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American Eagle is a renowned brand for fashion, clothing, accessories, and, most importantly, jeans. They have been providing good-quality jeans for a long time. The jeans come in various sizes, designs, shapes, styles, and more. 

However, there are a lot more brands out there that provide a good range of jeans. They are pretty popular. So, why should you go for American Eagle? Are American Eagle jeans good? You can surely choose the brand to get better-quality products and services. 

If you want to know why you need to go with this brand, then get right into the description that I am going to show you below. 

are american eagle jeans good

About American Eagle Jeans 

American Eagle is a clothing, lifestyle, and accessories brand that started its journey in 1977. Two brothers named Mark, and Jerry Silverman began this brand in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as a part of Retail Ventures. It is also known as Silverman’s Menswear. 

In 1991, Silvermans sold their ownership to Jacob Price. That’s how American Eagle Outfitters becomes the parent company of Aerie. It also owns Aerie lingerie, kids’ accessories, cashmere sweaters, vintage college clothing, and more. 

Recently in 2020, American Eagle Outfitters launched their new collection that is known as “Offline.” In this collection, there are outfits that everyone can wear for both relaxing and working times. 

American Eagle is best known for jeans and different types of fashionable pants. There are a lot of options for jeans to choose from. Check more from here to know the good and bad things about American Eagle. 

American Eagle Jeans: A Review of Style, Quality, and Comfort

There are some things to know when buying any American Eagle jeans. Make sure to collect all the necessary details to know whether it’s best for you or not. See them in detail. 

#1- Quality 

Quality is the best thing you need to check before buying any jeans. First, jeans should be comfortable to wear. You won’t like the quality if it doesn’t bring comfort. Talking about American Eagle jeans, these have extraordinary quality. Almost all kinds of jeans are long-lasting and comfortable to wear. 

You can easily use them for 3-4 years. It can bear several washes and still look like new. The reason is the fabric is good. The jeans are both summer and winter-friendly.

The denim is produced by recycling polyester and cotton, making it eco-friendly. They maintain their quality for a long time. So, you can undoubtedly rely on it. 

#2- Price 

When it’s about price, it should be reasonable to attract buyers. When buyers get the perfect fit and good quality at an affordable rate, they want to try out the product. And if they like it, they may become a regular customer. 

Talking about American Eagle, they provide good-quality jeans at a reasonable range. Almost all the products are under $35-$70. Besides, there are several sales and discounts included. So you can get your desired product at a lower rate. 

#3- Style 

American Eagle jeans have various types of jeans. These are fashionable as well. There are some excellent varieties of jeans for women. 

Such as flared pants, baggy jeans, skinny jeans, mom jeans, bootcut jeans, jeggings, boyfriend jeans, cropped jeans, high-waisted jeans, joggers, low-rise jeans, ‘90s jeans, and a lot more. 

For men, there are slim-fit jeans, bootcut jeans, straight jeans, skinny jeans, ‘90s jeans, athletic fit jeans, and more. The best thing about American Eagle is there are multiple varieties available that you can choose from. 

#4- Size 

American Eagle has a wide range of sizes. When the other brands have a limited range of sizes, American Eagle comes up with something useful for buyers with uncommon sizes. That’s why people love their products so much. 

The size range of women starts from XXS to XXL (23.5-inch waist to 36.5-inch waist). And men’s size range is from 28-48 inches waist. So, anyone, whether he’s extra slim or overweight, can choose their preferred size and wear their favorite pair of jeans. 

Another good thing is that they can customize their size in some stores by adding different patterns, designs, and paintings. 

Does American Eagle Use Real Denim? 

American Eagle jeans are made with good-quality materials like sustainably sourced and recycled cotton and polyester. They claim to provide better quality fabric to continue their business with better products. 

The denim is made in a way that meets the expectations of the Water Leadership Program. As they use recycled materials, it becomes eco-friendly as well. Overall, American Eagle uses authentic denim that lasts long. 

Is American Eagle jeans still popular?

American Eagle products are in fashion. The brand is famous enough. They include different types of designs and patterns of jeans like baggy, skinny, mom jeans, straight cut jeans, bootcut jeans, ‘90s jeans, and more like that. All these are trendy nowadays. 

The products deliver innovative, good quality, and comfortable jeans. Because of all these reasons, American Eagle is the brand everyone like for their jeans. 

How Long Do American Eagle Jeans Last? 

American Eagle Jeans last for about two years. However, if proper care is taken, it may last for more than that. Any denim jeans can last up to 10 years if properly used. Ensure that you take proper steps and follow the user guideline of the material to increase the shelf-life. 

American Eagle is one of the most popular brands out there. Because of its quality, material, size options, color, durability, and more, customers choose to have jeans from here and continue to buy from them again and again. 

Call it a strategy or else, having these kinds of facilities increases the number of customers. And I must say, American Eagle jeans last long. 

Are American Eagle Jeans True to Size? 

American Eagle jeans are true to size. They have various types of sizes, from extra small to extra large.

However, they have an exception for the length. The length of the pants is smaller than they claim. In this case, it is not real as they describe. So, you should be careful about it when buying. 

Is American Eagle The Right Place to Shop for Jeans? 

Is American Eagle The Right Place to Shop for Jeans 
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As you already know, there are numerous brands for providing good-quality jeans. So, shopping for the perfect pair of jeans within your budget isn’t tough if you know about it. They have various types, colors, designs, styles, and qualities. 

I won’t say American Eagle is the best above all. But it can be a part of the list of good brands of jeans you can consider. It ensures high-quality, reasonable prices, different styles, colors, and more that you may like. 

They also have other sales and discounts now and then. If you are confused about purchasing a suitable pair of jeans for your perfect fit, don’t worry. American Eagle can get you covered. 

As you know, American Eagle is one of the best denim companies in the world; their quality and other features are worth trying. So, I can say American Eagle is the right place to shop for jeans. 

Our verdict on are american eagle jeans good

Now that you know about American Eagle, you can get an idea about their jeans. Check out the reviews to learn about the experience of the users. That’s how you can get a good idea of whether you like their jeans. 

Make sure you check the proper reviews, then buy. I’m sure you are going to love their fittings. 

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