Can Leather Jackets Get Wet? – YES![Waterproofing tips]

It’s frustrating when the rainfall happens without notice. And, you know what’s more frustrating? Well, the fact that water can cause subtle changes in anything it touches.

Leather jackets can get wet. And, if you’re keeping them under excessive water for too long, you’ll damage them eventually. Excess moisture can cause stains and unwanted shrinkage on these jackets. So, it’s not the best thing for getting them wet.

But there’s a lot left to explain here. Fret not; we’re not leaving you confused about this anymore. We’ve explained it all in the article below. So, let’s not waste any more time and begin with the proceedings-

Are Leather Jackets Waterproof?

Wondering whether the leather jackets you’ve purchased are waterproof or not? Well, we’ve got it all figured out.

First things first, is leather waterproof or not? As leather jackets are made of 100% leather, it’s essential to know about leather first.

If you’re wondering about leather, then let me tell you something. No, leather isn’t waterproof at all. And why is that?

Leather is made of numerous pores. As it’s a natural material, it’s completely normal for it to be porous. Here, the pores allow the material to breathe and shine all the time.

As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why leather can never be waterproof. And, yes, you guessed it right. Leather causes leather jackets not to be waterproof.

So, if you’re planning to take your leather jacket for a swim, then hold your horses. We believe that it won’t be a good idea.

can i wear a leather jacket in the rain?

Well, oh well, someone’s planning to take their leather jackets with them in the rain. Even if you’re not planning to take them in the rain, you should know whether they’ll get damaged in the rain.

And why is that? You can never be sure about rainfall. Sudden rain or sudden splash can take place out of nowhere. In this instance, it’s crucial to know whether your jacket will withstand rain or sudden splashes altogether.

As you know already, leather isn’t waterproof by any means. So, these leather jackets will never be waterproof completely. And, if you’re still wondering whether you can wear them in the rain, it’s your choice.

This is because you can wear them in the rain. But that’ll cause damages to your jackets. Even though leather stays durable all the time, it gets damaged due to moisture.

It’s to be noted that you’ll survive initially with smaller amounts. But, if you’re keeping your jackets exposed to rainfall, then it’ll cause significant damages.

As we’ve mentioned that leather is extremely porous, the moisture can settle on these pores. As a result, mold formation can happen over time.

Hence, it’s safe to say that if you’re trying to wear leather jackets in the rain, the aftermath won’t be much pleasing.

What Happens If You Get Leather Wet?

As leather is entirely natural, you can’t treat it like other materials. Thus, you can’t presuppose that leather will withstand water like other materials.

In fact, leather doesn’t even withstand water in any sense. By now, you’ll know that leather consists of numerous pores, to begin with. And, if you get leather wet, then you’ll damage them eventually.

Moisture or water can settle on these pores. As a result, the pores get clogged. Clogged pores of leather can cause mold and mildew formation easily.

Other than that, if you get your leather jacket wet, then it’ll cause water spots on them. When the spots dry after they’ve been soaked, it’ll give rise to stains.

And, the jackets can rot or stiff if you don’t keep them dry. So, it’s not a good idea to wet leather as it’ll promote further damages.

Does Wet Leather Shrink?

The leather itself can shrink under excessive heat. But, the main question is whether wet leather can shrink or not. Well, yes, wet leather can shrink easily if it’s dried under excessive heat.

Here, the heat causes the leather to get hardened. And, the stiff leather causes density to increase and the dimensions to decrease. As a result, the decreased size causes the leather to shrink as well.

If you’re trying to dry wet leather, don’t use any heaters. Just keep them at room temperature and wipe the water off. Moreover, you can even use a leather conditioner if you must.

By doing this, you can prevent leather shrinkage. But, if you’re using a heater to dry wet leather, then you’ll cause them to shrink.

How To Protect Leather Jacket From The Rain? (3 easy solutions)

Even though we’ve advised you not to take leather jackets in the rain, luck may not always be on your side. This is because sudden rainfall can happen anytime, anywhere.

That brings us to this curious question of whether it’s possible to protect leather jackets from rain. Well, the answer might surprise you.

And, yes, you can protect leather jackets from rain. However, we’re not promoting this idea to take leather jackets in the rain anytime soon. We’re just trying to say that you can solve this problem if you experience it.

So, let’s take a look at how we can save these jackets from rain-

Solution #1: Drying

If you’ve accidentally caused water to touch your leather jackets, don’t panic. If you carefully start the drying process, then you can save your jacket from any damage.

However, it’s better if you start the drying process as early as possible. By doing this, you can stop any mold formation. So, how should you dry it?

Firstly, take a clean, dry cloth and start wiping the moisture off the jacket. Then, ensure the jacket is completely dry and keep it as it is at room temperature.

Here, you’ll need to ensure that you aren’t using any dryers or heaters as it’ll cause the jackets to shrink.

Solution #2: Waxing

To start this process, take a clean cloth and apply some wax to it. After you’re done, start applying wax on the jacket with the clean cloth.

Solution #3: Leather Lotion

Even though it’s a preventive measure, you can still use it beforehand. Leather lotions are water-resistant. If you apply this to your jacket, then you’ll create a barrier between it and the rain.

Will A Suede Jacket Get Ruined In The Rain?

Yes, suede jackets don’t do too well with rainfall. So, wearing them on a rainy day won’t be the smartest idea. However, if you experience sudden rain, then you might be able to get away with it.

Here, suede jackets can withstand sudden small pores on them. But, they’ll get damaged if you’re continually keeping them under rainwater for too long.

Our verdict on Can Leather Jackets Get Wet

That does it for this guide. Hopefully, we’ve made it all easy and straightforward for you. And, if you have any queries for us to answer, leave them below. Good Luck!

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