5 Shoes Like Rick Owens (Discussed!)

Rick Owens shoes are desired by all fashion enthusiasts and sneakerheads. This luxurious brand makes shoes that are so unique that no other product comes close to them. So, the question is, “Which shoes are similar to Rick Owens?”

Shoes that are similar to Rick Owens include Nike Humara LX Jacquemus, Adidas Black White Gum, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66, Hoka Project Clifton, and Lanvin Leather Curb Sneakers. These shoes are considered alternatives to Rick Owens due to their unique design, premium materials, and excellent build quality. 

Read on to know more about shoes similar to Rick Owens, the reason behind Rick Owens popularity, alternatives and cheap alternatives as well as a buying guide for purchasing shoes like Rick Owens.

Which shoes are similar to Rick Owens

Shoes Like Rick Owens: Overview

Rick Owens shoes have a distinct pattern. They are quite unique in terms of design and they are made with premium materials. Narrowing down such shoes can be a daunting task. But that does not mean there aren’t any similar shoes like Rick Owens. 

Let’s see similar shoes like Rick Owens in the following table. 

NameKey FeaturePrice
Nike Humara LX JacquemusSupportive$240-$250
Adidas Black White Gum Easy to style$125-$127
Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66Lightweight$120-$125
Hoka Project CliftonComfortable$245-$250
Lanvin Leather Curb SneakersPremium build$960-$970

Why are Rick Owens Shoes so Popular?

Rick Owens entered the fashion industry with a bang that left quite an impression on all fashion enthusiasts. Furthermore, the avant-garde designer has challenged the footwear industry by introducing some of the most aesthetic collections available on the market. 

But why are Rick Owens shoes so popular? The simple answer to this question is that Rick Owens shoes offer a break from the traditional style of footwear. These sneakers are the ideal option for anyone wishing to stand out with their footwear.

If you see the footwear industry, there is a lack of innovation in the products. Almost every other shoe or sneaker looks the same. And Rick Owens is like a fresh breath to people who are bold to try different things. 

When Owens first started working in the fashion industry, he was committed to making apparel that was not just fashionable but also true to his personal vision. He created a signature style that was at once cutting-edge and enduring by drawing inspiration from his passions for architecture and art.

Some of Rick Owens’s best-designed and best-selling shoes include Double Bumper High Top Ramones Sneakers, Python Dunks, Black Dunks, and many more. 

Furthermore, Rick Owens shoes are considered to be ‘Jake of all trades’, thanks to the premium materials used to make the shoes. This means you can perform various activities like running, and weightlifting with these shoes. 

In short, thanks to their superior build quality and premium materials, these shoes are comfortable and can also be used to do occasional running and workouts. 

Rick Owens uses materials such as cotton, rice waste, and highly manufactured fibers to make each pair of shoes. As a result, both comfort and durability are preserved.

Alternatives of Rick Owens Shoes

So, it is clear that while looking for shoes like Rick Owens, the number one priority should be the shoe’s overall aesthetic and design. Let’s discuss the finer details of the shoes that are similar to Rick Owens and the reason behind them. 

1. Nike Humara LX Jacquemus

This sneaker is meant for the outdoors. This shoe is surely a conversation starter thanks to its splendid design aesthetics. But the Nike Humara LX Jacquemus is not only but the looks as it is extremely comfortable to walk on. 


  • Super Comfortable 
  • Lightweight
  • Premium material and build quality
  • Luxurious design 


  • Expensive
  • A bit narrow at the front

2. Adidas Black White Gum 

This iconic sneaker from Adidas is modeled after soccer cleats from the 90s. This sneaker is recognized and appreciated by most football fans around the world. 

The Adidas Black White Gum also ensures comfort for your feet thanks to the softness of the materials that have been used. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Durable 
  • Iconic design 


  • Outsole is heavy
  • Not suitable for wide feet

3. Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66

This sneaker is a treasure from the past. This vintage-styled shoe still appeals to most of the fashion enthusiasts and sneakerheads today. 

The Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 is a Japanese-designed shoe and comes with all the benefits of the Japanese shoe industry. 


