Do Gucci Loafers Run Small, Big, True To Size? [Detailed]

Gucci loafers run big for most people. This is because these shoes are usually made out of leather and tend to stretch over time. So, it’s recommended to get them either a half-size or a full-size down. 

Gucci, a well-known luxury brand, has always been a hot topic for its fine leather products. Gucci loafers have remained fashionable to this day thanks to their cozy fits and elegant designs.

In this blog, we’ll go into great detail about the fit and size of Gucci loafers. Stick with us for more information on Gucci loafers’ fit, sizing, and other issues.

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PS: You can read the sizing guide for all Gucci shoes here.

How Do Gucci Loafers Fit? Do Gucci Loafers Run Small?

Gucci loafers have slightly bigger fits, so sizing down a half or whole size makes sense. 

Unlike oxford or derby shoes, loafers are thinner and fit more tightly around your feet. It’s recommended to size it down according to your fit to prevent creasing these shoes

Loafers are not as thick as sneakers or other shoes. Almost all types of loafers are made of leather. 

Sizing it down may feel a bit unbreathable at first, but it’ll stretch over time to match your fit. However, if it runs big, then it will slip off your feet over and over.

When it comes to shoe sizing, Gucci follows the conventional Italian size range, which ranges from 34 to 41.5. 

This equates to 34 being a size 1 and 41.5 being a size 8.5 in the UK. You won’t have any trouble finding your ideal fit thanks to the large selection of sizes available.

Sizing Guide for Gucci Loafers 

I have come up with some useful tips to determine your proper shoe size. 

Here are some important aspects you should consider while looking for the perfect pair of Gucci loafers for you.

#1 – Know your true size

Above all, knowing your true size is the most important thing before buying a new pair of shoes. You might have some trouble finding the ideal fit for the shoes you want without knowing your true size.

Here are some basic and simple steps to measure your foot size appropriately:

  • Rest your foot on a piece of paper. Wearing socks would be preferable.
  • Outline your foot using a pencil at both the heel and the tip of your longest toe.
  • Draw straight lines around the outline of your feet for an accurate result.
  • Calculate the distance in centimeters and inches between these two markers.
  • To convert this measurement (in cm or inches) into a US/EU/UK size, use the official size chart.

#2 – Use Official Size Chart

Using the official size chart of the brand is one of the best ways to get yourself perfectly fitted shoes.

Like other brands, Gucci also has a size chart. You can go to their official website or page to find the Gucci shoe size chart. It will help you find your accurate size according to your regional sizing standard.

#3 – Know What A Good Fit Really Is

You must be aware of what a good fit feels like to have shoes that fit well. 

When you wear good-fitting shoes, you should feel comfortable no matter what you are doing. You should not feel any discomfort while walking, running, playing, or doing your things. 

It should fit you flawlessly. It shouldn’t look bad when you wear your shoes. When talking about loafers, they sleekly fit your feet. It’s made of thin leather material. So it won’t look good if it does not fit you properly. 

Check The Return Policy For Gucci Shoes

No matter where you get your shoes from, you must check out their return policy. When buying online, there’s a higher chance of receiving the wrong size or fake goods as well.

There should be a return procedure in the case of shoes that do not fit or have some sort of flaw. Although most retailers provide their customers with exchange programs, many of them don’t.

Make sure to check the return policy before purchasing the shoes. 

Sizing Guide for Gucci Loafers For Men 

Now that you know how Gucci loafers fit, let’s check how each design and style of Gucci men’s loafers fits.

#1 – Loafers with tassel

These shoes are built from fine leather, like every other loafer. Paired with tassels, these loafers give off a classy yet chic vibe.

Its sole is made of leather and has a low heel.

These loafers are usually very comfortable. As I said before, loafers from Gucci run big, so you have to size down half a size or 1 size for a perfect fit. If loafers have a big fit, they will come off very easily. So finding the proper size loafers is essential if you want to look good wearing them.

#2 – Crocodile loafers

This type of loafer is called a “crocodile loafer” because it’s made of crocodile leather. They stand out from other shoe styles due to the crocodile skin patterns on them. 

These loafers are also very comfortable. It is suitable for both formal and casual events. You can wear them with a tuxedo or blazer as well. As It runs big, it’s better to buy a half-size smaller for a snug fit.

#3 – Jordaan loafers

These shoes add a sophisticated vibe to your appearance. It’s made of blake construction material. It comes in a slim shape with emblematic horsebit details. It’s beautifully designed with dark brown square G suede.

These loafers also come with a comfortable build. It has a leather sole and a half-inch heel. You can comfortably fit into it by sizing it down a half size according to your true size.

Sizing Guide for Women’s Gucci Loafers

Gucci also offers two stylish loafers for women as well. Let’s check out the fit of these models. 

#1 – Women Jordaan loafers

These loafers are not much different from men’s Jordaan loafers in terms of style and texture. It has gold-toned horsebit details and comes in a slim shape. It also comes with a leather sole and a half-inch heel.

These loafers tend to run small. You may go a half size down if necessary. People with wider feet can go a half size down for a more snug fit. People with smaller feet can simply go 1 or 2 sizes down to match their fit. With the perfect fit, you can enjoy every step in these super comfy shoes.

#2 – Platform loafers with Horsebits

These loafers are a new addition from Gucci. These are loafers with platforms. It has a 3.8″ heel and a 1.6″ platform. Its upper is made of crocodile print leather. It also has a block-flared heel. 

This unique pair of loafers have a flattering style that looks great on everyone. Usually, heels are not that comfortable. But these loafers have platforms. That makes them more comfortable. They run small. So you have to choose a bigger size for a snug fit.

FAQ about Do Gucci Loafers Run Small, Big, True To Size

Before I wrap up this blog, I want to answer a few more brief questions many people ask about Gucci loafers. 

Should loafers be worn with socks?

Absolutely, since socks protect both your feet and your shoes, you should wear socks with loafers.

Do Gucci Loafers Run Small or true to size?

Many people claim that Gucci loafers run big and recommend purchasing a half or a whole size down to find the perfect fit.

How much do Gucci Jordaan loafers stretch?

Jordan loafers can stretch almost half a size after wearing them a couple of times.

What should I do if my loafers are slightly too big?

Try everything from adding inserts to wearing thicker socks to your loose loafers from slipping.

Are loafers formal or casual?

Although they started as casual footwear, loafers have evolved into formal wear over time thanks to their elegant designs and high-end materials.

Our verdict on Do Gucci Loafers Run Small, Big, True To Size

I’ve tried my best to put together all this information to guide you in detail about Gucci loafer sizing.

I hope this post will be helpful for you to find your accurate size and get a perfect-fitting pair of loafers.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to comment down below and we will get back to you.

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