Do wrangler jeans shrink? -[ easy guide & method ]

It is jeans which will appear first of all to everyone’s mind in the world of casual wear! Jeans made everyone equal as they were worn. They showed the world a happier way of life, something that people needed.

The exemplary jeans from Wrangler have become The style icon venerated by a worldwide crowd since 1947. They offer an array of fits that matches any lifestyle. From slim fit jeans to relaxed fit jeans, cowboy cut jeans, and boot cut jeans, enormous options are meeting your fashion desire.

Wrangler jeans are designed to keep durability and comfort in mind. If you ask me a common question about the sizing, do wrangler jeans shrink? Then I can tell you:

Yes! Wrangler jeans shrink with several laundering. Wearing them doesn’t make them stretch that much. They may shrink up to an inch over some first washes. It would help if you went a size or two larger for a perfect fit.

This guide will cover the whole topic in detail and answer all the questions related to it.

Will Wrangler jeans shrink when washed?

Do Wrangler Jeans Shrink When Washed

The answer is yes! Wrangler jeans shrink when washed. I mean, why would we say that if it doesn’t shrink to its size?

To fit right, you should choose the correct size while buying your jeans. Jeans from wrangler don’t stretch even as you wear them. They shrink after a wash. As compensation for it, you are always selecting a larger size.

Without going for a size larger than your regular size, your Wrangler pants are not fitting you well. Have you ever wondered why that happened? It’s because they get shrunk and run small to the size.

Are wrangler jeans preshrunk?

Wrangler jeans are not preshrunk. They gradually shrink after they are washed and dried.

  • Wrangler jeans tend to shrink when they are laundered.
  • These are not preshrunk; these only shrink when they are washed and gradually become softer.
  • They are always suggested to you guys to buy a larger size or two as they shrink smaller to the size.
  • They are made of stiff cotton, so they hold the tendency to shrink after wash and fit perfectly.

How to shrink wrangler jeans?

Your favorite pair of wrangler jeans tend to get smaller to the size. So you are suggested to buy a larger size to compensate for it.

When you buy a larger size, your pants may slightly fit a little bit looser at first. But when they get shrink, they become perfect to your size. Some better ways to shrink your pants to your size are:

  • Put you jeans separately and wash them in very hot water for long cycles.
  • Dry them in hot settings as well so that they are shrunk to their maximum potential.
  • Also, run them in the dryer for some extra minutes after they have completely dried up.
  • If you want them to fit extra snug, then try boiling them.

How to break in wrangler jeans?

Your Wrangler jeans shrink and run smaller to their size. They generally don’t stretch. But break-in can be done for your new jeans by several methods. Those are as follows:

  • With lukewarm water, fill your tub and put on your jeans, and jump in.
  • Let your jeans mold themselves to your shape for a perfect break-in.
  • Then get yourself out from the tub and dry up your jeans to slightly damp level but not completely-dry.
  • Then put on your jeans and walk around and see those white fibers of your jeans stretching.

Do Wrangler stretch jeans shrink?

Some jeans from Wrangler, like Wrangler stretch jeans, contain an increase amount of polyester for stretching. This polyester tends to resist shrinking.

Stretch jeans are designed in such a way so that they fit snugly into your body. They usually shrink less than other pants. In general, they stretch as you wear them and move around. But anyway, you can shrink them by following the techniques mentioned earlier.

How often should you wash Wrangler jeans?

The general advice on how often you should wash your wrangler jeans are:

  • Your jeans can be washed after every 3-10 times you wear for your regular days.
  • If you are engaged in any sort of manual or hard-work, then consider washing it with three wears.
  • If you are always working at a desk or office, you can go up to ten times, depending on you.
  • You can also wait to wash them until they smell.

How can I shrink my jeans without washing them?

Your favorite jeans can be shrunk in many ways. The most common way to shrink jeans is to wash them. But you can also shrink them without washing them. Ways of shrinking jeans without washing are:

  1. Boiling your jeans can shrink them even more. Boiling for 20-30 minutes and then drying them up in a hot dryer can do the process more quickly for you.
  2. Jeans can be shrunk using a solution of fabric softener. Mix ¾ portion of water and ¼ portion of fabric softener into a spray bottle and sprinkle it on your pants.
  3. Use the fabric softener spray in those areas of your pants that need to be shrunk. Then dry up your pant using a dryer in the highest heat setting.

Do jeans shrink every time you wash them?

Jeans are designed in such a way that they shrink and conform to the body. So it is crucial to buy jeans keeping the shrinkage in mind. Jeans shrink when they are washed, but they don’t keep shrinking every time they are washed.

  • Your jeans will shrink most out of it during the first several washes. They won’t shrink every time they are washed.
  • New jeans typically shrink 7-10 percent after the first wash. The rate of shrinkage slows down with every wash.
  • They gradually start to adapt and conform to the wearer’s body with every wash.

Do jeans get tighter or looser when you wash them?

Do jeans get tighter or looser when you wash them

Washing out your jeans is a mandatory part. As we explained before, you are now all aware that your jeans will shrink or tighten up as you wash them. They won’t ever get looser if washed. Let’s mention the points in more detail:

  • Your jeans will definitely shrink or get tighter if washed with hot water. So always wash your jeans with cold water to avoid getting your jeans tighter as much as they can be.
  • Using cold water while washing them can resist your jeans to shrink to some extent but won’t ever make them loose.
  • The part of your jeans that fit a bit more tighter can loosen up while wearing them more. But when they are washed, they get back to their previous condition.

Our verdict on Do wrangler jeans shrink

Wrangler jeans are incredible and are favorable with shrinking as much as other jeans do. It can be the best choice in terms of comfort and sizing, from a snug fit to a Bootcut. We have mentioned several techniques to shrink your jeans and ways to compensate for them.

Here, we answered everything you should know about Wrangler jeans and it’s shrinking

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