Who Makes Dewalt Work Boots: are they any good? [Overview]

KEEN Factories is the company that produces Dewalt boots. DEWALT Footwear company manufactures sturdy, long-lasting work boots. It is situated in the USA.

Dewalt, in addition to producing high-quality power tools such as drills and laser levels, has lately entered the work boots industry.

Like many of their other goods, Dewalt work boots are mostly manufactured in China.

They rationalize this by arguing that it saves customers money. 

Despite being produced in China, boots like the Newark are pretty comfortable.

This article will help you know about where and who makes Dewalt work boots are made, the price ranges, key features, and other necessary information related to the respective topic.

Who Makes Dewalt Work Boots

Key Features Of Dewalt Boots – why do people like Dewalt boots?

All the Dewalt boots ensure 100% genuine leather, puncture resistance, toe protection, and oil and fuel resistance outsole. It also has anti-static, waterproof qualities with a perfect outsole design that has keen resistance to slipping and falling off. 

Construction, oil, concrete, logistics, warehouse, metal, cars, mining, etc. are the appropriate workplaces for wearing these boots.

Let us dive into a detailed description of the common features of these safety boots.

1. Upper Material

To provide you with the highest-quality, best-performing boots achievable, this safety footwear is made from both synthetic and natural materials, mostly genuine Nubuck Cow Leather, that meet the strictest international requirements. The material is water-resistant.

Our waterproof boots are made from a variety of high-quality leathers; whether Nubuck, Buffalo, Horse, or Full Grain, the version of the material is the first crucial step in producing 100% waterproof footwear.

2. Insole

The DEWALT PU Cushion Insoles are available in almost all of Dewalt’s boot collections and are worldwide. It provides strong arch support. The high level of padding comfort and arch support in this insole maximizes comfort for daily usage.

  • Anti-bacterial- To lessen odor, the boots’ insoles are anti-bacterial. It stops the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause foul smells in your shoes. It stops the growth of bacteria and fungus, which reduces odors and aids in the prevention of problems like athlete’s foot smell.
  • EVA mesh lining– This insole has perforations for ventilation. Your feet will be dry and comfy as a result of their moisture absorption and release. The insole has a comfortable EVA mesh lining. 
  • Procomfort– Additionally, they provide a better design in several of the Pro Comfort footwear options. This footbed is made of a lightweight PU material and has a 3D Memory Foam cushion on top for added comfort. For the utmost all-day comfort, while users are on their feet for extended periods of time, DeWalt PROComfort sole technology includes three novel layers.

3. Midsole and Outsole

The outsole, the only component of the boot that contacts the ground as you walk on it, must be carefully considered while constructing any boot. When making waterproof boots, this is the same as before and plays a significant role in the total waterproof functionality. 

  • TPU structure and PU material– For the outsole and midsole, DEWALT employs an injected TPU structure and PU material, respectively. In comparison to conventional rubber outsoles, the boot has a greater heat threshold thanks to the use of TPU in the manufacturing of the outsole. 
  • Injection Mold Design– The outsole’s injection mold design is also essential because it creates a tighter sealing between the cowhide and the rubber than a build using conventional cementing. In general, cemented construction boots use a strong adhesive to bind the uppers between sections of the soles. 
  • Cemented sole– This results in a less expensive, lightweight, and more pliable boot than a Goodyear welt. In addition to being less resilient, cemented soles that are beyond their lifespan are more expensive to have replaced by a cobbler. So this is a bad feature to have.

4. Waterproof Membrane

Sympatex membrane is used in the inner lining to keep your feet dry all day. It is breathable as well. As a result, Sympatex created a unique membrane that is completely waterproof, weatherproof, and highly breathable. 

It works as extra skin. The membrane takes in the moisture from the air and eliminates it through the garment.

5. Sandwich Lining

It makes the body breathable and shields it from moisture and particle pollution. It is easy to wash and disinfect, and it has a light feel. Also, it is anti-static. 

If it’s vital to reduce electrical breakouts, you need to wear antistatic boots to reduce the hazard of catalyst flame of things like combustible materials and fumes.

Where are Dewalt work boots made?

Where are Dewalt work boots made

It has plant facilities in different states in the USA. In North Carolina, there is a manufacturing plant. KEEN Factories is the company that produces Dewalt boots. 

But all the stores as well as online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and home depot sell Dewalt boots that are produced in China and have very low quality. 

Dewalt Work Boot Price

The price range starts from 59 dollar to 200 dollars at Walmart. On Amazon, you will find Dewalt boots within the price range of 80 to 150 dollars. 

The cost is pretty cheap for safety boots. If you are looking for budget-friendly comfortable safety boots, you might give them a try. 

How to care for Dewalt safety boots?

Regularly using cleansers and re-proofers on your DEWALT shoes will ensure that they last longer and operate more effectively. 

Avoid washing shoes in washing machines. Using a bristle and hot water, clean off any muck and debris. Keep the shoes in a dry place so they last longer.

FAQ about Who Makes Dewalt Work Boots

1. Do The Sizes Run True?

The sizing is accurate most of the time. As it is wide enough to fit your toes perfectly. 

While some claim Titanium is a little thin despite having an E sizing. Although the steel/TPU insole is designed to be thick and extremely protective, not everyone like this.

2. Do Dewalt shoes hold up well?

DeWalt’s boots are among the best-selling products on the market, and many customers can attest to their effectiveness in the workplace. 

The general view is that they are comfortable to wear and quite durable, but the boots are quite heavy, making them painful to carry and walk. 

3. Which is the lightweight safety boot that the Dewalt boots collection offers?

Dewalt Hammer Soft Toe Work Boot is the most lightweight boot Dewalt has to offer. It weighs around 1.8kg. 

All credit goes to the EVA midsole as it has enabled the boots to be this lightweight. Even though the boots might take time to break in, it won’t be a problem for your comfort.

Our verdict on Who Makes Dewalt Work Boots

Dewalt Safety Boots have their very own website and brand store that manufactures boots in the USA. These boots can be quite less promising. 

However, the China-made versions of these boots are all over the place and the quality has been gradually lowering ever since, except for some of the products. The boots do not last long at all.

But if you are looking for a cheaper pair of boots and expect less, then give them a try for sure!

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