Is Aeropostale A Good Brand – [Assessing the Quality of Aeropostale]

Aeropostale, an established American apparel label, has been in business for more than three decades. It was founded in 1987 as a mall retailer, but it has since grown into online retailing and international markets. But is Aeropostale a good brand?

Yes, Aeropostale is a good clothing brand because of its fashionable and reasonable price options, especially among young adults. Among the many pieces of clothing they sell are t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. Quality and durability are trademarks of the Aeropostale brand.

Read on to know more about the history of Aeropostale, why it got out of business, the target audience of the brand, whether their sizes run small or not as well as if they are a rising or falling brand, and comparison with rival brands and 7 reasons why they are a good brand. 

Aeropostale: A Look at the Brand’s History and Quality

After more than three decades in the industry, Aeropostale can be considered a respectable clothing label.

 In 1987, the company’s founders saw an opportunity to expand beyond their original mall-based retail model, and so they did just that, eventually branching out into the internet and foreign sales as well.

So, what is Aeropostale known for?

In addition to its low costs and amazing range, Aeropostale is well-liked by customers for its convenient location and friendly service. 

The brand’s primary demographic consists of teens and young adults, and they sell a wide range of products, from streetwear to workout gear to accessories.

The reasonable prices at Aeropostale are one of the store’s biggest selling points. Compared to many other brands in the same market, this one offers a plethora of apparel and accessories at a very affordable price. 

Aeropostale is regarded as a high-quality label. Cotton, polyester, and rayon are just a few of the materials that go into the company’s high-quality garments.

Aeropostale is a genuine and reliable apparel company, although its designs may not be as out of the box as those of competitors. Concerns have been voiced by some buyers who say the designs aren’t as fresh and original as those from competing firms.

Why did Aeropostale Go Out of Business?

Aeropostale went out of business due to continuous financial difficulties which reached its peak in  2016. At this time, they also filed for bankruptcy.

Aeropostale had experienced financial difficulties for several years prior to filing for bankruptcy. Fast-fashion competitors like H&M and Forever 21 were threatening the company’s sales since they sold similar items at lower rates.

Store traffic had decreased due to the popularity of internet shopping, another factor that hurt Aeropostale’s sales. Aeropostale had tried to turn things around by closing underperforming locations, reducing expenses, and rebranding, but it ultimately failed.

Aeropostale was able to keep operating while it restructured its debt and reconstructed its business after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May of 2016. 

Nonetheless, the firm continued to have financial difficulties even after the bankruptcy, and in 2017, it was reported that all Aeropostale stores in the United States, Canada, and Latin America would be closing.

Increased competition, a drop in mall traffic, and a change in consumer spending away from traditional brick-and-mortar businesses all contributed to Aeropostale’s demise. The company’s turnaround efforts have stalled.

Who Is Aeropostale For? 

Aeropostale mainly caters to teenagers and young adults, especially those on a tighter budget who are nevertheless yearning for the latest fashions. 

The brand is popular among young people since its prices are usually lower than those of many other brands in the same market. 

In keeping with its target demographic of young, fashion-forward consumers, the label’s offerings are often a mashup of modern and forward-thinking aesthetics. 

Does Aeropostale Run Small?

Although some customers claim that Aeropostale clothes run small, others haven’t experienced this problem, therefore it depends on personal preference and practical experience. 

Before making a purchase, it is wise to consult the sizing tables and compare the results to your own measurements. You may want to order a size higher if you’re in between sizes or like a more relaxed fit, as this is the advice of some consumers. 

Consult the Aeropostale sizing guide before making any purchases to ensure a proper fit. Customers may determine the perfect fit by consulting the size chart, which includes measurements for each size, such as chest and waist. 

Furthermore, before buying something online, it’s smart to familiarize oneself with the item’s description, sizing chart, and user reviews.

why is aeropostale not popular anymore?

Aeropostale is a fashion label that has seen better days and worse. The store, once a staple of shopping malls thanks to its low prices and trendy items, is now struggling to stay afloat in the face of rising competition and falling foot traffic. 

Aeropostale’s popularity has fluctuated over the past few years. The company first opened in 1987 as a mall-based business, and its name quickly became synonymous with low pricing and fashionable apparel. 

The company had financial difficulties in the years preceding 2016 due to rising competition from quick fashion stores and a reduction in mall traffic caused by the development of online shopping. 

Thus, the company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2016 and shut down poorly performing locations. 

Aeropostale returned from bankruptcy as a smaller, more financially stable firm, but it still struggled; in 2017, it was announced that all Aeropostale stores in the United States, Canada, and Latin America would be closing. 

Brand recognition has been on the rise in recent years thanks to the company’s efforts to modernize by embracing e-commerce and globalization; nonetheless, the brand’s overall health is still in decline. 

