Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet | (Top 10 picks)

A real struggle is when your hands and feet sweat a lot and you have to live with it. In most cases, sweaty feet can occur due to choosing the wrong pair of slippers. Since most of us have hardly any idea what can be the most comfortable, breathable slippers for sweaty feet following the materials or features.

The simple answer to that is you must get a waterproof slipper with breathable quality. While we wear slippers the lower portion of our feet can hardly breathe. So, it causes more sweats and you become uncomfortable

If you think all slippers are made of the same materials then you are wrong. There are many varieties of slippers with different built materials and designs. Among all these differences, it would be hard for you to choose the right pair of Slippers for your sweaty feet.

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Will Sandals Prevent My Feet From Sweating?

Sandals with an open design and breathability will prevent your feet from sweating. Your feet only sweat when they don’t get enough airflow and your feet’ heat is compressed inside the shoe. So, an open-designed sandal would keep your feet from sweating.

What Type Of Sandal Should I Wear For Sweaty Feet?

You should wear properly sized sandals with an airflow design and absorbent materials for sweaty feet. If your sandals have good breathability and they fit your feet accordingly, they will surely keep your feet relaxed and sweat-free. If you still sweat a little, absorbent materials will absorb the sweat and heat to relax your feet.

Best Slipper For Sweaty Feet reviews

Finding the best slipper to prevent sweaty feet completely depends on your personal choice. We have enlisted some of the best slippers that have all the necessary facilities of a comfortable slipper and they also prevent sweating. We have also described what they are best for and what their pros & cons are.

You can choose any of these slippers depending on your budget and choice of style:

1. HomeIdeas Men’s House Woolen Fabric Memory Foam Slippers

Homeideas men’s woolen memory foam slippers are one of the best value sweaty feet slippers you will ever get. This slip-on type sandal is made with a very thick layer of cushioning that provides immense durability and comfort. You will like its premium design that would also prevent your feet from sweating and water.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Woolen Fabric: The premium quality woolen fabric used in HomeIdeas men’s woolen slippers is soft to your feet. This fabric would keep your feet dry and odorless for a long time. Woolen fabric is also quite light to carry and easy to clean.
  • Comfortable In All Conditions: The TPR sole used in HomeIdeas men’s slippers comes with a 7mm high sponge heel and 5 mm thick layer of Eva cushion padding. This would provide enough foot support and durability for your slippers no matter how roughly you use them.
  • Non-Slip & Silent Steps: The outsole of this slipper comes with a wavelike pattern design. This design prevents you from making noise and leaving scratches on the floor while walking. It would also prevent your slippers from skidding on any indoor or outdoor surface.
  • Considerable Size Options:  You can choose your ideal foot size from HomeIdeas men’s slippers’ vast size options. This means you would be able to choose the right size of slippers to keep your feet warm and sweat-free at the same time.

Keep In Mind

  • Doesn’t Last Long:  These slippers’ comfort and durability are not long-lasting. You won’t feel the same comfort and grip after using it for a few months.

 2. Vonmay Men’s Slippers Fuzzy House Shoes Memory Foam Slip

Vonmay is our second priority as the best indoor men’s slippers for sweaty feet. This fuzzy slipper features a stylish woolen line design on the outside and multilayered thick padding on the inside. 

If your budget doesn’t restrict you, then this is the best choice in my opinion.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Premium Skin Comfort With Supportive & Padded Sole: Sponge heel, memory foam, support foam, etc padding cushions of Vonmay slippers are exquisitely convenient. The comfort you will enjoy is more than enough to rest your feet and secure a safe grip.
  • Cozy & Stylish Design: The mudguard and fleece lining of Vonmay slippers are designed perfectly. You can easily slip your legs on them without any discomfort. The wool-felt upper would also protect your feet from bumping and getting hurt.
  • Warm & Breathable: The wool-like texture on the inside of Vonmay men’s slippers is meant to keep your feet warm and comfortable for the whole day. You won’t feel your feet sweating or any moisture no matter how long you use these slippers. Its breathable design is perfect for all-day use. 
  • Flexible & Stretchable For Comfortable Fit: The memory foam of Vonmay slippers is extremely good in terms of flexibility and comfort. This foam adapts to your feet’ size within a short time and provides long-lasting comfort no matter how much you stretch them.

