5 cheap doc martens look-alikes – (even better then original)

Who doesn’t want a pair of Doc Martens in their closet?

Let’s admit it. Doc Martens boots are freaking amazing. Everyone gets impressed by its seamless design and the perfect sparkly finish. It has been the style icon in the footwear industry for the last fifty years.

A pair of Doc Martens boots doesn’t only make a huge difference in your natural look in a sophisticated way; you’ll also be warm and comfy wearing these boots all day.

So far, Doc Martens sounds great, right? Let’s face the real world now. You may have to sell your kidney to buy one of these boots. Yeah, the sad but actual fact is that the price of Doc Martens is way too high, and you surely don’t prefer to spend all your money just on a pair of boots.

Don’t get disheartened. Forget Doc Martens, and let me introduce you to some alternatives to it. You’ll get these boots like Doc Martens at an affordable price, and these will give you the impression that you are wearing genuine Doc Martens.

These are our choice for the best doc martens alternatives:

  • DADAWEN Women Fashion Leather Waterproof Ankle Bootie (budget pick)
  • Fisi Women’s Leather Waterproof Round Toe Lace-up Ankle Boots
  • Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Boots
  • Allonsi Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots
  • Allonsi Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots for Men

cheap doc martens look alikes

After conducting extensive research and reviewing dozens of products, we compiled a list of the best five shoes that will take the place of Dr Martens and are also cost-effective. All you need to do is pick the best one for you.

Let’s look at our selection because hopefully, your new favourite pair of shoes is only a few steps away.

1#. DADAWEN Women Fashion Leather Waterproof Ankle Bootie (budget pick)

Do you want shoes like Doc Martens at an affordable price that goes with almost every outfit on any occasion?

Well, if that’s the case, you can surely go for a pair of DADAWEN Women Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie. It does not only provide you with a classy and elegant look in your daily style, you’ll also get comfort, and that too, at an incredible price.

DADAWEN Women's Round Toe Waterproof Lace up Work Combat Boots

Material Synthetic Leather
Sole Type Rubber sole
Shaft measures approximately 4.7″ from arch
Heel high measures approximately 1.2″
  • Material: The outsole of the boot is made of rubber which helps you maintain a grip on slippery or uneven ground or avoid making annoying sounds while walking. The outer material of the shoe is genuine leather which is available in different colors.
  • Design: This leather boot contains multiple lace-up options with a metal eyelet that allows you to adjust the boot to fit perfectly in your leg. The shaft size is long enough to protect your leg from dust and sunlight.
  • Versatility: This versatile boot is a must-have in every girl’s closet. You can carry it with your coat, jeans, skirts, or even with your shorts to get a fancy look. It doesn’t matter whether you are dolled up for your friend’s birthday party, for your first date or a job interview; this boot literally goes with both of your looks.
  • Comfort: The height of the heel is approximately 1.2″, making it suitable and comfortable to wear for a long time. The insoles of the boots are comfy as heck. These round toe designed boots have enough room to fit your toe, so your foot won’t get squished. You can even wear boots with thick socks.
  • Waterproof: This Doc Marten look alikes boot is completely waterproof. So, you don’t have to worry about your favourite boots getting ruined when it’s raining or while you’re travelling riverside.
  • Lightweight: These boots weigh only 1.85 pounds, making it very convenient to carry with your everyday style. These are the most lightweight boots you’ll get at such a reasonable price.

There is no doubt that these boots are the everyday companion for women with classic fashion sense. It’s just a ‘dream came true’ situation when the boot combines features like the fancy look, comfort, lightweight and even waterproof.

2#. Fisi Women’s Leather Waterproof Round Toe Lace-up Ankle Boots

Do you want to add a classy style to your casual look? These Fisi Women’s Leather Waterproof Round Toe Lace-up Ankle Boots will provide you with an elegant look with a sense of comfort to your feet. This pair of boots are excellent Doc Martens alternatives for regular use.