Though not as widespread as it once was, the corporation still maintains a small number of storefronts in international locations. 

Aeropostale is a fashion label that has seen better days and worse

Comparing Aeropostale to Other Popular Clothing Brands

The Aeropostale clothing brand is known for its extensive product selection and low costs.  You can learn more about this brand’s strengths and drawbacks by comparing it to other well-known labels in the clothing industry.

1. American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters is a significant rival of Aeropostale. Both businesses appeal to a comparable consumer base of teenagers and young adults by providing a range of similar product offerings. 

When it comes to jeans, American Eagle Outfitters is well-known for quality, whereas Aeropostale is well-known for its low prices. American Eagle also offers more apparel alternatives and a larger size range.

2. Forever 21

Forever 21 is another well-known retailer that offers products that are comparable to those sold by Aeropostale. Forever 21 is a fast-fashion retailer well-known for its large selection of on-trend garments and accessories offered at reasonable costs. 

While the brand’s sizing options are just as extensive as Aeropostale’s, the quality of the clothing is not quite as high.

3. H&M

The Swedish clothing retailer H&M is another option that’s comparable to Aeropostale. The Swedish fast-fashion retailer H&M is well-known for its fashionable, yet reasonably-priced apparel and accessories. 

Additionally, H&M offers a wider variety of sizes and styles of clothing. On the other hand, H&M offers a wider variety of eco-friendly and sustainable apparel options.

7 Reasons Why Aeropostale Is A Good Brand

So the question is, why Aeropostale is a good brand? Here are 7 reasons why Aeropostale is a good brand:

#1- Affordable prices

Aeropostale is a go-to for on-trend apparel and accessories for teens and young adults on a budget because of the store’s large selection and affordable prices compared to other companies in its market.

#2- Quality

Aeropostale uses materials like cotton, polyester, and rayon to make clothes that are not only soft and comfortable to wear but also last a long time without showing signs of wear or shrinking.

#3- Wide range of sizes

Aeropostale caters to customers of all shapes and sizes by carrying a wide range of sizes, including extended sizes.

#4- Inclusive

Aeropostale has built a solid name for itself by catering to a diverse customer base by using models of varying sizes, ages, and ethnicities in its marketing campaigns.

#5- Wide variety of styles

Customers may choose the appropriate fit for their body type and personal style among Aeropostale’s extensive selection of styles, which includes casual clothing, activewear, and accessories.

#6- Easy return policy

If you don’t know your size or the item doesn’t fit, you can quickly replace it with a new size at Aeropostale thanks to their convenient return policy.

#7- International presence

Aeropostale is a global brand with locations across the globe, making it simple for clients to buy their clothes and accessories wherever they happen to be.

Finally, Aeropostale is an excellent label for reasonably priced, long-lasting, and cosy apparel. The company caters to a large variety of customers by stocking several different designs and sizes of high-quality, long-lasting clothes. 

It’s a great option for individuals on a tighter budget looking for trendy clothes because of its commitment to diversity, generous return policy, and global reach.

FAQ about Is Aeropostale A Good Brand

What does awaiting fulfilment mean Aeropostale?

An order that is “awaiting fulfillment” has been placed and is presently being handled by the retailer, in this case, Aeropostale. Preparing an item for delivery may involve inspecting stock, packaging it, and arranging transportation. 

Customers should anticipate receiving their item shortly after seeing this status since it means it is being packed and prepped for shipment.

How long does Aeropostale shipping take?

Delivery times from Aeropostale can change based on whatever shipping option you choose and where you live. The company provides various shipping choices, including normal, expedited, and express delivery.

Express shipping typically takes 1-2 business days to arrive, while expedited shipping takes 1-2 extra days on top of the standard 3-7 business day delivery time. It is important to note that these times are based on the date of shipment, not the date of the order.

Aeropostale provides various shipping choices, including normal, expedited, and express delivery.

How to return Aeropostale online orders?

When sending back an online purchase from Aeropostale, be sure to use the original packaging, including papers, parts, accessories, and the pre-affixed return label. Please contact Aeropostale customer service if you have any questions or need a return label.

Why is Aeropostale so cheap?

The low pricing at Aeropostale earns the brand the reputation for being inexpensive. This is accomplished by the use of more inexpensive raw materials, increased production volume, and decreased overhead. 

In order to bring in customers, they also hold regular sales and discount events.

our verdict on Is Aeropostale A Good Brand

Aeropostale is a well-established clothing brand that has been around for over 30 years. The brand offers a wide range of clothing and accessories at an affordable price, targeting teenage and young adult customers. 

Aeropostale’s quality and durability of its products, its wide range of sizes, and its easy return policy, are some of the reasons why it’s still considered a good brand. Overall, Aeropostale is a solid choice for those looking for budget-friendly fashion, trendy styles, and inclusivity.


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