Are YSL Shoes Good quality – Is It Worth Buying?

YSL shoes are famous among fashion-conscious people and rightly so. You can see celebrities wearing this brand at many events. Furthermore, the luxurious design of these shoes is appreciated by many. 

If you are planning on buying a designer shoe, YSL shoes can be a good option. But, you might wonder what’s so good about them, right?

That’s why in this article, we will go in-depth about are YSL shoes good?

Who makes YSL Shoes?

YSL shoes are made by the company Yves Saint Laurents. However, the name was later changed to Saint Laurent. This fashion house is the daughter company of Kering, a french multinational company.

This fashion house was founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé in 1962. However, the company was later sold to Kering in 1999.

Where Are YSL Shoes Made?

The headquarters of this fashion house is in France. But, the shoes are made in Italy, not France. The manufacturing site is located in Scandicci, Florence. This company also has plans on making a new manufacturing site outside of Florence.

How Does YSL Brands Warranty Work?

YSL provides a 30-day return policy. That means you can return your shoes up to 30 days after you have received them in case you face some problems or have a change of mind. 

However, you have to return these shoes in their original packaging. Moreover, these have to be unused and unworn. Additionally, there is no option of returning your personalized products and getting a refund.

do ysl shoes run small?

Actually, no. YSL shoes run somewhat small for their size which some users claim. According to many users, the shoes feel a little on the tighter side, mainly in the front.

However, you should not run into any problems if you have a narrow foot.

Are YSL Shoes Good? 5 Reasons to Choose YSL

There is no question about the quality of YSL shoes. You might be wondering why these shoes have such high demand among fashionistas and enthusiasts. Among many reasons why these shoes are exceptional, we will discuss five of them here. This will help you get an overall idea about these shoes.

#1 – Comfort

This brand takes pride in making comfortable shoes. You can wear these on almost every occasion regardless of the season. These shoes also go well with semi-formal and casual dresses. You can easily move around or even dance in these shoes. Additionally, they cause almost no pain even after wearing them for a long time.

#2 – Design

One of the main reasons for these shoes being so popular is their design. These are very well thought out and are perfect to match any formal occasion. This accentuates the design in a good way.

#3 – Brand Value

YSL is a respectable fashion house. They are in the business for a long time, and rightfully so. The premium materials with the premium pricing make this brand well worth its value. 

Also, numerous celebrities wear these shoes, which adds a significant amount to YSL’s brand value.

#4 – Material

These shoes are made with 100% calfskin leather. From the lining to the sole, everything is made of leather. The quality of the leather used is on top of the shelf.

On the flip side, this makes the price of the shoes higher. But, these shoes are for those who do not mind spending a lot of money on top-notch quality.

#5 – Longevity

YSL shoes last for a long time. The strictly monitored production of these shoes makes them quite sturdy. Although the soles are made of leather, they do not wear out easily. 

Are YSL shoes have any Drawbacks?

There aren’t a lot of things that can be considered as a negative side to YSL shoes. However, these shoes are not cheap by any means. On the contrary, these are quite expensive for general people.

But, YSL mainly targets people who want designer shoes. For these people, these shoes have reasonable pricing.

Also, YSL has gone through many ups and downs, it wasn’t all smooth sailing for this brand. So, sometimes its reputation took a hit although it is a respectable brand.

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Top YSL shoe on the market

  • YSL Tribute Sandals:

These are extremely popular women’s sandals. These shoes come in various color schemes. This model has some noteworthy features, such as a leather blend.

These also come with ankle straps, open-toe designs, and most notably wooden platform soles. Although these are priced at around a thousand bucks, the 100% leather lining along with the leather soles make them well worth the money.

  • Saint Laurent Wyatt: 

Saint Laurent Wyatts are arguably the most popular men’s shoes from YSL. These Chelsea boots cost slightly above the thousand-dollar mark. 

However, the leather soles along with the 100% calfskin leather these shoes have with the eye-catching design are worth every penny.

Are There Any Alternatives to These Shoes?

There are some lower-priced alternatives to YSL shoes. The brands Oro Los Angeles, Scarosso, Aldo, and Asos make some pretty decent stuff with a similar design to YSL shoes at a cheaper price. 

However, if you have no plans to cheap out on your shoes,  you can always look for other brands. Prada, Gucci, and Dior are some companies that compete head-to-head with YSL.

FAQ about Are YSL Shoes Good quality

1. Do YSL flat sandals run small?

YSL sandals reportedly run half a size small from the true size. The fit is also narrow due to the position of the toe box at a hexagonal angle.

2. Is YSL Owned by Gucci?

This brand is mainly owned by Kering. But, Kering also owns Gucci. So, it would be more appropriate to say that YSL is the sister company of Gucci, rather than saying that it is owned by Gucci.

3. Is YSL a luxury?

Yes, it is a luxury fashion house. It makes both menswear and womenswear. The brand name, product quality, and pricing make this brand a luxury.

4. Who is YSL’s target audience?

YSL mainly targets young fashion-conscious people. Women aged 18-35 are the main customers of these shoes.

Our verdict on Are YSL Shoes Good quality

As explained in the article, YSL shoes excel in almost every category. Sure, you can buy a pair of knockoffs, but these will be nowhere near the originals in terms of quality. 

But, we also think that it is not worth spending a huge sum of money on these designer shoes. The alternatives we have mentioned are also worth taking note of.

We have tried to cover everything regarding these shoes in this article. It should help you in making a decision on whether or not you want to buy a YSL shoe.

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