Fisi Women's Leather Waterproof Round Toe Lase-up Ankle Boots

Package Dimensions 13.2 x 10.2 x 5.2 inches
Sole Type Rubber sole
Weight 2.2 Pounds
  • Design: These round toe boots have a smooth fabric line finishing, making you look a little more sophisticated. The cushioned sole gives this shoe a relaxed fit and a refined look on any occasion—multiple lace-up benefits you to adjust the shoe according to your need. You can wear them with your jeans, shorts, leisure, skirts and even with coats.
  • Material: The outer part of the boot is made of leather, providing you with an exclusive look with any outfit. You’ll find an outsole designed with rubber material making it non-skid while walking through ice or snow.
  • Waterproof: These Doc Marten knockoffs also offer the waterproof feature. You can wear them on regular rainy days. But, you cannot use them as your rainy boots.
  • Durability: If you are looking for a quality boot for travelling all day long, this will be the most outstanding choice. These boots are viable even after using them for a long period.
  • Multiple Usages: Getting ready for shopping or attending the morning classes? Guess what? You do not need an extra pair of shoes for a different outfit or suffering from indecision about which pair of shoes to wear. You can just wear this boot with both of your outfits. These boots are also convenient for wearing at a party, travelling, or any other outdoor activities, making your outfit cool and sexy.
  • Comfort: There is a pull-on loop at the back of these boots for relaxed and comfortable wear. These amazing Doc Martens dupes are designed with cushioned footbed making it cosy for long time use. You’ll get your feet in fine fettle at the end of the day.

A great pair of boots with a mixture of all the basic features you may demand while choosing one. It provides a classic Doc Martens look at a very reasonable price.

3#. Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Boots

Suppose you are looking for a comprehensible boot for your regular office wear. In that case, Bruno Marc Men’s Motorcycle Boots can be the suitable one for you. This fashionable boot will not only keep your feet warm and cosy, it’ll also offer you a confident and dignified look at any formal gathering.

doc martens alternatives

Package Dimensions 12.99 x 10.47 x 4.8 inches
Sole Type Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
Weight 2.8 Pounds
Heel measures approximately 1 inch
  • Design: These Dr Martens look alike boots are designed with warm faux fur lining around the ankle, keeping you warm all day long. A convenient anti-pinch zipper has been added at one corner of the boot to take on and off without any trouble. A fashionable buckle around the ankle will make your appearance more unique.
  • Material: The sole material is a synthetic rubber, and the outer part is made of high-quality leather. You’ll find this classy boot in three different fancy colours; black, brown and camel. Choose the one that goes the best with your style and personality.
  • Comfort: The lace-up closure makes a perfect fit for your leg. I’ve already mentioned the side zipper at one side of the ankle, allowing you to put it on and off without difficulty. The cushioned collar helps to keep your feet warm and comfortable.
  • Durability: The best feature of this boot is its durable rubber sole. You can easily carry it all day long on your regular workdays.
  • Fitness: I want to mention this particular feature of this boot to save you from future harassment. These boots are bigger in size than usual. So, before placing an order for yourself, ensure to provide a size down than your standard measurement.
  • Multiple Matches: These ankle boots with a slim fit give outfits a bit of an edge. Besides formal events, you’ll find these as an ideal deal for wearing with both casual evening wear and stylish weekend wear.

This boot is a great deal for regular use in formal and informal events compared to the price. You can wear them for a long time without any issues and hesitation.

4#. Allonsi Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots

Allonsi is one of the most fabulous footwear brands for you who never compromise your class, style or elegance. This is one of the best alternatives of doc martens.

Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots

  • Origin: All Allison’s products are made in India by experienced cordwainers in distinguished workshops using traditional tools.
  • Top-notch Quality: These trendy boots are made from the best and classy leather, ensuring that your pair is built to last. Further, the construction of the shoes offers multiple layers to enhance the shoe’s quality at a very reasonable price for you.
  • Best Style: Want to impress someone at a party with your posh look? Wear this casual boot with a casual outfit and make the party dazzling by your appearance.
  • Material: The boot’s sole is made of rubber. The outer part is finished with high-quality leather, which provides you with a sophisticated look and natural ventilation.
  • Comfort: You may find the boots a little firm to wear at first. But, after using it for a couple of days, the shoe’s footbed will adjust itself to your feet, given that it is a custom fit for your feet.
  • High-maintenance: These boots are a little bit more high-maintenance than usual. You can use only leather shampoo to clean these boots and make sure to dry them in the open air before further use. Also, use a high-quality shoe brush to remove the dust of the shoes.

You can choose a pair of Allonsi Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots as the best shoes similar to Doc Martens without any doubt. These boots can be carried not only with your casual outfit but also with your semi-formal or regular work appearance.

Handy Hints: If you interested to know more guides about shoes, visit our other article about Do Doc Martens Have A Lifetime Guarantee?

5#. Allonsi Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots for Men

Searching for a knock off Doc Martens for your regular use? Well, your wait is over. You can go for this fashionable allonsi Genuine Leather Chelsea Boots for Men to make your look way more attractive at the best reasonable price.

doc martens lookalike

  • Material: The classic cross-patterned sole of the boot is made of synthetic rubber, providing you with a good grip on slippery or uneven ground and stability for your walk. The upper portion of the shoe is made of artificial and shiny leather, giving you an aristocratic look anytime.
  • Design: These military combat boots offer you a classic vintage design convenient for you using at both casual and formal events. You can use it daily as the heel is only 1″ and the platform measurement is 0.5″.
  • Color: These breath-taking boots are available in three different colours; black, dark brown and brown. The dark brown one provides an extra fancy look with every outfit.
  • Comfort: These stylish boots ensure your comfort in winter, making your feet warm for a long time. You can use it to get extra protection for a long motorcycle ride in very cold weather. Lace-up closure helps you to adjust your feet with an elegant look.
  • Durability: There is no chance of the boot breaking down or ruining the upper part due to its quality leather. Compared to the price, you’ll find these boots decently solid for such lightweight material. There may be a slight indentation near the toe if you wear it for a long time while riding a motorcycle, but isn’t it the case with most leather boots?

For a comparatively low budget, these shoes can be the best option for you, which you can get in no time. All you have to do is add it to your shopping cart. Don’t forget to select the correct size before placing an order.

Are Dr. Martens and Doc Martens The Same?

Doc Martens is a British company specializing in both male and female footwear. It was founded in 1947 as a footwear company with a motive to produce cushy and comfortable footwear.

Doc Martens is also named Docs, DMs, and Dr. Martens. All are the names of a public limited company that produces bags, shoe care products, clothing, and specializes in male and female footwear.

Klaus Martens, a doctor of German armed forces, came up with the plan of making comfortable footwear of air padded soles after injuring his ankle in 1945. However, his design didn’t gain many sales at that time.

In 1947, he made his friend Herbert Funck and used discarded rubber in the new design of the shoe. Later, on the business eventually takes off by making an 80% sale.

Doc Martens used to be a beloved brand before 2003 when the company almost got bankrupt due to declining sales and transfer production process to ASIA.

Why Are Doc Martens So Uncomfortable?

Even though Doc Martens boots are made as to therapeutic and are often recommended by podiatrists for being non-flexible, it’s not suitable for many with some specific health condition.

Doc Martens shoes are uncomfortable to wear when they come in smaller sizes than your foot. As a solution, you need to soften it up by a few processes before you can comfortably wear it.

One who had worn it without softening and walked for hours knows the devastating pain and swelling up of the foot. Many find the boots uncomfortable as they’re tight, and rigid.

Even a person who has an event to wear boots immediately should consider the alternatives as Doc Martens takes time to soften up. Walking in a brand new Doc Marten pair for hours will cause foot blister and numbness.

