does asics make wide shoes? – YES! (Asics Sizing Chart)

Yes, Asics has a large collection of quality sneakers that has the widest size, which is 4E. As the name implies, wide-width Asics Shoes simply offer more space in key areas, such as the toe box, than regular shoes.

To avoid the uncomfortable pinching feeling that may occur when wearing shoes that are too small, a bigger toe box is a need. Since people with broad feet tend to have taller than average legs, it’s important to choose shoes that aren’t only wider on the forefoot but through the sole.

These Asics shoes have the feature that implies that the straps or laces used in their construction will be longer than usual to suit the wearer’s larger frame.

does asics make wide shoes - YES! (Asics Sizing Chart)

4 Must-Have Features of Wide-Width Shoes

There are certain features that a good wide-width or extra wide-width shoe offers. These are:

  • Orthotics Shoes- Try to find shoes with a detachable insole and liner. Your footwear should be easy to slip on and off so that your feet may find their most relaxed position.
  • Has Lace- Do not wear slip-on shoes. They will cause your feet to slip forward and get cramped in your toe box. Wear the ones with the laces.
  • Has Closure System- A shoe’s breadth and fit may be modified with laces or Velcro straps.
  • Wide Toe Box- Stay away from anything with a sharp toe. The shoe boxes of the shoes you need for your broad feet are the ones we just described. Because you need space to spread your toes.

Does Asics Make Wide Shoes? Which ASICS Have A Wide Toe Box?

Asics Gel- Venture, Asics Gel- Nimbus, Asics GT-2000, Asics Gel- Contend, and Asics Gel- Kayano are some of the series of Asics sneakers with the widest width available, which is 2E for both men and women.

They offer an even wider size for men, which is 4E.

According to the experts, the shoes that are wide and comfortable are given in the table below.

Shoe NameGood for OrthoticsGood for overpronationToe BoxClosure SystemStability
Asics Gel- Kayano 29YesIdeal for neutral runners or overpronatorsBig Toe areaLace SystemLITETRUSS™ technology increases stability
Asics GT- 2000 10YesSuitable for Under pronation, neutral, and overpronation as well.Comfortable toe boxLace SystemMildly Stable
Asics Gel- Nimbus 24YesIdeal for Underpronation and neutral.Offers energized feeling at toe-offLace SystemUtmost stability

Asics Shoe Sizing Chart

The width-wise shoe sizes are given below.

Men or KidNot AvailableNarrowStandardWideExtra Wide
WomenNarrowStandardWideExtra WideNot Available

Does Asics Make Wide Tennis Shoes?

Does Asics Make Wide Tennis Shoes?

Yes. ASICS, a world-leading brand in running shoes, has expanded its expertise into tennis. Despite entering the tennis shoe market later than other well-known manufacturers, their superior construction and thorough understanding of shoes have helped them reach their peak. 

Men’s ASICS tennis shoes are used on tour by Novak Djokovic himself. Gael Monfils and David Goffin are two other well-known names.

Using technologies like Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Cushioning, Trusstic Stabilization, and FlyteFoam, ASICS is at the top of sneaker creation. Tennis shoes made by ASICS for men go beyond the incredibly famous and long-lasting GEL-Resolution 7

The company unveiled the Solution Speed FF for a quick and lighter experience. In order to improve all-around efficiency, they also modified the GEL-Court FF, a shoe similar to Djokovic’s Court FF Novak). Asics also has a collection of GEL-Court Speed, GEL-Challenger, GEL-Game, and GEL-Dedicate tennis shoes. The wide range enables you to choose your perfect fit according to your need.

What Is A Wide Size?

In wide-width shoes, the space for toe and midsole width is widened to adjust for wider feet while the total length of the shoe remains constant. These feet are characterized by an equal ankle width, a wider arch, and broader toes. Because wide feet are typically also longer, wider shoes could also have thicker soles.

Similar to apparel, determining shoe width may be very complicated because various brands and designs utilize various techniques.

There are two distinct measuring methods, employing both a phonologically scaling system and a letter system.

Regular Medium Widths

The character size ‘B’ is a ‘D’ width for males and a ‘Medium/Normal/Standard’ size for females. It’s usually reasonable to presume that a shoe is a Medium if the size isn’t specifically stated on the label.

Extra-Wide and Wide Widths

A men’s Medium (D) is regarded as a Wide width for females, whereas anything E or larger is called Extra Wide. For males, Extra Wide is shoes that are over 2E, with Wide commonly beginning at E. The most frequent widths manufacturers offer are 2E/4E, though not all of them do.

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Do You Have Wide or Narrow Feet? – Some Tips For The Perfect Measurement

Here’s how you can measure your feet to know whether you need narrow or wide shoes.

  • Measure your feet at night as your weight weighs one to two pounds more at night than in the morning time.
  • Use a tape measure. You can use a measuring stick as well. If you wear thick socks, put them on and start the process.
  • Draw an outline of your feet on a piece of paper from toe to heel to get a good idea of your measurement.
  • Draw both of your feet as length and width might have different measurements. 
  • If you need a wide fit, determine it this way; for instance, If you wore a size five and have a foot that is 3.75 inches broad, you will require a wide fitting. Conversely, if you use a size 8, you can choose shoes with a medium width. 

In fact, guys often have bigger feet than women do. Depending on your feet’ dimensions, a size guide can inform you whether you require wide-fit sneakers or merely a pair with a large toe area.

FAQ about does asics make wide shoes

What does D wide mean in ASICS?

Extra wide. ASICS Sizes of shoes. Women’s average width is B, whereas men’s standard width is D. Only sizes different from the norm will be identified by shoe packages and tags. Small and broad widths are noted on the tag inside the shoes, just below the front.

Are ASICS wider than Brooks?

When it comes to fitting, Brooks is the clear winner. The Brooks sneaker fit checker will give you a hint as to what to search for in a pair of sneakers when you go to their store. The shoe fit of ASICS shoes is tighter, especially at the ankle and midsole.

Does Asics Make Wide Shoes or Narrow?

Asics come in various sizes, from narrow to wide. You should check the fitting properly before buying your sneakers. 

Choosing the right fit is very important. Whether you choose narrow or wide, it solely depends on your feet.

Our verdict on does asics make wide shoes

Asics has a very good range of shoes. Some of the shoes are very comfortable and thereby fulfill the width requirements even for people with huge toes. So, you can rely on the Asics shoes to be adequately wide according to your preferred requirements.

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