Boots Similar to Blundstone | 7 Blundstone Alternatives

For those of you who love wearing boots, you must be familiar with the brand Blundstone. This Australian brand has dominated the footwear market with its rugged yet stylish products for years.

While being so desirable, not everyone can own a pair of Blundstone; this is because these shoes are priced much higher than your average boots.

But, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to lose out on fashion just because of a budget limitation. There are tons of other boots similar to Blundstone that will add the same if not more points to your outfit game.

So, without further ado, These are our 7 top picks for blundstone alternatives.

  • Sorel Men’s Madson Waterproof Chelsea Boots
  • Clarks Taylor Women’s Shine Leather Shoes
  • Mona Flying Women Leather Lace Up Ankle Bootie
  • Clarks Men’s Paulson Up Chelsea Boot
  • ARIAT Men’s Midtown Rambler Casual Boot
  • Dr. Martens Women’s Flora Leather Chelsea Boot
  • Parfeying Women’s Cara Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot

Things to avoid before choosing Blundstone alternatives :

If you want the best shoes similar to Blundstone, then you’ll have to avoid some fundamental issues. For helping you to choose, we have a comprehensive list of these issues for you. Let’s check them out.

  • Poorly Glued Outsole: If you choose a boot with a sloppily glued sole, then it could get decoy very soon. So, it’s better to select bots with properly glued outsoles.
  • Synthetic Materials: With these types of boots, it is always possible to avoid synthetic materials if you want comfort. Because many times it is seen that if the boots feature synthetic materials, then it may cause several problems.
  • Un-breathability: You’re not supposed to, but boots that suffocate your feet and cause sweating. It’s better to choose boots that have good breathing ability.

Blundstone look alike shoes

Our boots Selection Criteria:

We always choose the most critical selection criteria on our list, whichever suits you best. We went through the different qualities of a perfect boot. Here, we’ve identified some key criteria below to help you better understand.

  • Raw materials: While choosing the best boots, we always focus on their raw materials because the boot’s other qualities like durability, comfort depends on them. Appropriate raw materials make your boots durable, comfortable, and sleek. That’s why we’ve selected alternative boots with premium leathers and other materials that will give you everything you’ll get from a typical boot.
  • Design: In the case of innovation, we always select boots with the coolest designs and comfort. We believe that design and comfort are equally important because the meaning of wearing a stylish boot is not comfortable at all?
  • Lightweight: A boot should be lightweight to provide you with maximum comfort and protection during use. We’ve chosen the lightest boot’s on our list.
  • Water-Resistant: As we all know, a water-resistant layer is a must need to protect the boots from damage, especially during the rainy season or in wet places.
  • Anti-Slip: Anti-Slip properties help you to keep the sole of a boot in control. In case of doing a challenging job, a sole with Anti-Slip properties is needed.
  • Durability: Durability ensures that your boots are long-lasting, even in the harshest environment. We have the most durable boots on our list.

Top 7 Boots Similar to Blundstone

We have brought together a list of our favorites to ease the decision-making process of choosing the right Blundstone look alikes.

#1. Sorel Men’s Madson Waterproof Chelsea Boots (Best Choice)

Sorel Men's Madson Waterproof Chelsea Boots

This is the current price of these Sorel Men’s Madson Waterproof Chelsea Boots available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

If you’re looking to pull off a very rugged look with your washed denim and high Chelsea boots, then this piece by Sorel is for you. Giving you three different color and material combinations to choose from, you can easily pull it off with your basic outfits.

For starters, the boot has been made with the best full-grain leather. If you pick the suede version, that is also of good quality. Both these materials are waterproof and will not be susceptible to wear and tear easily.

Moreover, it features a molded rubber sole, which provides extra grip when you’re walking. Compared to the basic three layered synthetic soles, this is much more comfortable to walk in for longer periods. Moreover, the rubber absorbs the pressure of your feet and cushions it, reducing the stress on the base.

The shaft of the boot measures around 6-inches from the arch; this is a fairly decent height, while some might even consider this to be longer than usual. But you should know, the 6-inch shaft provides the right ankle support to enhance comfort.

#2. Clarks Taylor Women’s Shine Leather Shoes

Clarks Taylor Women's Shine Leather Shoes

This is the current price of these Clarks Taylor Women’s Shine Leather Shoes available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

With experience in making women’s shoes since 1825, Clarks has definitely mastered their skill in this field. This next Leather boot is just evidence of how good they are.

Made with 100% top quality leather, this shoe will take a while to lose its shine. Given that you polish it from time to time and store it well, this pair should last you for ages.

In terms of the design, the boots have an accurate shape to make them comfortable to wear. The heel measures in at 0.75-inches while the platform measures 0.25-inches. Clarks offers you two different color options to choose from as well – the black and tan leather color are both great choices to boost any outfit.

Unlike the Sorel boots, this one features a synthetic sole, which is great for formal settings. Molded rubber boots are great, but they give off a very rugged vibe. Walking around in this sole is also very comfortable and satisfactory due to its cushion-like inner lining.

#3. Mona Flying Women Leather Lace Up Ankle Bootie

shoes similar to blundstone

This is the current price of these Mona Flying Women Leather Lace Up Ankle Bootie available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

You will be astounded by the number of choices Mona Flying offers you for this next boot. Featuring 20 different combinations of colors and designs, your best bet would be to add a few of them to your cart.

Each of the boots has 2 or 3 separate colorways from blacks to two different shades of browns. Also, there are tons of variations in terms of designs too! Some boots feature elastic gores, while others have a zipper mechanism down the side of the shaft.

