Bomber Jacket Collar Types – (5 types of jacket collars)

Bomber jackets come in five types of colors. These are Fur, Flat, Low-cut standing, Standing, and hoodie.

Bomber Jackets are designed for the military and pilots. At first, it was just classic wear. But now it comes with lots of casual styles also.

I prefer bombers for my work and casual wear both. Because I’ve been with bombers for around 14 years, but till now, I’m unable to find any better jackets for Swissing bombers. The collar styles of bombers are just awesome.

What is a collared jacket?

The Jackets that have folded fence lapels on the front side are called collared jackets. Collared jackets have a classic and formal look. Generally, they’re designed folding in the front side of the jackets and suturing them towards the collar. An extra portion of fabric exists in the backside around the neck.

types of collars on jackets

Collar types  ModelsProsCons
Fur  G-1 and B-15 bomber jacketA very warm collar is the best Saviour in freezing temperatures you can keep the collar down or flip it up or buckle it around the neck; no matter what, it will be fantastic for cold weather. Professional lookPerfect as a workwear  Classic settings are not suitable for casual wear.
Flat  A-2, pseudo, and also some other bomber jacketsExcellent as semi-professional wear.Casual lookFlip able collar to cover the neck. Made with heavy leather protects it from cold  Less warm than the fur collar you must wear a scarf with it for cold protection.
Low-cut standing  Part of the MA-1 bomber jacketInferior and sleekEasy for matching with other things, like scarves and bananas great for sensitive people, for example, fabrics sensitivity, skin sensitivity, muscular tick, etc.Stylish look  Low-cutters challenging for colder weather have to take additional warmth for cold situations
Standing  Originated from an MA-1 bomber jacketBest for bikes suitable for those who dislike flat collars too “preppy.” For people with nightlifeFashionable and cool  Unmatchable to wear in other places except nightlife or bike riding.This is not the collar of an authentic bomber jacket  
Hoodie  Most recent modelsModern style most trendy and versatile collar light-weightMade with faux-leather, nylon, or polyester super cool for relaxing and casual setting  Don’t provide a traditional and classic look wearable in some selective places.

Whenever you think about the collars of bomber jackets, if I’m not wrong, maybe you believe it like thick mouton collars surrounding the neck.

I also thought it was like that. But later, I came to know that fur collars are the most ideal and iconic, but not the only ones.

Some of the Bombers’ collars fit amazingly with formal and some with informal. You can buckle and flip some up while some stand around your neck and some will lay flat.  So, let’s see the different types of bomber jacket collars.

What do you wear under a bomber jacket?

Bomber jackets were designed especially for pilots. It is mainly a military flight jacket made during the 1st World War to keep pilots warm in cold situations. But over time, it has become a fashionable item for regular civilians also.

What to wear under or with a bomber jacket differs from place to place and style to style. If you wear bombers as a classic outfit, then the others wear with the jacket should be classy too, but if it is casual, then your style should be casual.

So let’s make it more specific for you.

OccasionsBottom (Pants)TopFootwear’s
Classic eventsFormal pantsChinos  Collared shirtDressed leather shoe
Semi classicChinosTrousersCollared shirtPololeather trainers loafers
Casual  Jeans, Chinos Casual trousersT-shirt (hot weather)HoodieSweatshirt (cold weather)Sneakers
Smart Casual  Chinos TrousersCollared shirtleather trainers loafersSuede derby shoes.  

Are bomber jackets Still in Style in 2022?

Bombers are usually classic wear, but they’ve become trendy wear now. It has been more than 100 years of Bomber jackets, but they are still fancy, fashionable, and also in style in 2022. And it will be in style for years over the years.

Bomber jackets are the classic outerwear of men, which is versatile, minimal, and timeless. But with time, bombers come in lots of styles, colors, fabrics, and materials. As a result, it is now famous for its both casual and classic looks.

I’m a biker and also a person with nightlife. So obviously, I need perfect outwear for me. In this case, the only wear I can depend on is Bombers jackets. And I recommend all guys should take advantage of these cool stylish fashion trends.

Handy Hints: If you interested to know more guides about bomber jackets, visit our other article Does A Bomber Jacket Keep You Warm?

Is a bomber jacket good for rain?

A suitable outwear for rainy say is really very important. And Bomber Jackets is the perfect wear that you will be able to use in out on rainy days or nights. This fantastic outerwear is mind-blowing for uplifting your wear, and it will make you relax and warm too.

So when it is raining outside, and you are working at your cold office, and you might need a piece of warm cloth, in this situation, bomber jackets are very dependable.

