Where are Wolf and Shepherd Shoes Made? [Detailed]

Wolf and Shepherd’s dress shoes and hybrid shoes are handcrafted in Portugal. Their Swift Knit shoes, however, are made in China. The company designs all of the shoes in their headquarters in LA and builds the technologies in the USA. 

The company has merged the utility of sports shoes with dress shoes. The owner, Justin Schneider, is a footwear designer with five years of experience working with Adidas, Reebok, and New Balance

Now that you know where are Wolf and Shepherd shoes made, let’s investigate further and see if their shoes are any good and worth your money? 

Where are Wolf and Shepherd Shoes Made

PS: There’s another brand named Dream Pairs that offers similar shoes to Wolf and Shepherd. You can check them out in our previous blog by clicking the link.

Who makes Wolf and Shepherd Shoes?

In 2014, Justin Schneider founded the W&S shoe company. He wasn’t just some random guy who decided to launch a footwear company. He was a pro track and field athlete at the university. 

Upon graduation, he worked as a shoe designer for famous brands such as Adidas and Reebok. At one point in his career, he thought about what it would be like to create a dress shoe that serves the same purpose and functions as a sports shoe. 

Because of his curiosity, he experimented and created a brand-new hybrid pair of shoes that combine sports shoe functionality with dress shoe appearance. 

Do Wolf and Shepherd Shoes Run True to Size? 

For a shoe to be considered true to size, it has to be made with the standard US sizing measurements. In the US, shoemakers use the Brannock Device to measure shoe size.

The only Wolf and Shepherd shoes that are true to size for Americans are the lace-up styles, Glider Sneakers, and SwiftKnits.

Other styles of Wolf and Shepherd shoes do not run true to size. 

The brand suggests that customers size down half a size to get the right fit for the shoes. You can check their shoe sizing guide from here.

Are Wolf and Shepherd Shoes Good quality? are they last long?

Yes, Wolf and Shepherd’s shoes are good and worth the money you spend on them. 

Here are the top four reasons that make W&S shoes good value for money. 

Handcrafted With Italian Leather

Wolf and Shepherd outsource calfskin leather from Italian manufacturers. The materials are soft and have a finish with a proprietary blend of vegetable oil. 

They also use full-grain leather for the shoe’s upper. The shoes are durable, waterproof, and breathable thanks to the genuine Italian leather. 

Instant-Forming Memory Foam

W&S added their advanced technology to shoe insoles so that they form and mold to your foot’s natural shape. 

The footbed is incredibly plush and soft. You can tell the W&S shoes apart from other types of regular dress shoes the moment you put your feet inside them. 

Unique Design 

Wolf and Shepherd’s distinctive designs are their shoes’ USP (unique selling point). They merged the utility and function of sports shoes with the sophisticated look of dress-up shoes—which has never been done before.  

W&S shoes are different from the typical heavy, tight shoes. In particular, the CROSSOVER line of shoes is better, lighter, and softer than other common dress-up shoes. 


W&S shoes feature a dual-density memory foam footbed that is removable and lined with soft sheepskin leather for maximum comfort. When the footbeds wear out, they can be changed, and you can always get a new, softer footbed.

How Does Wolf and Shepherd shoe Warranty Work?

How Does Wolf and Shepherd shoe Warranty Work

W&S offers a full year of manufacturer’s defect warranty with their shoes. If you find any defects right out of the box, you can easily get the shoes replaced or get your money back. 

Note: this policy is only applicable for shoes that are purchased at full price. Products on final sale, accessories, and clearance items don’t have any warranty. 

Top Three Shoes from Wolf and Shepherd

W&S has many dress-up, casual, and sports shoes in their product lineup. Here, we will review their best-selling shoes and see how good they actually are. 


This pair comes in both calfskin and suede materials, and in five different colors. It’s the perfect blend between dress-up formal shoes and sneakers. 

The calfskin version has full grain leather on the upper and a very soft and cushiony footbed. The outsole has an advanced thermal rubber outsole and high-traction. 

Any pair of chinos, trousers, or casual or dress pants will work with the Longwing. The only thing that’s off-putting about this pair is the hefty $289 price tag. 


Swiftknits are the trademark shoes of Wolf and Shepherd. The Swiftknit Derby is a super-soft, lightweight sneaker that comes in both traditional and modern colors. 

It’s one of those pairs of shoes that is comfortable enough to be worn all day. The zoned upper design increases the shoe’s stability and mobility. Furthermore, it has a TPU-based midsole that is more resilient and maintains its cushioning properties even on extremely hot or cold days.

It has abrasion resistant, thermal rubber outsole for more traction. You can wear this pair with chinos, trousers, joggers, and commuter pants. 


The Crossover loafers from Wolf and Shepherd are absolutely fantastic!

The premium full-grain Italian leather upper is available in five timeless colors. The footbed is really soft, comfortable, and replaceable. A TPU midsole keeps the shoes cushiony even in extreme weather. 

The loafers have a foam-injected scuba lining that makes them super comfortable to wear throughout the day. You can pair them with any casual or formal outfit.

PS: If none of these shoes impress you, we would suggest you check out another similar brand named Lems. You can learn more about them here.

FAQ about Where are Wolf and Shepherd Shoes Made

Now that you know where are Wolf and Shepherd’s shoes are made, and that they are actually good—let’s end the blog with a few more short questions that you may have. 

Are Wolf and Shepherd shoes good for plantar fasciitis?

Yes, W&S shoes are beneficial for people with plantar fasciitis because they are soft, comfortable shoes that help lessen the pain associated with the condition. 

Are Wolf and Shepherd shoes waterproof?

Some pairs are waterproof, and some pairs are not. It depends on the material of the shoes. 

Do Wolf and Shepherd make wide sizes?

No, they don’t. Wolf and Shepherd’s shoes come in the standard D size.

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