Can the Inside Lining of Shoes be Repaired? (answered!)

Who doesn’t love leather shoes? We all love to wear them, and they seem to come out with a lining over them. These linings are there for a reason. First of all, they expand the life span of your shoes. Secondly, they provide you comfort when you are wearing the shoe. But with constant use, the lining seems to tear down.

All leather shoes, whether they are cheap or of quality, the lining is obvious. The quality ones come with leather lining, and the cheaper ones come with a lining of synthetic materials. So we put them through the regular friction of our skin, pressure, and moisture. And regardless, they both tear down.

Certainly, yes! There are a few simple steps involved in repairing the lining of the shoe. First, take off the old lining, make a new pattern, choose the lining material, and attach the lining to the older lining area.

Can the Inside Lining of Shoes be Repaired

How to Repair the Inner Lining of Shoes?

People tend to throw away what I have seen when the inner lining starts to wither away. But it can be fixed. So here I will discuss how easily you can repair it at home and by yourself.

1. Take off the Old Lining

The first you have to do is cut out the whole piece of old lining. Well, the attachment of it is subjective, meaning that it will vary from shoe to shoe. Most of the shoes have it glued to the bottom and stitched on the top.

So you have to take a sharp blade and cut it all out.

2. Make a New Pattern

After taking off the old lining, simply place it on a piece of cardboard or thick paper. Then you have it iron over it to make sure the crease unfolds itself and remove any wrinkles to get back its almost original shape possible.

When you are done, trace the lining and cut out the shape of what you have traced.

3. Choosing the Replacement Material

After you have got the shape, you have to find materials to make the new lining uncomfortable or abrasive while walking. I recommend you to use cotton clothes or clothes from old pair of shorts as both of them are breathable and soft. From the trace, cut two pieces.

I would use one as the primary foundation and the other one as additional soft cushioning. Here is a quick note. Choose a piece of cloth that matches the colour of the shoe, so it doesn’t become noticeable.

4. Make a New Lining to Replace It

Press them with an iron to ensure that they are flat and join them together with needles or pins to ensure the lining stays in place while cutting the new fabric out. After cutting them, stitch both of the materials together and keep the fabric taut while doing it to avoid wrinkles.

5. Attaching the New Lining to the Shoe

You can use adhesive or stitch it yourself. We will recommend you stitch it out (even if it’s the hard way) for a finished product. Stitching it will make sure the lining can withstand the friction generated while you are walking. A little note here too. Make sure to remove any fragments left while you took off the old lining. Tuck the new lining below the padding and stitch it again.

There you go! You have repaired the inner lining of your shoe by yourself. I am proud of you. Actually, we are proud of you that you did this by yourself.

is it worth resoling shoes?

I once had the bottom of my shoes completely imploded. So I took it to the cobbler and asked,

“Is it worth resolving for the shoes?”

He smiled at me and said, “Do you like the shoes?”


“Then definitely worth it.”

“But it is completely imploded.”

“As long as the upper of the shoes are fine and are not cracking up or anything, you should not throw away the shoes. The soles or bottom always can be fixed in many different ways.”

And he fixed the shoes in no time. So as long as your shoe looks completely fine with the uppers, don’t even think of throwing away your shoes, especially if you like them. You can get them fixed.

Can You Repair An Uncomfortable Heel Counter In Boots?

Yes, most definitely. A back lining of a boot or heel that usually snugs up or attached to your shoes is called a heel counter. And it can be fixed. Well, how you can fix it is pretty much the same process as repairing the inside lining of the shoe.

First of all, you have to take out the old heel counter and make sure that there is no lump left as it can be felt through the new leather that we will use to replace the heel counter. Then trace it out in cardboard and cut the exact shape in new leather.

After you cut the leather, we will skive it into the boots. But skiving takes a lot of practice, so if it’s possible, take your shoes to the professionals before you ruin them.

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How do you stop your shoe line from peeling?

Shoes are essential and without them, you can’t even go out. So you should take care of them. However, different types of shoes need different care, but there are always common grounds to keep them from peeling.

  • Keep them in Shoe Trees: If you want your shoes to be perfect for an extended period, do not pile them in a section of your closet. Buy a good shoe tree and keep the shoes there to maintain their solid shape.
  • Keep away from Sunlight: Heat destroys most things. So sunlight and heat can also be damaging for leather shoes and any shoe in general. This is because they absorb heat and start to stretch themselves.
  • Let them Dry Naturally: Do not blow-dry your shoes and please let them dry naturally before storing them. As I have mentioned before that heat can damage your shoes, and blow-drying them can make them peel.
  • Keep Your Shoes Clean: You need to clean your shoes regularly to keep them from peeling. Dirt and mud can always break down your shoes and make them peel.

How do you fix crumbling soles?

Sometimes the front soles of shoes get crumbled if you wear your shoes regularly. But you can quickly fix them with adhesive or glue that is water and heat-resistant. You can find it in most shops.

First, you have to clean the soles with baking soda and dry them thoroughly at least for a day or so. Then you have to apply the glue as directed by the manufacturer.

Then please let them dry for another day after gluing the new rubber soles. Make sure that you choose rubber soles that are durable and comfortable for your feet.

FAQ about Can the Inside Lining of Shoes be Repaired

What is synthetic lining in shoes?

Shoe linings made of elastane, acrylic, or polyester are known as synthetic shoe liners

What is a heel liner?

A liner that prevents blisters from forming on your feet and reduces slippage of heels is known as a heel liner.

Our verdict on Can the Inside Lining of Shoes be Repaired

Hope we can give you the details about how Can you repair the shoe lining. We tried answering every relevant question about it. Repairing your shoes by yourself is pretty cool. There is no doubt about that. Hope you got all the answers you needed.

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