Will coconut oil stain clothes?- [remove coconut oil stain]

There are plenty of obstacles I face in my daily life, and having stains on my fabrics due to coconut oil is one. I mostly face this problem when I oil my hair. Though it repairs my hair’s damage, it leaves a mild mark on my t-shirts or other outwear. 

Generally, coconut oil is not meant to leave marks on clothes, yet it does slightly. There can be various reasons behind it. You may wonder, like me, that our laundry soaps also contain an adequate amount of coconut oil, which still removes the dirt on the clothes. There are some vital reasons according to my perception. 

  • Even if the clear water leaves a mark on everything. 
  • Dirt that exists in the air can cause a stain. 
  • Other components that exist with the oil can prompt marks. 

These are the probable reasons for having stains on clothes, I believe. Let’s know the potential reasons behind the stains with some stunning ideas to remove them. I ensure the optimal results since I have already applied the ways.

Does oil permanently stain clothes

Will coconut oil stain clothes? – Probable Reasons Behind It

When I apply coconut oil to my skin, it doesn’t leave any stains on my clothes. But the case is utterly opposite when I use it on my hair. Applying on the skin turns the oil entirely soaked, whereas hair has the ability to soak it by a significant amount.

Although the reasons I firmly believe are,

1. General Stains

When any oil touches any fabric, it leaves a mark on it. No matter how purified virgin coconut oil you use, it will leave a stain on your clothes. If it is normal or not, I applied filtered water to a cloth, and it left a stain too. 

Hence, I assume every liquid leaves a stain on any surface, and coconut oil is no exception. When you apply it to hair, it will leave stains on your fabrics if it touches. 

2. Dirt Exist In The Air

When I use coconut oil, it leaves stains on my fabrics. There is another significant reason behind it. Coconut oil makes the clothes wet and oily that can stick to microscopic dirt. And after the amount becomes substantial, it becomes a stain on the clothes. 

In addition, it is impossible to avoid the air’s microscopic particles. As a result, stains on the clothes are a must thing occur. 

3. Other Components Of Oil

Commercial coconut oil does not come alone. Regardless of virgin oil, it contains other chemical compounds in meager amounts. The existence of these chemicals is not trivial at all. These help the oil to remain constant in its properties. 

Eventually, I believe these chemicals are other aspects that prompt stains on the clothes. 

When catching fish, the water will spill. So when you apply coconut or different oils on your hair or face, it will leave stains if it touches clothes. No matter how purified the oil is, you must expect a set of mild stains.

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how to get coconut oil out of clothes?

From the reasons and explanations above, it has become clear that no matter how much we maintain precautions, we can’t avoid the touch of coconut oil. After considering this, I have already taken the stains as ordinary.

Nonetheless, it is essential to remove the stains from fabrics. And we must follow the optimal steps to remove it, and those are,

  1. Firstly, I put the cloth in boiling water and let it soak for 5 to 10 mins. I mixed some dishwashing liquid in that pot of boiling hot water and blended it well. It removed all the loose, oily particles from the cloth.
  1. Secondly, I sprinkled some baking soda on the areas where I had oil marks. If the stain is not mild, you must apply more baking soda to the cloth. Moreover, rub the soda mildly, so it becomes even on each area and let the fabrics soak the soda. 

For mild stains, 15 minutes is enough. But if the stain is more profound, you can let it sit for a longer duration. After that duration, remove the baking soda by scrubbing it on those areas. 

  1. Thirdly, I dipped the cloth into the hot water and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. After twisting the material, I removed the leftover baking soda from the fabrics and rewashed them in normal water. 
  1. Eventually, I put the mildly soaked cloth into the washing machine to wash like ordinary clothes. As a result, I found an utterly stainless cloth. 

Like me, those steps you can also follow to remove the unavoidable coconut oil stains.

Our verdict on Will coconut oil stain clothes

In this article, I only explained what I experienced. About the question, will coconut oil stain clothes? Yes, there is a high chance of it due to the reasons. It is also a fact that problems come with solutions, and you can follow the steps that I did to remove the stains.

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