These jackets are water-resistant also but not all. Some are water-resistant, and some are not. It varies from model to model. So if you need a water-resistant one, then you should go for it. And if you need the normal one, then buy that as bombers have different models with different feathers. So you should get the proper knowledge about it before buying one.

What is the best material for a bomber jacket?

In my perspective, there is no accurate answer to this question. Because bombers are made with different materials, although nylon remains most wanted among pilots and civilians, every material of bombers is good. Still, the user can vary from season to season or from purpose to purpose.

I have given the information about which material is best for which season in the table below to crack the right one for you.

Materials nameBest for
Nylon and Polyester Bomber Jackets  Spring and summer
Woolen Bomber Jackets  Freezing cold
Suede Bomber Jackets  Light cold or hot
Leather Bomber Jackets  Winter
Cotton and denim Bomber JacketsSummer  

Who makes the best leather bomber jacket?

“The Jacket Maker” makes the best leather number jacket. And they are in the 4th position according to the ranking. I’m still using their leather bomber jacket. It is too good, comfortable, and relaxing and I can wear it in cold weather also.

So if you are looking to buy the best leather bomber jacket, then The Jacket Maker’s leather bomber will be the best choice.

Some other companies make quality bombers also. They are comparatively best from one to another from different angles. Here I have given the top 10 companies and why they are best, in case it helps.

Name of the CompanyBest forRanking
Alpha Industries MA-1Overall1st
Tom FordDesign2nd
The Jacket MakerLeather4th
Alpha Industries SkymasterSummer6th
Robert GrahamMid-season7th
Alpha Industries B-15Winter8th
Sandro ParisSuede9th
Officine GeneraleWool10th

What is the best bomber jacket?

Every bomber is different from the others. And each of them is best for particular reasons. Now it depends on you that you want the best bombers for what? Such as I wear woolen Bombers in cold weather because it is best for winter.

So let me tell you about the 5 best bombers and their features. It will be helpful for you to find the best bomber jacket for you.

Name Features
Alpha Industries L-2B Model Natus  Detachable French terry-type hood. Water-resistant Light is enough Perfect for at least two to three seasons. Made with nontraditional utility pockets on top of the arm2 welt type pockets in the front1 inside pockets-3X size options and black colors
Buck Mason Jacket  Made with cent % Merino wool soft, strong, and breathable perfect for cold weather very warmHorn buttons patch pockets S-XXL (size)Charcoal and black (colors)
Independence Brothers  Plush white faux Sherpa collarElasticized cotton rim and cuffs2 traditional flap pockets (front)Fully customizable (size)Black and brown color whiskey brown, grey, oxblood, tan and blue are also available but additional cost needed  
Sandbank Softshell Flight Bomber Jacket  Utility pocket on the armRibbed collar, 2 side pockets. Made with polyester lightweight perfect for spring and summers-3XL (US size)Deep blue, wine red, black, army green, and khaki (colors)  
Todd Snyder Knit Bomber Jacket  Made With French cottonHorn buttons Flatlock switching medium weight good for late springs-XXL (size)Indigo (color)

How do you rock a bomber jacket?

You can rock a bomber jacket in different ways. But it totally depends on you. If you use your boomers as classic outwear, then you can swing it by wearing a khaki chino, a leather shoe, and a collared shirt with it. But if you youse it as casual wear, wear a hoodie, t-shirt, or shirt under it with jeans, chinos, or trousers and wear a loafer or sinkers with it and it’s going to be rock.

FAQ about Bomber Jacket Collar Types

1#. Do you zip up a bomber jacket?

Definitely, you can zip up a bomber jacket. It depends on your look and the weather. But I recommend that if you want to zip up, it would be best to choose a little bit roomy jacket.

2#. Is a bomber jacket good for winter?

Yes, some of the bomber jackets are suitable for winter. Such as bombers made with  wool, nylon, polyester, and leather

3#. Are bomber jackets good for summer?

Yes, some bomber jackets are perfect for summer. In this case, you should get jackets with cotton, denim, nylon, and polyester fabric. These fabrics are good for hot and humid temperatures.

4#. Why is the inside of bomber jackets orange?

There is an orange lining inside the bomber jacket because orange is an obvious color. When something terrible happens to the pilots or the plane, the pilots wear their jackets, turn inside out, and ask for rescue.

5#. Should a bomber jacket be tight?

There is no perfect answer to this question. There are different sizes of bombers available in different styles. So, your bomber jacket will be tight or loose; it totally depends on you. So you should know the proper measurements of your body and authentic knowledge about the size of bomber jackets.

Our verdict on Bomber Jacket Collar Types

In this article, I’ve made everything clear about bomber Jacket Collar Types. So now you know which Bombers will be best for you. So go immediately and buy your desired one.

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