researcher friend of mine.

What are the properties of polyamide nylon?

Nylon fiber is made in two steps in industrial factories. In the first stage, nylon crumbs are made with the help of coal, water, and wind. And in the second step, nylon fiber is made from the crumbs.

First, fennel is made from coal, and then adipic acid is prepared by air. Coke is then made from coal, and water vapor flows over the coke to produce hydrogen gas. This combination of hydrogen and nitrogen in the air produces ammonia.

Hexamethylene-di-amine is then made from ammonia. Finally, nylon is made by mixing six molecules of adipic acid with it. Moreover, nylon is also prepared in a chemical laboratory which is much simpler and requires fewer chemical ingredients.

1. What temperature can nylon handle?

Due to the differences in nylon fabric, its melting point varies. However, on the average idea, it can withstand temperatures close to 121 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. What are the disadvantages of nylon?

The main disadvantage of nylon is that it shrinks, as it has a high heat absorption capacity. Moreover, its water absorption capacity is much less. And even when wet, the strength of this fabric decreases.

Our verdict on Is polyamide the same as nylon

Nylon clothing is very easy to take care of. The use of nylon is versatile for light in weight, durable, flexible, and smooth texture. However, some precautions must be taken in its use.

First, nylon fibers should be avoided as they are exposed to heat, light, and acid. Second, and most importantly, it is better not to wear nylon clothes on hot days.

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  1. If I have a contact allergy to Thiuram (in rubber,elastic, neoprene…) would nylon serve as a barrier between my 100% cotton socks and my running shoe? I am also allergic to colophony-which is in most glues. If it would serve as a barrier, I would only use it for 30 minutes or so at a time. Thank you.

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