Keep In Mind

  • Comfort Isn’t Permanent: The comfort you get with these slippers doesn’t last long as the outsole is not so durable. Its woolen fabric may also not provide enough comfort after a short period.

3. isotoner Women’s Andrea Open Toe Slide Slipper

Isotoner women’s moisture-wicking slippers can be called the best women’s no sweat slippers. These comfortable slippers come with the best design for women so you can easily wear them both inside and outside your house. 

Isotoner slippers also provide secure gripping and comfortable upper knitting.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Womens Open Toe Sliders With Versatile Size Options: You can easily wear and remove open-toe sliders from your feet. The soft upper knit of isotoner women’s slippers would also help you to comfortably wear these slippers without disturbing your skin.  Women of any age can wear these slippers because of their numerous size options.
  • Warm, Breathable & Sweat Free: Isotoner slippers both open back and open toe design patterns provide the most breathability you can get. The moisture wicked lining of these slippers would protect your feet from moisture and sweating while still keeping your feet warm.
  • Long-Lasting & Machine Washable: Isotoner slippers are not only built with durable materials but also ensure a fresh outlook for a long time. You can machine wash and also dry clean them without damaging their comfort and durability.
  • Anti Slip & Comfortable Rubber Sole Material: The patterned rubber outsole of isotoner slippers ensures proper gripping on all surfaces. With these slippers, there is no chance of slipping or losing balance even if you run on a wooden surface. You also won’t feel any discomfort if you use isotoner slippers in outdoor conditions.

Keep In Mind

  • Stretches Too Much After A Few Time: The rubber padded sole of isotoner women’s slippers keeps stretching wider if you use them roughly. Too much stretching might make these slippers unfit and uncomfortable for your feet.

4. FANTURE Unisex Men’s and Women’s House Slippers

Fanture unisex slippers are one of the most reliable slippers in terms of both comfort and durability. Super soft lining, breathability, anti-skidding, memory foam padding, and all other premium features come at a very reasonable price with FANTURE slippers. You will also love it in terms of color options and design.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Stylish Unisex Cotton-Blend Knitted Design: A very unique cotton blend design with coral velvet outer lining. Stylish slip-on design and vast color options can be worn by people of all ages and anywhere.
  • Multilayered Sole For The Best Comfort & Durability: Rubber padding of fanture slippers comes with an extra layer of heel padding. This means you won’t feel any discomfort no matter how long you walk with these slippers. High-quality insoles would also decrease your feet muscles soreness, tiredness, and relieve pain.
  • Breathable & Washable: The super coral velvet lining can be washed and it would also keep your feet warm. You can also wear them in summer since the super coral velvet lining is extremely breathable. Isn’t it cool that your feet would be warm and they won’t sweat either?
  • Doesn’t Make Any Noise Or Leave Footprints:  Skid and waterproof rubber outsole of fanture unisex slippers are highly durable. They don’t make any sound or footprints making them convenient slippers for indoor use.

Keep In Mind

  • Feet Frequently Slides Off The Heel: The coral velvet lining of these slippers often slides off the heel because of is too soft.
  • Only Fits Wide Feet Properly: If your feet are not wide enough, these slippers would neither fit nor keep your feet warm.