Wearing non-flexible shoes for a long time can result in blisters, numbness, heel pain, and inflammation. Podiatrists don’t recommend the shoe for patients having:

  • Diabetic with foot ulcerations
  • Charcot’s foot
  • Drop foot
  • Elderly
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nerve damage called Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Poor circulation

In recent days, the quality has also deteriorated and doesn’t deserve the fame of long-lasting shoe ever anymore as complained by the users. The soles took only months to fall apart.

What to Look For In a Doc Martens Alternative?

doc martens alternatives

When the regular users were devastated and continuously complaining about the low quality of the shoes, many other companies out there, started offering alternative shoes of Doc Martens with a solution to existing problems.

The features to look at, while purchasing a doc marten alternative:

1. Construction Material

Doc Martens was famous for the ladies around 40 years old due to the use of soft leather material. Starting from Red Vegan Chelsea to the famous Classic 1460s, all the boots have patent leather.

Faux leather can also be a considering factor for vegans. Many vegans like to have a finish of leather without killing an animal.

So, in case of choosing an alternative to Doc Martens boots, considering having soft leather is the primary factor.

2. Sole

In the beginning, Doc Martens used to have air padded sole, and didn’t make many sales for a decade. Later on, the design reached much popularity when discarded rubber was transformed into a thick sole by the use of a mold.

Consider having a rubber sole in your Doc Marten dupe.

3. Side Zipper

Doc Martens don’t have this feature, but adding a side zipper can change the appearance of classic shoes. It’ll even make the boots faster and user-friendly.

4. Durability

Users complained about the quality of Doc Martens in recent years. Now, boots of Doc Martens don’t last for a year, and take months to fall apart. Moreover, the price hasn’t even gone down.

Don’t compromise with the quality while choosing your one!

5. Flexibility

One of the biggest cons of Doc Martens is that they’re too difficult to break in. A series of steps and patience is required to get used to your new brand Doc Martens. Slowly the boots get modified into the shapes of your foot.

But until then, you can’t walk for several hours wearing the new boots. While buying Doc Martens dupe, look for boots having thinner leather, and flexibility so that you can easily break in without any giant blisters, or red marks on the foot.

FAQ about cheap doc martens look-alikes

1#. Are these Doc Martens alternatives true to size?

Yes, usually, these Doc Martens alternatives are true to size. They can be a little close-fitting while wearing them for the first time.

But after using them for a couple of days, it’ll get adjusted with your feet. Some of these boots come in larger sizes than usual and are being mentioned in the product feature. In that case, all you have to do is order a size smaller than regular.

2#. Are they heavy to carry?

Compared to any other footwear, these Doc Martens alternatives are heavy in weight. But not so much that it’ll create discomfort in your feet. Some of these Doc Martens dupes are lighter than the original ones, providing you with the opportunity to carry them for a long time.

3#. How should I clean these boots?

Well, these Doc Marten knock offs are somewhat high-maintenance. You need to use a light soap or leather shampoo to clean all the dust, mud etc., with the help of a shoe brush. After washing the shoes, use a damp rag to wipe off the soles ideally. Don’t forget to dry them out in the open air.

4#. Are these Doc Marten dupes comfortable for regular use?

Yes, these Doc Marten dupes are very comfortable for your regular use. Dr Martens dupes require a long and painful break-in period. Still, after you’ve put them on, the leather will have reshaped according to the size of your feet, and you’ll be able to walk for hundreds of yards.

5#. What to do if I have a half size?

These boots like Doc Martens are available in the whole size. So, if you carry half size, in most places, the standard rule is to consider going down a size or getting an insole. However, some brands recommend ordering a size up for the optimal fit in between sizes.

For avoiding further hassles, I’d suggest you contact the sellers regarding the issue before placing an order.

Our verdict on cheap doc martens look-alikes

Thanks for coming this far with me. There are so many boots like Doc Martens available in the market once you start looking.

I’ve shared some new lace-up boots and chelsa boots that popped up recently in the market. I think these five Doc Martens alternatives won’t let you down.

Go through all of the suggested alternatives, and I hope you’ll be able to determine the best one that fits your personality and budget.

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