Moving on, all of the boots offered are made from the highest quality breathable Pigskin Leather. The best part about this is its softness, for which you’ll barely feel any weight of the shoe. Moreover, the leather lining embraces the shape of your foot and holds it in place with the 4.13-inch shaft.

#4. Clarks Men’s Paulson Up Chelsea Boot

This is the current price of these Clarks Men’s Paulson Up Chelsea Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

As we have mentioned their expertise in this field, it is obvious that more than one Clarks product will show up on our list. This next Paulson Up Chelsea boot comes in an Olive suede and mahogany leather option.

Both the suede and mahogany leather comes with a durable outer layer that prevents easy creases; this keeps the shoe from wearing out too easily or trapping dust. These high-quality materials are used to ensure that the boot looks good for years to come.

Furthermore, Clarks have emphasized comfort by pairing their synthetic sole with a moisture-wicking Ortholite footbed. As the synthetic sole is harder than rubber soles, it can cause your foot to go through extra pressure; this is where the Ortholite footbed comes in to minimize the pressure of your feet.

Looking into the dimensions of the boot, the shaft height is measured at 4.72-inches with a width of 5.11-inches. The elastic gores allow for easy entry of your feet.

#5. ARIAT Men’s Midtown Rambler Casual Boot

cheap blundstones

This is the current price of these ARIAT Men’s Midtown Rambler Casual Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

ARIAT brings to you three of their most rugged casual boots to last you for the summer, winter, or any season. Available in three stunning brown shades and textures, this is a great addition to any wardrobe.

The reason we say this boot looks rugged is that ARIAT has deliberately given the boot a pre-worn look. This look gives the boot a mean vibe, perfect for anyone trying to pull that look off. The 100% leather material is soft on the inside and lightweight as well; this reduces the stress on your ankles and feet base.

A rugged look would not be complete without the signature rubber sole. The sole has a nice brown and wooden texture, which compliments the overall look of the pair. With ATS technology, you will receive the best stability and comfort, no matter how long you’re walking around in them.

#6. Dr. Martens Women’s Flora Leather Chelsea Boot

This is the current price of these Dr. Martens Women’s Flora Leather Chelsea Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Available in three different color options, this pair of boots from Dr. Martens features a high neck to suit all your outfits and styles.

Crafted with 100% Smooth leather, the boots provide an exceptional level of comfort when walking. The leather is soft and breathable, too, allowing your feet not to feel isolated. Also, the breathable feature prevents sweating of your feet, resulting in reduced foot-odor.

What’s more, the boot is fitted with Dr. Martens’ signature air-cushioned sole. This maximizes comfort when walking by reducing the pressure on your ankles and the base of your foot. The textured pattern underneath the sole increases friction with the ground and keeps you steady.

In addition, each of the variants come with stretchy elastic gores and pull tabs to allow for easy entry and exit of your feet. The boot opening measures at 9-inches, which gives you more space to stick your feet in.

#7. Parfeying Women’s Cara Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot

Parfeying Women's Cara Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot

This is the current price of these Parfeying Women’s Cara Leather Chelsea Ankle Boot available at Amazon (affiliate link takes you to

Featuring innovative designs and components into their products, this next shoe from Parfeying is a great alternative for Blundstone boots.

Using nothing but premium calfskin leather, comfort for your feet is maximized. The leather is lightweight, soft, and breathable, ensuring that your feet are in the best condition when you wear these pairs.

At the bottom of the synthetic sole are an imitation leather and rubber layer for added friction. The front part of the sole features a natural rubber cutout that prevents you from slipping and sliding.

All your basic Chelsea boot features have been tweaked to perfection in this pair. The elastic gores have been made more flexible to allow you to ease into your shoes. Its insole contains memory foam, which cushions your feet and takes its shape for better stability.

4 things to Look Before Buying blundstone knockoff

When you engage in buying shoes similar to Blundstone, you can’t just base your decision on looks. Blundstone shoes have come around for ages because of other well-known characteristics as well. And so, you need also to consider those when making your choice.

1.Build Quality

Blundstone shoes are made of only the best leather, that’s why they are so expensive. Even the cheap Blundstones have high-quality materials used for their construction.

When purchasing shoes like blundstone, try to get a feel of the leather. That way, you will understand how well it has been made. Fine quality leather shoes don’t have creases on them as quickly and will last you for ages.

2. Durability

The shoe of your choice should be constructed with durable features. If it wears off easily, then there is no point. Try to look for shoes that offer oiled leather as it has waterproof characteristics.

3. Design

If you’re familiar with Blunstone shoes, then you already have a clear idea about what the designs look like. When you’re looking for alternatives, you should choose those that look the closest to Blundstone products in terms of their design aspects.

4. Comfort

If you’re not able to walk around properly in the shoes you bought, there is no reason to buy them. When it comes to boots, comfort is based highly on personal preference. Choose one that provides a snug fit but also is easy to take off.

FAQ about Boots Similar to Blundstone

#1. Are the soles removable?

No. Most of the rubber or synthetic soles cannot be removed.

#2. What is the difference between long and short shaft heights?

The difference lies in ankle support. Longer shafts provide more support to the ankle over shorter ones.

#3. Should I choose rubber or synthetic sole?

The rubber sole will offer great friction and reduce pressure from your feet. But also they do carry a bit of weight. Synthetic soles are great for formal outfits.

#4. Does stretching affect the size of my boot?

Yes. It is always a safe bet to go for half a size less than your original size as the boots will expand.

Our verdict on Boots Similar to Blundstone

That is all for our selection of the best brands similar to Blundstone. All of these alternatives are affordable and quite stylish too! So, if you’re looking to boost your outfit points with some great boots, these will definitely not fail you.

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