Size Chart (US,EU)​

3-4 5-6 36-37
5-6 7-8 38-39
7-8 9-10 40-41
9-10 11-12 42-43

5. Fantiny CIOR Unisex Memory Foam Slippers

Cior unisex slippers from fantiny brand are highly recommended for people of all ages. This slipper comes with a size variant for all ages starting from 3-4 years kids. Its unique design, high-quality rubber sole, and cotton texture provide a very comfortable and safe footing at a very reasonable price.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Cotton Blend Texture Prevents Feet From Sweating : A combination of waffle design and cotton texture used in Cior unisex slippers prevent stuffy feeling even after long-term use. Cotton material would also absorb all the sweat from your feet which makes it an ideal slipper for all seasons.
  • Non-Slippery & Multifunction Unisex Slippers:  You can go anywhere with your Fantiny Cior slippers since they won’t slip at any place. Completely non-slippery outsole and high durability allow you to wear them to the kitchen, park, swimming pool, and any other place you want.
  • Numerous Size Options & Machine Washable: Choosing the right fit is so easy with cior slippers numerous size options. Washing these slippers is also pretty easy since you can use both machine wash and hand wash. You can easily clean off any stains and make your slippers look new.
  • Highly Comfortable TPR Rubber Sole: Memory foam cushioned TPR rubber sole of this slipper ensures marshmallow-like comfort and long-lastingness. You won’t feel any fatigues or pain in your feet no matter how long you keep wearing these. Its cotton texture also comes with hygroscopicity.

Keep In Mind

  • Not Water Resistant: These slippers can withstand a little water and mud but they won’t last long with water. Its comfort and durability are both sacrificed in water.

6. Orthotic Slippers For Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

If you have any injury or cut on your feet then orthotic slippers are the best choice for you. These slippers come with one of the best anti-skid rubber soles and ergonomic comfort. Its arch support design is convenient for pain relief and heel support.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Anti Skid Outsole For Traction & Long activity: Ergo Foot outsoles used in orthotic slippers ensure no skidding even if you are walking on the most slippery surface. The wave-patterned outsole provides maximum traction and balance.
  • Orthopedic Footbed & Arch Support:  The deep heel cup and orthotic footbed of this slipper can make your walking very comfortable and easy. Your feet won’t feel tired or exhausted and you will also feel relief from heel pain, arch pain, and foot pain.
  • Adaptive Cushioning Reduces Feet Stress: Eva midsoles used for cushioning can help to reduce ankle stress by absorbing shocks and diffusing pressure. These midsoles are extremely lightweight and durable themselves which makes them even more convenient. 
  • Warm & Cozy: Orthotic slippers are easy to slip on and off due to their wide design. The size of these slippers will get adapted to your feet within the first few hours of use. Thus, your feet would be warm in winter and sweat-free in summer. Even if you wear them for the whole day in your office, you’ll feel comfortable and sweat-free all the time.

Keep In Mind

  • Only Designed For Wide Feet: If you have skinny feet then these slippers won’t be good for you. Its wide design might slip off your feet at any time.

7. Hanes Comfort Soft Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Clog Slipper Shoe

Hanes soft memory foam clog slippers provide some unique and premium facilities. These slippers offer the best comfort, design along with odor resistance which is quite appreciable.

Besides, you can choose from lots of colors and sizes to suit your style.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Comfortable Foam Padding For Both Indoor & Outdoor Uses: Memory foam padding of Hanes slippers can mold to your feet size and adjust to the perfect fit you want. This will let you enjoy the maximum comfort you can get from foam paddings.
  • Machine Washable & Odor Resistant: If your slippers get dirty, you can give them a brand new look anytime with a machine wash. Hanes fresh IQ odor resistance lets your slippers stay fresh and odor-free no matter how much sweat they absorb.
  • Unisex Slippers With Numbers Of Colors & Size Options: Hanes slippers’ unisex design and vast color options make them usable for any place and anyone. Many size options allow people of all ages to use these slippers.
  • Comes With A Very Thick & Gripped Sole: The outsole of Hanes slippers is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Its thick grip protects from sliding and slipping at any surface.

Keep In Mind

  • Too Expensive : Hanes slippers are more expensive than other slippers with similar specs. You can pay extra money for them if you like their design more.
  • Not Resistant To Water: Water-resistance doesn’t come with hanes slippers also. You can machine wash them but getting them drenched is going to reduce their comfort and durability.

8. Dearfoams Women’s Camila Waffle Knit Slide Slipper

Dearfoam women’s Camila waffle knit slide slippers are very popular among women. These slippers come with a very cozy footbed and size adaptive memory cushion. 

