Hello everyone, I’m Emily gardiner and Sam , your host of Craftingenius.com!

I’m a textile engineer by profession (forced!) and blogger by choice (LOL!)

I never thought I would become one of the successful textile engineers. But, after starting this blog, suddenly, I became very passionate about my work. This is the question of why I am passionate about this, right?

For me, becoming a textile engineer means reproducing the ideas of making fabrics from plants and animals clothes for everyone. It is one of the most famous disciplines of engineering. I am proud of my job because the demand and supply of textiles will never die. As the days pass, people are busy with the design and textures of clothes to look elegant and innovative everywhere.

I’m able to know about what I’m wearing and from where they come. I got a new me, every day new things. I’m getting a golden opportunity to explore my innovative and technical ideas. These are fitness, cleanability, and endurance exercises for my mind.

I would always say “Thank heavens” to my cousin. Textile engineering is not only about cutting or crafting clothes or fabrics- This is the central part I love the most. I love all the sections of these jobs, such as weaving, paper making, crafting, leatherworking, cutting, knitting.

Still, my most favorite part is doing the computerized technique for which I need to be very creative, and it helps me to pop up with updated ideas of textile, fabrics, plants, and animals.

If anyone wants to be a textile engineer, I would highly recommend losing your hope first. From here, you will be able to play with different types of unseen materials. You will get to learn about many things surrounding people’s clothing. And you may get a chance to bring a change ethically and sustainably to your natural products.

As luck would have it, my route is now more flourishing than I thought. So I hope it will make more progress, and my fortune will always smile on me forever.

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