Do Gildan shirts shrink or preshrunk? [Explained]

Gildan is one of the best brands for Canadian cloth lovers. They manufacture clothing like blank t-shirts and polo shirts with outstanding quality. Their clothes are very soft and durable, and their thickness is perfect and super comfortable to wear.

Usually, most of the t-shirts shrink after 1st wash, and some of them shrink so much that they become unwearable. But Gildan has tried to overcome this problem. They use preshrunk material to get rid of shrinkage. 

Still, if it shrinks sometimes in length it should not make much difference as  Gildan t-shirts are loose and long enough.

do gildan shirts shrink?

Yes, the Gildan shirt shrinks. But here, the shrinkage is so minimal that no one can see the difference without close eyes. After washing the shirt, it shrinks only half an inch or a little bit more in size. 

Users claimed that, after washing most brands’ x-large sizes, it doesn’t fit them properly let alone perfectly. Because it shrinks significantly. But when they are using a Gildan shirt, they are satisfied. 

It fits them properly still if it shrinks after washing. 

Because the shrinkage is little, that is totally unnoticeable. As we know, when the difference is minor it doesn’t make much noise. That’s why people prefer the Gildan shirt more than other brands.

Where other brands’ shrinkage in length is noticeable and users can’t even think about wearing that again, they are willing to wear a Gildan shrink shirt as they experienced the shrinkage with Gildan shirts in width. That makes the shirt wearable after washing.

Keep in mind that shrinkage isn’t something that makes a brand faulty. It also depends on the body size of the users and the style you try. Everyone’s body shape is different, nor the body or the style is the same in everyone’s case. So remember this before you judge and give your verdict.

Are Gildan T-Shirts Good Quality?

We frequently hear from customers, “Do Gildan t-shirts have good quality? Will it be worth their money or not”?

Let’s dive no further.

Yes, Gildan t-shirts are high in quality and worth your money. Gildan is one of the best sellers of blank t-shirts. 

Their clothes are very popular, especially t-shirts, and the reason is “The quality is worth more than the spending”. Gildan t-shirts are made with cotton material. The softness of cotton makes the t-shirt super comfortable. 

Their measurement is industry standard, so every size is a good fit. People love this brand because of its excellent quality products. 

The reliability and quality have helped Gildan to make a special place in people’s hearts. Gildan is making huge sales in the t-shirt category because of this reason. 

Are Gildan Shirts 100% Cotton?

Most t-shirts are made with cotton or a mix of polyester and cotton. People eagerly want to know what material Gildan uses to make their t-shirts. As per the reports, Gildan didn’t use any polyester or other material to make the t-shirts. They use 100% cotton material.

Gildan t-shirt is one of the best selling products of Gildan. These t-shirts are ready to absorb any pigment optimally and are stitched with double needles. If you are looking for casual tees you can try a Gilden t-shirt; it’s 100% cotton, comfortable and seamless. 

How Do You Shrink A Gildan Shirt?

As we know, Gildan shirts are preshrunk, so it won’t shrink a lot. But if the shirt doesn’t fit you. Options are there. Shrink it as per your need and make it wearable.

Yes, you heard me right. Shrinking a preshrunk shirt up to 3-5% is possible by using some easy method. Using a dryer, or washing machine, boiling, and going to the professionals are among them. All these ways are great and easy to do. So choose what fits you most.

Let’s proceed with the easy method of shrinking a Gildan shirt, the hand shrinking method as many of us don’t have washing machines or dryers.

Use a large pot and fill it ⅔, (if you overfill, then it will overflow after you put the shirt into it). Let the water boil enough, roll the shirt like a loose ball, and put it in the water. Leave the t-shirt in the boiling water for up to 5 minutes, and then pull the shirt out and let it cool down fully. Now spread the shirt into a dryer rack and let it dry. 

If the shirt still needs to shrink, you can repeat the same method until you get the desired result. You can repeat the task until you get the desired results.

Does Gildan Soft style Shrink?

Gildan Softstyle t-shirt is a standard tee from the Gildan brand. It’s an ultra-premium product at an affordable price with excellent quality.  

Gildan Softstyle is a crew neck mid-soft t-shirt, but it’s not a scoop neck. It is made with soft yarns, so it takes less energy to manufacture, is very stable, and stitched with double-needle sleeves and hem.

Like the other Gildan t-shirts, the Softstyle t-shirt also shrinks. Because all knit products naturally shrink. So this one will also shrink on the first wash, but the shrink will be very little. It will shrink mostly 4% in width and 6% in length. No one can even notice the shrinkage without telling.

Does Gildan 5000 Shrink?

Gildan 5000 is another popular product of the Gildan brand. It is the lighter version of the Gildan 2000 and a classic heavyweight tee. It comes with 60 color choices. The Gildan 5000 is a woven cotton material, so you can feel the softness after wearing it. But the question is “will the Gildan 5000 shrink or not ”?

The answer is- Gildan 5000 won’t shrink after washing. Because it’s made with 100% preshrunk cotton. So the style and size will be the same after the first or many laundering. It’s stitched with a double needle for the durability of wear points, necklines, and bottom hem. The versatility and consistency of the Gildan 5000 are excellent.

It’s 100% cotton and has a seamless taped neck and shoulder.

Are Gildan T-Shirts Preshrunk?

Usually, T-shirts shrink after washing and shrinking t-shirts aren’t worth wearing. Most brand t-shirts shrink in length after only one wash. When the shrink is in length no one can imagine wearing that again. 

Gildan has perfectly avoided this by getting their t-shirt pre-shrink. They have pre-shrunk their material to prevent shrinkage after washing. So their t-shirt doesn’t shrink. Still, if it shrinks, it will be a little in width and won’t make much difference.

Our verdict on Do Gildan shirts shrink or preshrunk

We have shared every detail that we got from the hours of research. Hope we have covered you fully. Now you know about “Does Gildan Shirts Shrinks or not”. Still, if you want to know something that we didn’t share, ask us through comments. We would love to hear back from you and clear up your confusion.

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