This slipper can prevent your feet from sweating with the df adapt formula.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Premium & Cozy Cushioning: The multi-density cushion used in dear foams Camila waffle knit slippers can reduce stress and tiredness from your feet. Cushioned insoles and memory foam padding allow you to wear these slippers for as long as you want without any discomfort.
  • Usable For Both Indoor & Outdoor Conditions : The wavy patterned outsole of dearfoam women’s slippers can prevent you from slipping or sliding. Laux waffle knit upper design looks so good that you can wear them anywhere you want. 
  • Adaptive Foam Prevents Feet From Sweating : DF adapts the technology of waffle knit to ensure no-sweat comfort. It adapts to your feet’ size and temperature perfectly to ensure both a cozy and cool feeling to prevent sweaty feet. 
  • Sturdy & Machine Washable: Outsole and the waffle knit designs are quite sturdy. You can use these slippers as roughly as you want without worrying about their lastingness. You can also machine wash them with cold water.

Keep In Mind

  • No Side Support : The waffle knit slide slipper design doesn’t come with side support which can be a discomfort for many. Your feet may often flip to the sides since there is no support.
  • Produces Too Much Odor: These slippers soles come with a strong odor. Your feet may also smell bad due to the soles’ strong odor which may be a deal-breaker for many.

9. Dearfoams Women’s Leslie Quilted Terry Clog Slipper

Here is another pair of best women’s no sweat slippers from dearfoam women’s that comes with incredible comfort and sweat resistance. This model is similar to the previous one in terms of comfort and durability but the layout designs are different.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Elegant Slipper Design: The quilted detailing of this slipper gives a very stylish outlook that can suit any place and outfit. These slippers can be worn both indoor and outdoor due to their elegant design.
  • Easy To Slide Design : The clog back design of dearfoam quilted terry clog slippers lets you slide in & out without any discomfort or irritation to your skin. This design can also help you balance your feet and prevent sliding out. The upper design is also quite comfortable which makes it even easier to wear these slippers.
  • Arch Cushioning & Increased Heel : Multi-density cushioned insoles of this slipper are highly comfortable and relaxing for your feet, memory foam and arch cushions along with increased heel reduce foot stress and ankle pressure. You won’t feel any tiredness or pain even if you wear them for a long time.
  • Absorbent Terrycloth Material: The absorbent terry cloth materials used in dearfoam Leslie quilted terry clog slippers can prevent you from sweating. These absorbent materials make this slipper ideal for use at the gym or after taking a shower.

Keep In Mind

  • Poor Memory Foam: Memory foam quality of dearfoam women’s quilted terry clog slippers is not as convenient as others. The foam padding can wear down till the bottom after a few weeks of using which can make it uncomfortable.

10. Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs Shoes Sandals Slippers

Amoji unisex garden clogs are one of the most durable slippers among all the bests slippers for sweaty feet. These rubber-made slippers come with the most breathable design along with astonishing durability. 

Amoji slippers are also extremely lightweight and completely waterproof.

Why Should You Get It?

  • Odorless & Breathable: The upper design of the Amoji slipper comes with lots of holes which makes it one of the most breathable slippers you can get. Your feet won’t even sweat because of the regular airflow through those holes.
  • Long-Lasting & Light-weight Rubber Slippers : Rubber materials used in Amoji slippers are certainly very long-lasting and durable. You can use them as roughly as you want without any concern at all. These slippers weigh around 100g which makes them even more comfortable for wearing throughout the whole day.
  • Unisex Design With Sizes For People Of All Ages: Amoji slippers can be used by both men and women. You can also gift these slippers to your father or mother for their household chores as these slippers are suitable for anyone and any outfit.
  • Suitable For Both Indoor & Outdoor Uses: Since these slippers are fully waterproof, you can wear them to any place you want. These slippers can be your ideal shoes for the gym, swimming pool, kitchen, garden, beach, and many other places. You won’t feel any pressure or sweat on your feet no matter where you wear them.

Keep In Mind

  • No Cushioning Or Padding At All: There is no cushioning or padding in these slippers at all. Amoji slippers are made of rubber materials that may be long lasting but they do not provide any cushioning which can be a discomfort to many people.

Choosing The Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet – Buying Guidelines

Here are some major things that you should look for in your slippers for sweaty feet:

1. Arch Support/Orthotic Support

Arch support Is one of the most important factors for foot comfort. You can have sharp heel pain if your preferred slipper doesn’t come with arch support. You can also suffer from foot swelling and lower limb injury if your slipper doesn’t have good arch support.

