Do Chelsea Boots Run Big? (Sizing Guides/Chart)

Chelsea boots were introduced in the market in 1853. But it didn’t get popular until 1961 when the famous Beatles wore it. Since then, Chelsea boots have become a staple of most people. It comes with a tall ankle and elastic panels on the sides.

Many people are confused about Chelsea’s boot size due to such irregular shape. So, they ask, Do Chelsea boots run big?

Chelsea boots don’t run big as many people perceive. They are mostly true to size, so you don’t need to get bigger or smaller-sized Chelsea boots for a proper fit.

Nonetheless, you must be careful to pick the Chelsea boot size, especially due to its ankle section. Thus, it needs a different technique to find the right size for these boots that includes measuring your ankle’s circumference and then counting it with the boot’s length and width.

*** Chelsea  has there own sizing tutorial and chart. Click here to check it out at (link takes you to website)**

Do Chelsea Boots Run Big

Do Chelsea Boots Run Big: true to size?

It is understandable that due to the unique design of Chelsea boots covering up to your ankle, people often get confused about its fitting. Some perceive it as a loose fit, while others think that it fits rather smaller on their fit.

The actual answer is just the opposite. Chelsea boots are true to their size and don’t run big or small on anyone’s feet. Yes, in rare cases, a pair of Chelsea boots might misfit, but that’s not part of the company’s sizing strategy like Puma or Adidas does.

Chelsea boots are, in fact, known for a close and snug fit in the market. So, when you get a Chelsea boot, it should fit closely to your feet and ankle. Also, the size will depend on their various styles. If you find a misfit for a specific style, you better not buy it.

When you put on your Chelsea boots, you should focus on your ankle more than the feet, including heel and toe. Suppose you feel a bit of resistance since these boosts will loosen up slightly after a few weeks of use. But if it feels too tight or loose, try another size or style for a snug fit.

If the boot feels too tight around your ankle, it might stop the blood circulation and cause blisters and burns. So, you must be aware of it.

5 Tips on Chelsea Boot Fitting

In a lace-style boot, you can tighten or loosen the lace to adjust its fitting slightly. So, getting a pair of laced boots slightly bigger or smaller isn’t a big issue. But the same can’t be said for Chelsea boots as you can’t adjust its fitting.

That’s why you have to pick the exact size of Chelsea boots with a snug fit. If you don’t know how to find the right fit for Chelsea boot, you can follow our tips.

1. Check the Material of the Boot

Chelsea boots are available both in 100% full-grain leather and suede leather. Those made with full-grain leather will loosen up 1cm to 2cm at least after you wear them for a few days. It is because leather tends to stretch with use. So, you can pick a snug or even a tight fit for leather Chelsea boots without any issues.

But suede material doesn’t stretch and loosen up over time. So, you must pick the right size without any tight feel for suede Chelsea boots. Otherwise, you will experience blisters continuously.

2. Ankle Circumference Is Important

You have to realize that not all of Chelsea’s boot styles will fit your ankle circumference. You can ask the store assistant to check the circumference of the ankle. When they do it, they will be better able to suggest a specific style or size of Chelsea boots for you.

When you try a specific model or size of Chelsea boot, you should check the gap between the boots’ entrance and your ankle. Of course, the elastic side panel will allow you to put on the boots at ease with added flexibility.

But how does it feel once you wear the boots? Check the fit. It should be close and void of any gaps. If there’s a gap between the ankle and the entrance, you can try a smaller size. If there’s no gap and you find it hard to enter your feet inside the boot, try a bigger size.

3. Check the Width of the Boot

The uniqueness of Chelsea boots lies in their different styles that suit different widths of people’s feet. So, first, check your feet’ width. Do you have wide feet or narrow feet?

The pointed-toe style boots are the best choice for people with regular feet width. However, Chelsea also has offered various models for people with wider feet. You can opt for the rounded toe boots as these Chelsea boots have sufficient space for wider feet to fit at ease.

It is an important consideration because narrow or wide feet might cause discomfort. Also, a loose fit will make your feet unstable. And we know you want none. Thus, ensure you get the right size to match your feet’ width.

4. Find the Right Size

Chelsea boots, indeed, are true to size. But its size variations come from the different toe styles. Also, it depends on the boot shape and design.

To pick the proper size, always start with your regular size. When you wear your actual size, you should check whether it fits small or big on your feet. Also, wear socks before trying out the different sizes and models of Chelsea boots.

Wearing socks will ensure a better fit. Also, it ensures you get a comfy fit without any blisters and burns around your ankle, toe, and heel.

5. Stretch and Check the Boot

Chelsea boots are famous for their close-fitting. It feels snug and comfy. Thus, when you wear the new pair of Chelsea boots, stretch the boot a bit.  You may use your fingers to stretch the boot’s skin a bit. However, we recommend you use a boot or shoe stretcher to stretch the boot slightly.

As the boot breaks a bit, you will love wearing it without any discomfort. So, you will better enjoy the boot for an extended period.

Tips on Wearing Chelsea Boots for Men and Women ( with size chart)

Chelsea manufactures various models for both men and women with different toe-shapes and styles. These designs go well with different outfits.

Women can consider these tips-

  • Women can pair Chelsea boots with a knitted top and leggings. The combination offers a classic look.
  • If you plan for a formal look or offices and meetings, black Chelsea boots are the right way to go. You can combine it with a pussybow blouse and long fitted trousers. The stylish outfit will never go wrong.
  • If you want to look elegant, fashionable, and stylish simultaneously, choose bold colors and pair them with your Chelsea boots. You will love how it transforms your look.

Chelsea boots women’s size charts:

5 2.5 35
5.5 3 35.5
6 3.5 36
6.5 4 36.5
7 4.5 37
7.5 5 37.5
8 5.5 38
8.5 6 38.5
9 6.5 39
9.5 7 39.5
10 7.5 40
10.5 8 40.5
11 8.5 41
11.5 9 42

Men can consider the following tips-

  • For casual looks, pair a tan-colored Chelsea boot with black and skinny jeans. The cool look will match your style perfectly.
  • If you aren’t a fan of skinny jeans, you can still opt for boot cuts or standard jeans. The suede Chelsea boots go perfectly well with regular jeans.
  • Finally, choose a fitted suit and match it with black or tan full-grain Chelsea boots pair. It offers you a retro style that never goes out of the trend.

Chelsea boots man-size chart:

7 6 40
7.5 6.5 40.5
8 7 41
8.5 7.5 41.5
9 8 42
9.5 8.5 42.5
10 9 43
10.5 9.5 43.5
11 10 44
11.5 10.5 44.5
12 11 45
13 12 46
14 13 47
15 14 48

Our verdict on Do Chelsea Boots Run Big

Chelsea boots run true to size. However, their style variance and different toe-shapes make it difficult for people to find the right size. You need to measure your feet’ width and ankle circumference to find the right fit.

Also, stretch the boot before wearing it to stop blisters and burns. You will love the comfort and style Chelsea boot brings to your feet.

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