  • Easy to style 
  • Breathable 
  • Premium Materials 
  • Flexible sole 


  • Lack of cushioning 
  • Thinly padded

4. Hoka Project Clifton

This shoe instead of going back in time to take inspiration opted for a futuristic design. The Hoka Project Clifton comes with all the comfort of the classic Clifton series as well as providing a unique overlook. 


  • Futuristic design 
  • Premium Quality 
  • Comfortable 
  • Fits true to size 


  • Runs warm 
  • Heavy

5. Lanvin Leather Curb Sneakers

The Lanvin Leather Curb Sneakers are a dream shoe for many stalkers. The design of this particular shoe is true to its original look that dates back to the 1990s. 

The shoes have two pairs of laces, among which the XXL laces are only there for aesthetic value. The bold design of this stake shoe can surely be compared to the Rick Owens collection. 


  • Great rugged appeal
  • Skate sneakers 
  • Iconic design 
  • Springy 


  • Fit is tighter 
  • Heavy 

Cheap Alternatives to Rick Owens

You might wonder, are there no cheap shoes that are similar to Rick Owens? Although it’s hard to find shoes that are similar to 100 bucks but it’s not impossible. Our team has found some of the cheap alternatives to Rick Owens that will not hurt your pocket. 

ShoeKey FeaturePrice Range
New Balance 530Comfortable$90-$95
Chuck 70 HiUnique design $95-$100
Reebok Club C 85Iconic$80-$85
ASICS Gel-Sonoma Lifestyle shoe$100-$105
Nike Air Kukini Comfortable$90-$95

Tips for Buying Shoes Like Rick Owens

Here is a buying guide to assist you in making a knowledgeable choice if you’re interested in purchasing shoes similar to those by Rick Owens:

Analyze the styles:

There are several different shoe types by Rick Owens, including boots, sneakers, sandals, and loafers. Research the various styles from the Rick Owens website to choose one that fits your needs and personal taste because each has a different look and feel.

Consider the material:

Each Rick Owens shoe material has its own advantages. For instance, suede shoes are more comfortable but require more upkeep than leather shoes. Canvas shoes are lightweight and breathable, perfect for casual wear, while neoprene shoes are water-resistant and flexible.

Consider what matters most to you—comfort, durability, style, or a combination—to help you choose. You can choose the best material by considering its properties.

Check the sizing:

Based on the style, Rick Owens’s shoes might run large or small. To make sure you get the appropriate fit, make sure to check the sizing guides before making a purchase. It is advised to try on the shoes in person before purchasing them if you are unsure of the sizing.

Take into account the cost:

Before making a purchase of Rick Owens shoes, it’s crucial to take your budget into account. If you’re on a tight budget, think about buying used or keeping an eye out for bargains and discounts.

You can find used Rick Owens shoes on sites like eBay. The used shoes can go for 2/3rd of the original price. For example, a brand new Rick Owens Ramones shoe will cost you $615 but on eBay, you can buy it for $450. 

As for the quality of the used Rick Owens shoes, they should be okay as Rick Owens shoes are usually durable. 

Check reviews:

Reading user reviews can give you important information about the fitting, comfort, and quality of Rick Owens shoes. To learn more, read customer reviews on the store’s website or on fashion discussion boards.

EVERYTHING you NEED to know before buying Rick Owens SNEAKERS >> Check out this video below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Rick Owens Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, Rick Owens shoes are comfortable. Rick Owen shoes are known for many things and being comfortable is one of them. This is because the Rick Owens shoes are made with premium materials. And for this, you also need to pay a premium.

Is Rick Owens a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Rick Owens is a luxury band. The price of the shoes of this brand averages $700 to $1500. Some of the shoes cost even more than $2000. With this premium cost, you can expect a standout product with standout materials. 

Is it comfy to wear Rick Owens shoes?

The edgy and distinctive styles of Rick Owens shoes are frequently complimented, but they are also renowned for their comfort and high quality. In his designs, Owens is well known for emphasizing comfort and functionality, frequently including elements like cushioned soles and supporting arches.

Parting Words

In short, Rick Owens is a luxury shoe brand that makes shoes that are different from any other shoes. If looked carefully, there are few shoes from other brands that can be considered as alternatives to Rick Owens shoes. 

No matter which brand you opt for, try to check the material, build quality, and fit of the shoes before purchasing them. 

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