2. Easy To Slip On & Off

The slipper you choose should be designed to easily wear and put off. Some slippers can create skin irritation and pressure on your feet while you are trying to wear them. We have enlisted a lot of easy slip-on & off-designed slippers so you can easily choose your favorite one.

3. Non-Slippery Outsole

The grip of your slipper’s outsole must be strong enough to prevent you from slipping or skidding on any surface. A strong and grippy rubber outsole is the best option in this term since rubber outsoles are the least slippery among all.

4. Comfortable Insole

Insoles must be skin-friendly and soft to keep your feet warm and relaxed. Do not go for slippers with patterned or heavily designed insoles as they might cause discomfort to your feet. Cotton textured insoles would be the best recommendation for a comfortable insole.

5. Cushioned Midsole

Cushioned/padded midsole is a must for feet comfort. A well-padded midsole can reduce foot pain, stress, ankle pressure, etc. Midsole cushioning can also prevent your feet from several injuries.

6. Memory Foam Adaptiveness

Memory foam of a slipper is a really important factor to prevent sweating since it allows your slipper to adapt to your feet’ size. A proper feet size adoption plays a very vital role in terms of both comfort and sweat prevention. We have enlisted slippers with DF adapt technology that can be a really great choice in terms of memory foam adoption.

7. Breathability

Breathability is the main factor that distinguishes slippers’ sweat prevention. You should always go for slippers with higher breathability to keep your feet’ temperature natural and maintain airflow. If you want to comfortably wear your slippers throughout the whole day without sweating then breathability is a must

8. Odor Prevention

Sweaty feet can create odor which can ruin your personality in front of others. If you have been suffering from this problem then you can check our slippers with odor preventing formula. These slippers prevent odor from both your feet and the slippers themselves

9. Water Resistance

You may need to wash your slippers since your feet keep sweating when you wear them. If your slippers are not water-resistant, the slippers might get rotten or lose their comfort and durability when you wash them with water. Water-resistance is also needed if you are planning to wear your slipper to the sea beach or swimming pool. 

10. Weight

You should always go for slippers that are lightly weighted so that you can easily carry them or wear them for a long time without any pressure at all. Try to avoid slippers with unnecessary designs that make them heavier. The more heavy your slippers are, the more uncomfortable you will feel.

1. Which Sandal Material Is Best For Sweaty Feet?

Polyester is the best sandal material for sweaty feet. Polyester is quicker to dry, easy to clean, and durable than all other sandal materials. Polyester is also better at preventing sweat because it is more breathable than other fabrics.

2. Are Leather Footwears Good For Sweaty Feet?

Leather is a quite expensive shoe material but it is also good for sweaty feet. Leather is a good absorbent that prevents sweat puddles from forming inside your shoe and prevents excessive moisture. However, leather slippers would be quite expensive to use for walking by the swimming pool or indoors.

3. Why Do My Feet Get Sweaty While Wearing Sandals?

Your feet sweat when the footwear you are wearing doesn’t allow airflow inside them. If the footwear isn’t breathable, temperature changes and bacteria thrives which causes your feet to sweat since your feet work hard to control the temperature.

4. Why Are Crocs Bad For Sweaty Feet?

Some crocs do not leave any space for your feet to breathe which is bad for sweaty feet. If you wear crocs that leave some space for your feet to keep the airflow going and lower the temperature then there is nothing to worry about.

Our verdict on Best Slippers For Sweaty Feet

Now that we have shown you the best slippers for sweaty feet, you can easily choose the right pair of slippers for you. All of our enlisted slippers are reliable, durable and they all provide a good value for money. The specs and reviews that we have described are also tested and proven.

If you ask for our opinion, then the best value sweaty feet sliders are FANTURE Unisex Men’s and Women’s House Slippers. These slippers come with very premium specs to prevent sweating, slipping, and making noise at a very reasonable price. 

Vonmay Men’s Slippers Fuzzy House Shoes can also be the right choice for you if you want to ensure maximum protection against feet sweating. It is also one of the Best indoor + outdoor cool slippers for guys. Vonmay Men’s slippers will leave you without any doubt about sweat prevention.

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